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R&B artist Lil Mo is receiving an earful from fans for staying with her husband, boxer Karl Dargan, after he was spotted on national television caking with another woman.. The couple currently ... Lil' began dating Phillip Bryant as her boyfriend. Phillip Bryant is a Gospel recording artist. After being in love for several months, they finally got married in 2008. She also had two children from this married life. This married life was dissolved on 15th of August 2014. See all Lil Mo's marriages, divorces, hookups, break ups, affairs, and dating relationships plus celebrity photos, latest Lil Mo news, gossip, and biography. Lil Mo is currently married to Karl Dargan. She has been in three celebrity relationships averaging approximately 4.6 years each. Her three marriages have averaged 5.9 years each. Lil Mo and Karl Dargan have a son together. The two married in 2014 following her separation from second husband Phillip Bryant . She additionally shares two sons with Bryant and two daughters ... Lil Mo Confirms Split From Husband Karl Dargan: I’m Single Now! Reality star/singer Lil Mo has publicly been in the midst of a tumultuous relationship with her estranged husband, some of which has been chronicled on several reality shows. Now, it appears that all of the challenges within their marriage have finally taken their toll because she just announced that she’s single. Who is she dating right now? Lil' Mo is currently single.. Relationships. Lil' Mo was previously married to Karl Dargan (2014 - 2019), Al Stone (2001 - 2005) and Phillip Bryant.. About. Lil' Mo is a 41 year old American Singer. Born Cynthia Karen Loving on 19th November, 1978 in Long Island, New York, USA, she is famous for Her Hit single F/ Fabolous - 'Super Woman' in a career that spans 1998 ... Lil Mo has filed for divorce, has a new man in her life and is promoting a new release. Stopping by 'The Breakfast Club,' the 'R&B Divas LA' star dished on everything from infidelity in her ... Lil Mo appears to have announced her split from husband, Karl Dargan via her social media. “The enemy destroyed what was sooooo LIT. but i’m not gonna blast or expose you. my children and i have been through enough. YOU OWE US EVERYTHING!” she wrote in an Instagram post which has since been deleted.

I'm 32 years old, working as a Product Manager / Instructor in Toronto and making ~$78,000 (CAD)

2020.10.09 15:28 PracticalShine I'm 32 years old, working as a Product Manager / Instructor in Toronto and making ~$78,000 (CAD)

This is an update of my MD from last year, which you can find here. All figures are in CAD. (Approx. CAD/USD conversion is 1 CAD = 0.75 USD. So my income is ~$58,240 USD. I've tried to note the change since last time where I could!
Section One: Assets and Debt
Section Two: Income
Section Three: Expenses

Day 1 - Thursday ($42)

9am - Slept in! I have today and tomorrow off (using up some PTO) and am glad for the extra rest, but the construction work around my apartment building kicks off at 9:01 on the dot, waking me up. I browse the internet before showering and getting the day started.
11am - I have a massage appointment so I mask up and walk over. It’s a sunny fall morning, so an enjoyable walk. I’ve been in a lot of pain the last while after an unexpected hospital stay and medical procedures so I’m really looking forward to some relief now that I’m cleared to have this massage! ($30 tip for my RMT, insurance covers the actual bill.) I was nervous about COVID safety but this is a small clinic and they’re taking it really seriously (face shields and masks for all!), and it’s nice to have a massage - it’s the first “non-invasive, non-medical” human touch I’ll have since March, since I live by myself and have been strict about distancing. I have to say, it feels incredibly weird to be naked except a mask. Like being naked with a watch on.
12:45pm - I feel so much better! I walk a long route home to enjoy the sunshine and stop at a bakery and pick up some pumpkin, apple, and caramel scones ($12 for three, incl tip), since they have a little doorway table for service. Most cafes in the neighbourhood have restored indoor seating and I feel weird about going inside past unmasked diners. Once I get back home I have a scone, spend a couple of hours answering students’ questions for my teaching job, and wash some dishes in the kitchen. The afternoon sort of disappears into that, plus some random internet browsing/YouTube sewing tutorials.
6pm - Therapy call (prepaid - I use BetterHelp and pay quarterly - I’m due to pay in 2 weeks). I am so grateful to be back in therapy. Isolation has been hard on me, and my medical situation really left me raw. It’s scary to have a totally normal day and end it in an ambulance unexpectedly, and I’m still unpacking my feelings about it.
7pm - I sodastream some water, add lavender syrup, and hop on Zoom for game night with some friends. We play Jackbox games together and snort-laugh the whole way through. This is a new group I was just starting to befriend IRL in the weeks before the pandemic. These weekly game nights have been so great to keep the momentum.
9pm - I dress my last tortilla as a pizza, bake it, and then dump the remainder of a box of arugula on top after it’s out of the oven and eat it over the sink like a crispy pizza taco. After eating I text a bit with a guy I met on reddit (henceforth RG - Reddit Guy - same guy from my last MD.) He sends me a video of his dog doing tricks, and we count down and hit play on the same TV episode. We’ve been doing this little nightly ritual since the start of the pandemic, and it’s a nice way to keep this long-distance whatever-this-is going. Things have stepped up from merely flirty to decidedly romantic in the last year, but with the US/Canadian border closed for the foreseeable future who knows where this is going or if we’ll ever get to meet.
11:30pm - I have a quick warm bath before bedtime and after making a nest from all my pillows, fall asleep to a “sleep story” from the Calm app. Some smooth-voiced man talking about an island in Norway takes me away.

Day 2 - Friday ($69)

8am - I wake up before my alarm, laze around in bed reading newsletters and reddit. I open my work email, file away all the automated messages I get from our software, and close it again. I usually check it once a day on vacation just to clear that shit as a gift to my future self.
9:30am - I shower while listening to a podcast and check my messages while brushing my teeth. A neighbourhood pal asks if I want to have a coffee in the park with her before it gets too cold for these outside meetups. I reply and we arrange a plan to meet up.
10:15am - My friend texts and says she’s going to stop at Starbucks on her way to the park - do I want her to grab me anything? I mobile order a caramel apple spice ($5 - I’m off caffeine - doctor’s orders) and tell her it should be there waiting when she gets there. I bring the two remaining scones from yesterday’s bakery trip for us. We hang out at the park for a few hours on our distanced blankets, chatting until our fingertips are thoroughly chilled. Like a lot of my friends, the pandemic has had her and her partner seeking cheaper, more spacious dwellings out of the city. They’re moving in a few months. This is the fourth such announcement I’ve had this fall, so I’m better at being excited for them and asking questions all about their new digs rather than being openly bummed. But inside I’m a little gutted. It’s hard to watch my people move away!
12:30pm: I took the long route home from the park, then settle in with some mint tea and check on my students. I’m teaching online this semester and the course is “asynchronous” - meaning they move through interactive modules of written+video content at their own pace, so I post and reply frequently on the discussion boards, answer emails, and help them along. I have a chatty group this term - there’s a very active kdrama discussion thread in the “non-course related” board. I love when my online students still work at connecting with their classmates - I can’t imagine what it would be like trying to do fully online school and missing out on that in-person experience.
2pm - I whip up a quick chicken soup with some chicken and veggies from the freezer, some egg noodles and a bouillon cube and eat that before spending the afternoon cleaning up - vacuuming, laundry, and online browsing for some sewing supplies. I spend $64 on some additional fabric and bias tape I keep forgetting to buy to finish some projects. I can’t wait to go to fabric stores in person again someday. While waiting for my stuff to finish in the dryer, I do a short Yoga with Adriene video.
7:30pm - After dinner, a friend calls to complain about her boyfriend and we chat for awhile while I organize my craft supplies into bins I picked up at the dollar store last weekend. He’s been a grade-A dingus since the beginning of the pandemic, and just told her one of his roommates tested positive for COVID - on Monday. He stayed with her Tuesday and Wednesday and “forgot to mention it”. DUDE. C’mon! I tell her if she needs anything dropped off at her place - groceries, drugstore stuff, emergency ice cream or baked goods - just call.
10pm - I make some popcorn and queue up Kim’s Convenience with RG, we chitchat about the day and plans for the weekend. After a few episodes I crawl into bed while he tells me all about a COVID-safe date we could go on if we weren’t separated by a few hundred kilometres. It’s a nice daydream.

Day 3 - Saturday ($0)

~1am - My downstairs neighbours are suddenly blasting music so loud my bedframe is vibrating. At 1am. Shoot me. By 1:45 I’m over it and go downstairs to knock on their door. I bang on their door a few times, no answer. One of the other tenants down the hall comes out, we commiserate over the noise. He bangs on the door too, but the music blasts on. We shrug at eachother and go back to our apartments.
~2am - I’m losing my mind at the noise, which seems to be coming from directly under my bedroom. Assuming they maybe have the bedroom door closed and couldn’t hear the knocking, I go to the living room and grab my set of weights and start dropping them on the bedroom floor over and over again like a maniac hoping to catch their attention. It works though - after a few minutes the music is off. Sweet silence!
8:45am - I wake up, roll over, and doze a bit more before getting up to take my medication and instead of staying up, I crawl back in. I chat with RG a bit and send a check-in text to my friend with the crummy boyfriend.
10:45am - I finally get out of bed (I love laying around. If I’m going to be single with no responsibilities I am going to bask in every moment of it) and I eat leftover roasted cauliflower from last night’s dinner for breakfast. Afterwards I clean the bathroom, put away my laundry from yesterday, and log on to my online class to check in on my students and reply to their posts, and review the material that’s going up next week.
4pm - After the day spent with chores I finish putting together a meal plan for the week and grocery order for delivery tomorrow. I actually love grocery shopping in person, but with the uptick in cases recently I’m less interested in going. Afterwards I check my online class forums again (there’s an assignment due tonight so I want to watch for questions) and then go for a short walk around my neighbourhood. It’s nice to get out a bit and see the leaves changing.
6pm - I make a chickpea and lentil curry in my Instant Pot, adding an assortment of random veggies from my freezer, while RG shoots me a text about starting our “together time” a bit early tonight so we can watch Hamilton together. I agree, and after dinner work on some sewing.
9:30pm - Almost completely finished sewing a shirt - I’ll finish the hem another day and the neckline when the bias tape I ordered shows up. I put everything away and I eat some arrowroot crackers with nutella while watching Hamilton with RG. I’ve already seen it a few times but I love it. Midway through I exchange a few emails with a student who is rapidly approaching the midnight assignment deadline and just can’t get her code working. I can tell right away she’s made a teeny tiny typo that’s had a domino effect on her whole assignment. I point her in the right direction, she fixes it, and ends the night happy.
12am - Curling up in bed. I put on another Calm app story and fall asleep.

Day 4 - Sunday ($127)

7:30am - Trying to reacquaint myself with my alarm after a few days off. I roll over and doze a little until 8, then get up, take my meds, and hop in the shower.
9:45am - One of my American friends calls to chat. She was invited to a wedding and doesn’t want to go because the groom’s family are anti-mask QAnon types and she won’t feel safe there. We brainstorm about what kind of gift is appropriate as an in-absentia “Sorry you married into a family of nutjobs” gift.
10:30am - I wash the dishes from last night, then make a sandwich with hummus and sliced veggies and sit down to eat it while I download my students’ assignments for the week and reply to a few more discussion posts. I’ll get to grading later this afternoon.
1pm - Time vanished into a bunch of little tasks and a wormhole of researching possible holiday gifts for family members.I text with my brother’s girlfriend to get a sense of their whereabouts this week - I’m trying to get a birthday treat delivered to his apartment. She confirms a date and I place the order for some safe-to-eat-raw cookie dough in fun flavours ($37). I’m secretly jealous that this place isn’t local to me because it sounds delicious.
2pm - I sodastream some water, add lime juice, and heat up some leftover curry from last night and settle in to start grading assignments with some music.
4pm - My mom calls to talk about Thanksgiving (next weekend here in Canada). They really want me to come, but with cases rising in the province I don’t know how safe it is and I have a lot of guilt about bringing my city cooties to them in a rural area. They haven’t been that cautious - she talks at length about going to a party the night before. By the end of the call I’m frustrated and undecided. It’s pretty clear if I opt not to go I’ll be the “bad guy”, the daughter who abandoned everyone to move to the city and thinks she’s smarter than everyone else. But I have a lot of anxiety around it.
5:30pm - My grocery delivery arrives ($90, including a tip for the delivery person). I put everything away and eat a few pieces of dried pineapple and mango before getting back to marking.
7:30pm - I cook some salmon and roasted veggies and, while eating, text with a friend about my Thanksgiving dilemma. She’s in a similar boat with her parents, we weigh the pros and cons together but neither of us end up deciding anything.
10pm - I watch an episode of Kim’s Convenience with RG before he goes to bed (he has an early morning tomorrow) and afterwards do a Yoga with Adriene video, poke around on Reddit, and go to bed myself around 11.

Day 5 - Monday ($9)

7:15am - Alarm goes off. I wake up, but mostly scroll Reddit until 8. I desperately miss working from an office with other people and better chairs, but if WFH ever ends I will miss getting to stay in bed as long as humanly possible.
8am - Shower, moisturize and put on some lipstain - that’s the extent of my morning routine these days. I get dressed (I’ve been wearing the same threadbare jeans almost all quarantine. They’re so comfortable, but hideous). I make some tea and oatmeal and move over to my desk.
8:45am - I check my credit card statement online while eating. A return I’ve been waiting on is finally processed (+$41.28) - returns by mail are so slow - I put the parcel in over a month ago. I check my class boards too - no new posts to reply to.
9am - Log into work and post my “hello” message in our staff chat. We have a “Hellos and Goodbyes” room to keep track of people’s comings and goings throughout the day. Our CEO pings me and asks how my time off was. He’s been very attentive since my hospitalization and has been checking in about my workload, how I’m feeling. It’s nice to fee seen.
10am - One on one with my junior PM. We chat on Zoom re: what’s on the docket for our projects this month, and I take her temperature a bit re: work/life balance, how she’s managing our extended work from home and the pandemic. She has a lot of vacation days left and I encourage her to use them even if she’s not planning to go away - mental health and rest is important!
11am - One on one with my manager. She calls via phone since her teenage daughter is doing school on Zoom and their internet is overtaxed. She runs through what I missed last week and updates me on a new project I’ll be taking over from her later this month. I’m currently responsible for ⅗ of our major software projects and this will bring me up to ⅘. (Don’t think I won’t make a big deal about that when it comes time for our next reviews.)
11:45am - Answer a customer support email from someone struggling to use the site. After a bit of back and forth I discover it’s because they’re using a decade-old version of Internet Explorer. I hop on the phone, walk them through upgrading to Edge, and they’re a happy camper. We don’t have customer support at our org - the PMs and Junior PMs manage support for their projects. Some days I hate it, but most of the time it’s satisfying to tackle a small and solvable problem amidst the bigger-picture work.
1pm: Team meeting with my software team. We usually do these in the morning but one of the devs had to take his kid for a COVID test since he’s a bit sniffly - schools here are pretty strict. It’s a short meeting, just getting a sense of how everyone’s moving through the current open projects, and then a show-and-tell of pets, since the aforementioned sniffly kid joined at the end. I do not have any pets and am as delighted by them as the kid.
1:20pm: Lunchtime! I heat up some leftover curry and chat a bit with RG, who’s checking in about my stress level. Since my hospital stay he’s been worried about me pushing too hard and not giving myself time to heal. We talk about our mornings and he tells me he added some new songs he thinks I’ll like to a shared Spotify playlist, so I know what I’ll be listening to this afternoon.
2pm: I spend the afternoon working on spec writing for upcoming development projects while my developers investigate a bug a customer reported over lunch.
5:10pm - I set an alarm on my phone to go off when it’s time to log off for the day. I change into some pants with more structural integrity, mask and jacket up, and go for a walk.
5:45pm: While I’m at the pharmacy picking up my prescription, the pharmacist mentions they have flu shots in, so I get one while I’m there. ($8 for my prescriptions, $1 for the impulse coffee crisp bar, $0 for the peace of mind of being flu-free even if I barely leave my house). While I’m walking home, RG calls from his commute to ask what I’m going to do about Thanksgiving. He thinks I should go - it’s generally safe in my parents’ area (less than 30 active cases in the county), and he gently suggests that the fall is probably going to be pretty hard on me emotionally and it might be a good idea to take the opportunity to go away while it’s relatively safe. I keep thinking it over.
6pm - Cook some chicken and roasted veggies for dinner, and after eating, set up my sewing stuff to finish up that shirt hem and start cutting pattern pieces for another project, a robe, while listening to podcasts.
10pm - I set up my iPad on a stool next to my bathtub and watch Kim’s Convenience with RG on chat while soaking in the warm, bubbly water and drinking some chamomile tea, and eventually dry off and head to bed around 11:30.

Day 6 - Tuesday ($0)

8am - Did I snooze my alarm for an hour? You bet. I just couldn’t stay asleep last night. When I finally wake up, RG has left a little video message for me, which I watch, and then watch again, and then start getting ready for the day. I braided my hair before bed so I have those great post-braid waves today.
8:55am - At my desk, logged in and ready to go with some oatmeal. I drop a note in the staff Hellos and Goodbyes and peek at my class discussion board before picking up where I left off yesterday.
10am - Client call. This client is hoping to do something a little “off label” with our tools. We chat a bit about what they’re hoping to accomplish and what their goals are, and I answer a few data questions for them.
10:30am - Team meeting! We spend some time puzzling through my client’s “off label” ideas, do some digging on another client’s data issue, and then spend a little time watching a funny news blooper one of the devs screenshares and joking around. I don't mind a little fun in our meetings!
11am - Biweekly all-staff meeting. Our CEO gives a little roundup of how things are going big-picture, and then one by one each of my colleagues gives a brief update of what they’re working on. Many pets and children make appearances - as a group the general vibe with interruptions on zooms is “delight”, which I appreciate. Nobody’s trying to “keep up appearances”. It’s all a mess we’re in together.
12:20pm - Lunchtime. Check COVID case counts again for my parents’ area (still undecided) while chatting with a friend about her thanksgiving plans. She and her husband have been isolating at a family cabin since early summer, when their city apartment building started renovating. They’re planning a “so bad it’s good” movie marathon, so while I eat leftover curry we chat about our favourite bad-good movies.
1:25pm- Reacquainting myself with some material for my 2pm meeting. I’m on an HR Committee at work and we’re meeting to check in on our work/life and wellness strategies as we head into another WFH quarter. The transition to remote has gone (mostly) well for our company, but there’s always room to improve!
3pm - After the HR meeting I put together a custom report request for our database team to run for me, and then pull up our team’s roadmap for the fiscal year and make some tweaks. I share developers with other teams and I know a big project has dropped in for them elsewhere, so I adjust. We’re already close to hitting our metrics for the year so I’m happy to let the other teams keep my devs busy for awhile while I prep and spec some larger feature builds for them.
4pm - My friend with the dingus boyfriend texts. Luckily, both she and her boyfriend tested negative, but since he lives with someone who’s sick, they’ll both need to test again in a few days. She talks about wanting to break up with him. I encourage her to take her time thinking about it. I think they should break up - he’s a dope. But she’s the one in the relationship - not my call!
5:15pm - I log off for a bit. I’m feeling a bit drained today. I didn’t sleep well last night and I know my indecision about Thanksgiving is weighing on me. I do a yoga video and lay on the floor crying afterward. It happens, part of that good ol’ depression life. Sometimes you just need a lil cry. I’ve been really emotionally overwhelmed since my hospitalization, and some close friends have really broken my trust recently. I’m working on it with my therapist, but sometimes you’re just fresh outta emotional juice, and while I love my family, we’re not close - time with them would be nice, but it’s not restorative.
7:10pm - Alright alright. Time to rally. I log on to my online portal and reply to my students’ board posts and questions. They seem like they’re doing a good job grasping the material, which makes me happy. I never wanted to be a teacher but it makes me feel so satisfied when I can see their progress. It cheers me up a little.
8:45pm - Time got away from me doing that work. I throw some fish and veggies into the oven and call my parents. I tell them I'm still undecided about Thanksgiving, Mom complains that I'm taking things too seriously, I text her the graph of cases again. She tells me I can make a day-before decision if I want to, that they'll isolate the rest of the week, for real, but she just needs to know by Friday around noon if I want to be picked up. I appreciate the extra time to consider things. Then Mom asks me to place a grocery click-and-collect order for her (she's not good at internet). I say I will, and she proceeds to slowly text me a grocery list one item at a time for the next hour. LOL. Moms.
10:15pm - I drink some sparkling water while watching Kim’s Convenience with RG on chat. After one episode I’m wiped, so I go to wash up. By the time I’m getting into bed, RG has left me a video message - the first half is his dog adorably snoring. The second half is just him telling me everything’s going to be OK and apologizing that he can’t be here to do our own Thanksgiving. Cry again - happier tears this time.

Day 7 - Wednesday ($0)

8:20am - Cutting it close today, wakeup-wise. It took me forever to fall asleep last night so I snooze a lot today, but when I finally get up, RG’s left me another voice memo encouraging me to get up and kick this day’s ass. I’ll try! I have a quick shower, mist my hair to refresh the curl a little, and get dressed.
9am - Log on and say hi to the team, then help the marketing team with some content for our monthly newsletter. Once that’s done, I make a smoothie with frozen mango and dragonfruit, then head back to my desk to load some data into our internal dashboards for our CEO’s reports later this week. Once it’s loaded, he DMs me and we chat a bit about the comparison year over year, possible insights, nerd out about graphs a bit.
10:30am - Team meeting. Alongside the usual updates I’ve added extra time to discuss some upcoming features and the specs I have in progress. I don’t love speccing something without involving them - they feel a lot more ownership when they’ve had a chance to be involved in the process. They get really excited about the new build and ask if I can reassign them to this instead of the other project they’re pinch hitting on now. Nice try!
12:15pm - Lunchtime! Some colleagues and I hop into Netflix Party to watch an episode of Queer Eye together. When we were in the office we used to have occasional TV lunch parties so we’ve been trying to mimic that in our new WFH life. I eat the last of my leftover curry while our Netflix Party chat goes OFF in full home-porn-drool at the reveal of Bobby’s house makeover.
1pm - Back to work, more data audits for our research team.
2pm - Internal meeting with another colleague about a section of her project I’m pitch-hitting on - super productive. She runs a tight meeting and I really admire her. After the meeting I write specs for the rest of the day based on the meeting this morning. I put on some old episodes of Reply All and get stuck in.
5:15pm - Head out for a short walk around the neighbourhood to get some air and outside time, talk a bit with RG while he’s on his commute. Once I’m back home, I do some tidying up.
6pm - Therapy call, I talk a bit about my Thanksgiving dilemma but we move on to other topics too. Feeling a bit better than yesterday, but a little rough around the edges. These are the kinds of days where I tend to feel tempted to order in, and while I scroll UberEats, nothing really looks that good, so I close the app and decide to just cook what I’d planned.
7pm - Make dinner, chicken and roasted veggies again. What can I say, I’ll party down on garlicky roasted broccoli any day of the week. I wash dishes when I’m done eating.
8pm - Pop online to check out my students’ posts for the day and reply to some emails. I briefly scroll through stuff on the IKEA website. I’ve been hoping to get some inserts for my Kallax unit, but the ones I want aren’t in stock, still.
9pm - Shower and wash my hair. I get out a shower scrub from Lush and really go to town, I do the Aztec Secret clay mask too. Why not!
9:45pm - Post up on the couch with some sparkling water, ready for TV time with RG. We watch the last two episodes of Kim’s Convenience and chat a bit before bed about what to watch next - we have a lot of good options, but decide to just see what we’re in the mood for tomorrow.
Weekly Total: $247
Reflections: I keep an MD 365 days a year so I can tell by comparison this is on the lower end of an average range for this year so far - I usually get delivery at least once a week (sometimes twice), but I wasn’t feeling it this week! My average spend has really been ticking down the last couple of months. While the pandemic sucks and the isolation is rough (shoutout to my fellow live-aloners), I’m enjoying not spending as much, and that my spending is really heavily weighted toward things that contribute to my sense of well-being.
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2020.09.16 17:30 MasteRalph 25 [M4F] date, friendship, coffee, talk. Anyone?

About me:
*5"5, double dimples, average cutie 8.5/10
*Gained some fats due to quarantine but will go back to gym starting this weekend.
*Been to stressful corporate world
*Full time cryptocurrency trader with such savings and investments.
*Funny and has a lot of humor, a lil bit shy.
*If going for a date, my treat.
*Available for takeout. LOL
If i-ghosting mo lang ako, AUTO PASS.
Preferred Loc: Novaliches
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2020.08.07 21:24 KeezyLDN A history of the Peckham Boys - from the Giggs era to Zone 2/Hitsquad (Part 3)

Part 3 of the history of Peckham in south London. From the early Peckham Boys era to Zone 2. This part covers Peckham from 2014 to present (the rise of the Zone 2/Hitsquad era). Sorry for the wait.

(For the history of Brixton's 410 click here)



Death of Sykes
In February 2014, Sykes (aka Tiny Giggs) was stabbed to death in Stockwell by Team Raw, after an ongoing argument between members escalated. It was a messed situation, because Stockwell and the Peckham Boys are long-term allies.
In revenge, on the same day Slumps (Peckham Breadset) beat up Young Forty (Team Raw) in prison and recorded the aftermath:
Although Sykes didn't make music, he had been mentioned in Peckham tracks on several occasions:
Giggs on Cut Up Bag (2008):
"Tiny Giggs, Tiny Boost, yeah they're rolling with me. That's just something that I thought I should make clear"

The rise of Naira Marley
Naira Marley was born in Nigeria and moved to Peckham in 2005, at the age of 11.
From late 2013 he jumped on music, putting on for the Queens Road section of Peckham alongside Max Twigz. He was the first in Peckham to consistently release drill.
In the track 'NMCB' they shout out 365, the original name of Zone 2:
'Marry Juana' by Naira Marley and Max Twigz became the summer anthem in South London in 2014:
"Come catch me if you want I'm on Queens Road, SE15 4QU"

Peckham in music
2014 was a slower year for music in Peckham. One of the major releases was Rockz (SN1) track 'Back To The Narm', which featured Billy Da Kid (OPB) and words from Raver (SN1) from prison. Various generations of Peckham Boys appeared in the music video, including Giggs, Glam, Young Lap, Capo and Killa Reekz:
Peckham's Yung Saber released several music videos in 2014. The videos include members of 365 (aka Zone 2), the youngest generation of Peckham members on the come-up:
Members of 365 also released a music video, filmed in the North Peckham Estate:

Cash gets deported
Cash (aka Cashtastic) is an artist that grew up in Peckham, and has collaborated multiple times with Peckham members. An example with Slayer (SN1) and Shocks (PYG) in 2009:
With his growing popularity in the UK scene, he signed a publishing deal with Universal Records in 2013. In the midst of his success, Cash fell victim to the UK Government's 'Hostile Environment policy' towards immigrants.
Cash was born in Jamaica and moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 6. The government's border agency stated that, despite living the majority of his life in the UK, Cash had no right to be in the country. He was detained in March 2014 and deported to Jamaica two weeks later:
In a later track named 'The Real Reason', Cash revealed that the police offered him a deal to snitch on Giggs in order to stay in the UK. But he refused:
"The feds said they know about my visa problems, they can make it go away. I'm going to be deported, if I snitch on Giggs then I can stay..."

M1 jailed
In September 2014, M1 (Anti) was arrested after a police chase in Peckham. He had been riding around in a stolen car with a shotgun. M1 was sentenced to a minimum 6 years in prison, but he could end up serving 9 years (three extra) because he's considered 'dangerous'. The authorities had wanted him off the streets for a long time.
Detective Constable Peter Whibley, of the Trident South Shootings Team, said: “[M1] is a dangerous individual who has been heavily involved in gang criminality in Southwark


The rise of 365
The year 2015 saw the rise of the '365' (aka Zone 2) in music. This was the first year of Zone 2 members consistently releasing drill, and most of the prominent Zone 2/Hitsquad members can be seen in their music videos:

SN1 release the 'SN1 Folder' mixtape
SN1 members released the SN1 Folder mixtape in 2015, featuring members Giggs, Joe Gind, Gunna Dee and Tiny Boost. Tiny Boost recorded verses for the mixtape on day release from prison, and was given extra time behind bars for doing so.

The rise of John Boyega
John Boyega is an actor that grew up on the North Peckham Estate. He got his biggest break by being cast as a lead actor in the Star Wars franchise. In 2015, the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released, bringing him a lot of media attention.
Growing up in Peckham, John Boyega personally knew Damilola Taylor, a 10-year old boy that was stabbed to death on the North Peckham Estate in 2000 (see part 1). John was one of the last people to see Damilola alive:
John Boyega was also a close friend of Samuel Ogunro, a 17-year old that was shot dead in Peckham in 2010 (see part 2). John Boyega has stated how acting stopped him from becoming involved in Peckham gang life:
John has moved out of Peckham but still returns to the area to show love:

Death of Mo Kwenga
Mo Kwenga (AY) was a member from the Aylesbury Estate, a block located in Walworth/next to Peckham. He was respected across the Walworth, Kennington and Peckham areas. In September 2015, he was chased by 30 members from China Walk and stabbed to death at the age of 16:
Zone 2 and Walworth/Kennington were still cool, and members from Peckham honoured the passing of Mo. Around this time, Kwengface (Zone 2) and Trizzac (Zone 2) appear in Incognito (Moscow)'s 'RICO' music video, released in November 2015:
This era was the last time that young Peckham and Walworth members had good relations. The next year saw beef between Zone 2 and Moscow heat up.


Snap Capone jailed again
In March 2016, Snap Capone (SI) was given a 6 year prison sentence for drug trafficking. He was convicted for being the leader of a cunch line operation between London and Southampton.

67 collaborates with Giggs
In February 2016, Brixton Hill set 67 released the track 'Let's Lurk'. The track included a verse from Giggs (SN1), and it was a big co-sign in the UK Drill scene. Most people in the London drill scene at this point grew up listening to Giggs and the Peckham sets.
At the time 67 was the biggest group in UK Drill, and Giggs was the biggest artist in the UK Rap scene, so Let's Lurk quickly became the biggest single from the UK Drill scene:
A year later, London-based comedian Michael Daapah filmed a 'Big Shaq' comedy sketch on 67's block including a street freestyle over Let's Lurk. A month later, Michael Daapah took the Big Shaq comedy sketch to BBC Radio 1's Fire In The Booth. His freestyle became known as 'Man's Not Hot'.
The comedy freestyle went viral, and Michael Daapah transformed 'Man's Not Hot' into a full track. That comedy track charted in multiple countries, and it became many people's first exposure to the existence of drill in the UK. With over 350 million views on YouTube, it's the most viewed drill-related video: Big Shaq - Man's Not Hot
And it all started from a collaboration between 67 and Giggs.

Zone 2 v Moscow heats up
There are many stories and versions about why Zone 2 (Peckham) and Moscow (Brandon Estate, Walworth) started beefing, including several YouTube videos on the topic. In short, like most beef, it escalated from personal disputes between members from either side.
The beef between the two sides started heating up in 2016, with multiple violations flying. A couple of examples - Loosescrew (Moscow) was stabbed and left for dead in main Peckham in April 2016:
Rampz (Moscow) was stabbed at Burgess Park in June 2016, and was airlifted to hospital:
And Ned (Moscow) was stabbed at Camberwell McDonald's in July 2016:
There are more violations that flew between Zone 2, Moscow and their affiliates, but that's enough to give an idea of how it was cracking between them sides.

The death of Showkey
SNR is a set based on the Friary Estate (Leyton Square) in Peckham. SNR members have released various drill tracks:
Showkey was a young member of 814, the new generation of the Ghetto Boys from New Cross. He was also a very popular rapper in the early UK Drill scene: Showkey (814) - No More Amigos
In August 2016, at the age of 16, Showkey was stabbed to death by S (SNR) at a house party in Peckham. S successfully beat the murder case by claiming self defence:

Giggs drops the 'Landlord' album
In August 2016, Giggs released the 'Landlord' album. It's the first album that Giggs released independently through SN1 Records, and it debuted at number 2 on the official UK album chart. It is Giggs' best selling project to date:
Giggs followed the album with a 'Landlord Tour'. It was an important milestone in the UK scene: Giggs went from being banned by police (see part 2) to selling out arenas in the UK and Europe. A blueprint for any artist in the UK Rap/Drill scene trying to make it through music:

Zone 2 continue momentum in drill
In the second half of 2016, Zone 2 upped their workrate, releasing a few anthems. This period is when the wider UK Drill audience started paying attention to them.
Zone 2 ended 2016 with an 'End of Year freestyle', featuring DSqueezo, Lil DSqueezo and Narsty:

Death of Tiny Blacks
On New Years Eve, Robo (aka Tiny Blacks) was stabbed to death in Peckham. He was chased through Peckham before being caught and killed. The death was a result of an internal dispute within the ends:
Tiny Blacks was a loved member in Peckham and had appeared in various music videos, such as 'I Wish I Was Dreaming' and 'Jail Pain'.


Giggs collaborates with Drake
In March 2017, Drake dropped the 'More Life' project with two tracks featuring Giggs. Drake had been aware of Giggs music, and the underground UK Rap scene in general, from the 2000s. As Drake is commercially the biggest artist in the world, this gave Giggs exposure to a wide international audience:
The collaboration 'KMT' is notable for Giggs verse. Despite a mixed reaction in the United States, the verse was popularly received in the UK and beyond:
Various rappers included the verse in their live shows during this period, from Jay Z to the American Russ. The importance of Giggs KMT verse has been noted by many:

Active year for Zone 2
Zone 2 members were very active in UK Drill in 2017. The year cemented their popularity as one of the most popular groups in London.
In the summer, Zone 2 released their first official project - the 'No Hook' mixtape. The project included 2016 tracks Zone 2 Step and Two Flowz, alongside several new releases:
Later that year, Zone 2 dropped the 'Known Zoo' mixtape. The mixtape features various Zone 2 tracks released through 2017 alongside new releases. It is considered one of the best group mixtapes in UK Drill:
Members also dropped various highly rated non-mixtape tracks:
Zone 2 members also appeared on major freestyle platforms through 2017:

The return of CS
CS (Peckham) came out of prison in 2017, after serving half of his sentence for drug dealing. After his release he started to take music more seriously, returning with a highly rated freestyle on Link Up TV:

Death of Abz
In June 2017, a 17-year old affiliate of Zone 2 called Abz (related to member 6ix) was stabbed to death on Southampton Way:
Incognito (Moscow) and Jetblack (Moscow) went on trial for the murder but beat the case:

Giggs drops the 'Wamp 2 Dem' mixtape
In October 2017, Giggs released the 'Wamp 2 Dem' mixtape. The mixtape debuted at number 2 on the official UK album chart:


The rise of Kwengface
In 2018, Kwengface (Zone 2) established himself as one of the top solo artists in UK Drill. The year saw him drop several highly-rated releases:
Other Zone 2 and Hitsquad members made movements in 2018,

Death of GB
In May 2018, 17-year old GB (Moscow17) was shot dead on the Brandon Estate in Walworth. Another Moscow member was the intended target of the shooting:
The incident further raised tensions between Moscow and Peckham. It even had GB's folks in Jamaica throwing K's on the 2:

Intense media spotlight on Zone 2
The murders of GB (Moscow) in May 2018 and then Incognito (Moscow) in August 2018 put a heavy media focus on UK Drill and gang violence in the Peckham/Walworth area. Documentaries and investigative pieces were made on the topic:
Giggs (SN1) was highly critical of the negative coverage by The S*n, a widely circulated newspaper in the UK. Given his high profile, his criticism made national headlines:
An example of the negative coverage: a quadruple stabbing took place in Camberwell between members of RS and CMB. However, with no evidence, national newspapers reported that it was an attack between Zone 2 and Moscow members:
Zone 2's popularity had earned them a sponsorship arrangement with Adidas. However the negative media spotlight resulted in companies ending their commercial involvement.

Death of SJ
In June 2018, 18-year old trapper from Bermondsey called SJ was stabbed to death. It was alleged that SJ robbed a young Peckham member, so the hit was get back. The following year, DSqueezo and Lil DSqueezo (Hitsquad/Zone 2) were jailed for his murder:
In June 2020 police put out an appeal to find Hitsquad member MadMax, who they allege to be the third murderer. He's been on the run since May 2018:

Carns Hill and Zone 2 drop the 'Hillside Zoo' mixtape
Legendary UK Drill producer Carns Hill dropped a mixtape with Zone 2 in June 2018, titled 'Hillside Zoo'. The mixtape continued Kwengface's momentum - he was the only member to feature on every track:

Killa Ki returns to music
In 2018 Peckham legend Killa Ki (Peckham) returned to music, releasing two music videos and a Behind Barz freestyle. He's not the most technically gifted rapper, but he talks realness on tracks.


Blue Story released in cinemas
In 2019, a fictionalized version of the Ghetto Boys v Peckham Boys war was portrayed in the film 'Blue Story'. The movie follows two friends that grew up on rival sides of the war:
Due to the negative stigma surrounding the Peckham v Ghetto war, the local South London councils (Southwark and Lewisham) refused to allow violent scenes for the film to be shot in their boroughs. Instead, those scenes for the film were shot in Enfield:
The film was banned from many cinemas in the United Kingdom because of its 'gang content' and 'instigating violence', but it was still a box office success:
The 'Blue Story soundtrack' included a two tracks from Peckham Boys members:

Giggs drops the 'Big Bad' mixtape
In early 2019, Giggs (SN1) dropped the 'Big Bad' mixtape, his latest release to date. The project included collaborations with Gashi, Jadakiss, French Montana, Swizz Beats, Ghetts and Wretch 32.

CS drops the 'Everybody Hates Chris' mixtape
In March 2019, CS (Peckham) dropped the 'Everybody Hates Chris' mixtape. The project includes appearances from Headie One, Loski, Krept and Ramz:
Around this time, CS also dropped various collaborations. 'Life Ain't Easy' is track featuring Estizzy, a young vocalist coming up from Peckham:

Peckham legends active in music
From late 2018 into 2019, Tiny Ryder released several music videos. Tiny Ryder was imprisoned in 2004 for the christening murder at Wood Dene Estate (see part 1), and was then deported to Nigeria. He goes by Faceless, and the music video were filmed in Lagos, Nigeria:
In June 2019, Young Boost dropped 'Wins & Losses'. Peckham members including Giggs, Young Giggs, Knuckles and Billy Da Kid appear in the video:
Peckham legend Raver was released from prison, after serving over a decade for having a Mac-10, revolver, ammunition and drugs (see part 1). In June 2019 he released his first solo video, a dancehall riddim, filmed in Burgess Park:
In late 2019, Firehouse Crew legends Rhymer and Major released music videos for the 'I'm So Peckham' freestyle. 90s Peckham Boys legends are in the videos:
Tiny Snap had done several years in prison after his trap spot got raided, but he came out in 2016. He dropped a Hotspot freestyle at the end of 2019:

Quieter year for Zone 2 in music
Most of 2019 was quieter than usual for Zone 2 in music. The year started with PS (Hitsquad) being released from prison in February. The first group release was 'Exit Wounds' in June:
PS and Kwengface also featured on RV (OFB)'s mixtape, released in August:
Kwengface maintained his solo run with various releases:

PS altercation with Edmonton
PS (Hitsquad) got into a series of well known 'altercations' with members from Edmonton in north London. In 2019, footage emerged of E1 and ZT (3x3) confronting PS, and posted outside PS mother's yard in Edmonton. These confrontations flamed tensions between the two sides, with Peckham letting off shots in Edmonton.
PS and Trizzac referenced the incidents in the track 'Cheeky Snaps' released in August:
Yeah I lacked innit. They just want clout cah I rap, innit. That's why them man came round snappin' it, innit. Me I just came round slappin' it
Kwengface (Zone 2) referenced the incident in the track 'No Censor' (more on that song later):
PS just shot up the 9, now man's doing up cheeky snaps
E1 (Edmonton) responded them in the 2020 in the track 'Enfield or Tottenham'.

Tiny Boost drops the 'Strictly for the Streets' mixtape
In November 2019, Tiny Boost (SN1) dropped the 'Strictly For The Streets' mixtape. His second project since being released from prison:
The mixtape is notable for the track 'Peckham Krazy', the first link up between an SN1 member and the Zone 2 generation (PS and Kwengface):

Zone 2 cause hype with 'No Censor'
On 8 December 2019, Zone 2 members released the track 'No Censor', in which they list dead members from Moscow and Harlem, including the 'sonic ring' effects for added disrespect:
The video was deleted by the police/youtube a few hours after it was uploaded, but it had already made a major impact:
Zone 2 capitalised from the hype by releasing more videos in December. The track 'Dead' continued the disrespectful vibe:


The return of Tiny Grem and Stigs
Tiny Grem (Lettsom) was released from prison after serving several years for gun and drug possession (see part 1). He returned to music by releasing the '2020 Freestyle'. The video is filmed on the Lettsom Estate, and features many legendary original Peckham members from that block:
Stigs (Peckham) was released from prison following a short sentence. He returned to music in July:

CS releases the 'Everybody Hates Chris' mixtape
CS (Peckham) released the 'Nothing Ain't Nice' mixtape in April. It's notable for the collaboration with Size, reuniting the former PYG members:

NBR rise in popularity
NBR are a set from Peckham Rye (PR15), based on the Rye Hill Estate. Members have been releasing music for years, but their buzz only started to increase in 2020.
In May 2020, VI and Melo (NBR) released 'Serving'. It's already the most viewed video released by NBR:

Faceless continues his rise
Peckham legend Faceless (aka Tiny Ryder) continues dropping music from Nigeria. His wave is growing:

Zone 2 reach new heights
2020 is on course to be the most active year for Zone 2 in music. They managed to maintain the hype generated by No Censor in December 2019, with their consistency making them one of the most popular drill groups this year.
In March, Zone 2 followed up 'No Censored' with a track titled 'Censored'. They also dropped 'No Promo' and a 'Plugged In' freestyle:
Kwengface (Zone 2) has been very consistent in 2020, dropping various solo tracks and routinely breaking 1 million views.
After Kwengface, Karma (Zone 2) has been the most consistent member in 2020. Two of several:
Younger members Peckham (including Hitsquad and Zone 2) claim the PB (Peckham Boys) title. 2020 has seen collaborations across Peckham members claiming PB:
In 2020, audio widely leaked of a collab beween Kwengface and SJ (OFB), recorded before SJ was jailed for murder. Who knows what numbers it would've done with a proper release:


That's a brief history of Peckham. It goes deeper, but I couldn't include every track, video, violation or interesting story.
Hope you found it interesting sameway.
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2020.07.09 03:05 insignificantacct Rate my disclosure?

Background: me (24f) ohsv1+ diagnosed 9 mo ago.Have been talking with this guy (23m) non-stop (like everyday texting) for 2 weeks, have discord calls and play games together for 2/3 hours at a time. And I’m pretty sure I want to disclose within the next week or so.
I know some will think it’s too soon (especially given my post history) but I’m incredibly scared of the reality that the longer I wait, the more invested I might get. Plus with everything with covid I just want to get this out of the way now so he doesn’t feel misled(not best word choice but only thing I could come up with). I know this guy might not ending up being anything to me but at this point I’m certain I’d at least wanna kiss him if the opportunity presented itself on a first date whenever that arises (there would have to be a really big difference btwn how we’ve talked to how he is in person for me to reconsider that). So if I’m gonna get rejected, now seems the ideal time for me. He has shared some things with me that I think show some level of comfort being vulnerable (recent loss of pets, household in-fighting etc.) and that some may consider potential overshares or maybe it’s normal, who knows? Either way I think (or maybe I’m hoping) he should be cool in his reaction and receive it as well as can be expected.
This is what I’d like to say, it would technically be over a phone call:
I wanted to talk about something potentially a lil awkward but I gotta rip the bandaid off so to speak. Don’t know if you’re familiar with or have ever had cold sores but I have the virus for them aka oral herpes. I wasn’t sure when to bring it up yet but I felt comfortable enough to do it now ‘cause I think you’ll at least be cool about it regardless of if it’s a dealbreaker or not for you. I understand if you need time and space to process and that you may have questions; I can respect that and I’d also be happy to answer any questions you may have!
If he asks about it, I have a couple of stats (prevalence, how it can be transmitted, etc.) to offer off the top of my head. Maybe he’ll have it too and won’t need that (though I’d still be concerned to know what strain it would be).
I’m open to any and all suggestions/tips before I go forward with this even if it’s to wait, chillax, or whatever lol!
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2020.06.22 15:33 ND_PC Total Madness Player Playlists: Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

Happy Monday! Welcome to the latest installment of my "Player Playlist" tribute series.
This is part of a series of tribute playlists I've been making for each player on Total Madness as he or she is eliminated (or eventually wins). Within a self-imposed limit of 25 songs, I aim to make a playlist that encapsulates a player's profile (i.e. Jenna is from Long Island), personality (i.e. Kyle is a charming jokester), and narrative (i.e. Jay got thrown into elimination three times, and had a makeout session). Usually, I try to find songs whose lyrics or vibe accomplish this, but in some cases, the title may be enough.
Today I'm happy to introduce the Swaggy Playlist (link is to Spotify). Since I don't watch feeder shows, Rookie playlists tend to be a little more... eclectic from a genre perspective and also hone in on only a few aspects of their character. I know he lives currently in Kansas City and that he played collegiate basketball, but otherwise I could really only draw on his proclivity to make tribunals, his nickname, his business enterprise, and his relationship with Bayleigh. What we end up with is a playlist that's half hype songs and half love songs. And you know what? I'm here for that. I need some hype in my life. I need some love.
Because the playlist is truly split in two, there is no one activity that I can imagine leaving this playlist on for its entirety. Unless you can think of a situation where you need hype songs and then sappy love songs? Maybe like getting ready for a date and then actually experiencing the date? Does anybody go on dates anymore? I dunno. I'll be leaving this playlist on in the background today and thinking hard about when I would listen to it in the future.
As always, because I love feedback, any comments, questions, or suggestions for future playlists are absolutely welcome. People continue to comment and DM me about my other playlists, and some of them have even grown since I first posted them! As a note: I'm particularly interested in what songs everyone wants for the Nelson playlist (whenever the time comes). He's a fun character to watch and I know everyone has an opinion!
In case you want to listen to any of the other player playlists I've made, here they are: (Asaf, Jenn, CT, Ashley, Jay, Tori, Jordan, Bear, Big T, Kailah, Jenna, Wes, Mattie).
Thanks, everyone! Be sure to check back next Monday for the next installment!
If you need or prefer to read this playlist here rather than on Spotify, here you go:
Title Artist
Turn My Swag On Soulja Boy
Kansas City Lights Steve Wariner
Power is Power SZA, The Weeknd, Travis Scott
Started From the Bottom Drake
I'm So Paid Akon, Lil Wayne, Jeezy
Ride Wit Me Nelly, City Spud
A Tale of the Ticker Frank Crumit
The Way I Live Baby Boy Da Prince
Rise Up Pennywise
Mo Money Mo Problems The Notorious B.I.G., Mase, Diddy
Swagga Like Us T.I., Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne
#thatPOWER, Justin Bieber
Follow You Down Gin Blossoms
Chasing Cars Snow Patrol
Mirrors Justin Timberlake
03' Bonnie & Clyde Jay-Z, Beyoncé
Follow You Down Gin Blossoms
Sunday Morning Maroon 5
It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) The 1975
Bang Bang
Only Wanna Be with You Hootie & The Blowfish
Keep Your Hands off Her The Black Keys
99 Problems Jay-Z
Jawbreaker The Dead Weather
Uprising Muse
Pictures Of You The Last Goodnight
Luxury Jon Bellion, Audra Mae
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2020.06.03 22:03 schetuck Automate your memory

 For $5/mo we will send out every card you would like to be sent out through the year, on the dates you specify them to be sent out. 
First, a little Backstory:
 I was always the guy forgetting birthdays and special events. I’d either send a card or birthday wish too late, or not at all, and this made me feel like shit. If you’re like me, you know the anxiety and stress that this causes. You have to devise some inconceivable excuse as to why you missed it or send some ridiculous gift to make up for it, if not both. So to combat the crippling fear of walking into the party only to find out that it’s for someone’s birthday, and to save myself from the philanthropic windfall of a donation I felt the need to give, I started outsmarting myself. For the past few years, in the first week of each new year, I’ve been going to the store, picking out cards for over 30 people, writing out my little birthday note, adding a check/cash/scratch-off(s) as a gift, then waiting until the day had come to ship those cards off. Damn, I’m a f****** genius... Or so I thought. Couple weeks later I’m cleaning the office, “oh shit, I forgot to send out his birthday card.” Couple more weeks, “also forgot to send hers.” Another few weeks, “holy shit, my birthday was last week?”. Now I thoroughly understand some people have better systems in place for this than I, but for my busy lifestyle, and sheer abundance of people and dates I have to remember, I have a better chance at acing a 5th grade history test. So I brainstormed with some better people than I, and we came up with a great system for mailing these cards out on time. After a few years, I started doing this for family members and friends. I mean, between his kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and all their significant others, my 95 year old grandpa has over 100 people to send cards too every year! That’s almost 1/3 of the year that a man with the onsets of dementia has to remember to send the gifts off! Sometimes I forget how to breathe! So, once a year, we sit down and write his cards out, he fills out his checks to everyone, and I take them and mail them out appropriately. 
 I want to make your life a little bit easier by helping you how I helped my grandfather. I want to help you avoid being “that person” without a gift at the party. I want to save you the embarrassment I’ve felt countless times having to apologize for missing an important day. I want to save you from the awkwardness of sending those horribly bland, impersonal, and clearly obvious, “you didn’t do it” cards. And most of all, I want you to avoid the stress of trying to remember every little date and event. 
Who? What? Where? When? But, How?
 Just as I did for my grandfather, I’ll make sure all your cards are sent where they need, when they need, and to who you need. Now, I don’t personally know everyone that everyone knows, and if I do know you, I apologize for being me. Therefore, you have to go out and get the right card, for the right people, put some emotion behind that beautiful lil love note and even put a check in there if you need to buy their love. Get em all together, and send them all to me. WHAT? To you!? Yes. Everyone needs to feel loved, and I just so happen to need it the most. Don’t worry, like that kid in class you asked to pass your love note to your crush across the room, I won’t read it. In this case, it just so happens to be illegal. But you’re also insured, and as a business, we guarantee your satisfaction. You’ll appropriately fill out each card however the hell you want, address them accordingly, seal em up and throw some stamps on them suckas, throw them all in a box, send them to us, and let us know when you want each card delivered, and BOOM you’re officially the most thoughtful person anyone knows. 
Umm... okay? But how much?
 Well since I’m paying for the cards, and the stamps, you’ll cover the “gift,” right? Well sure, if your idea of a gift is the piece of mind we provide you, then we’ll absolutely cover the gift. But if you want to throw a check to little Johnny for his birthday, then no. We’re sure he deserves a pool filled with $100 bills, but that pool is up to you to fill. We only charge what you would spend on a beer during happy hour, $5. And instead spending that every week, it’s only once a month. It’s a better, cheaper, healthier stress reliever than the weekly happy hour at the local watering hole. For $5 a month, we’ll make you look like the most caring individual on earth! Name a better investment. 
Ctrl C + Ctrl V
 I know, I know, the whole “automated birthday card” thing has been done already. And sure, if you want to come across as cold hearted junk mail, go ahead. But we can’t stand how impersonal and uninspired those services are, and the lack of ability to send a gift makes them basically meaningless to me. Come on, you know every time you open that card from the grandparents you’re secretly expecting a check. You’re not fooling anyone. What I’m saying is that I definitely don’t care to send my father a card with a stock picture that looks straight out of an algebra textbook with some words typed on it. He’d probably throw it out thinking it was some postcard the new landscaper in town put in his mailbox trying to get some business. It’s basically like you didn’t even send a card in the first place. In fact, you probably shouldn’t have even sent one. 
What about the private parts?
 Get your head out of the gutter. Shame on you. Every letter will be sorted and organized, as well as mailed out by hand. We do not require an online mailing list, address book or access to your contacts. We understand your concern with having sensitive information floating around the Internet, as we have the same concerns ourselves. This is exactly why we have you address and postage each card yourself. And If you care to, include a written list of all the names and accompanying dates of all the cards that you have included to be sent out, and absolutely no personal information will be needed to put online. 
Thank you
 Well, we never thought we’d make it this far. And we’re talking about reading through all this. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read through all this. We’re just a couple people trying to help make everyone’s lives a little bit easier, and everyone feel a little more loved. Please PM us for any questions, comments, concerns, critiques or criticisms, but most hopefully, to help us help you. 
Sincerely, Catch-u-letter
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2020.06.02 08:23 Poeticalto Monthly Flair Log for May 2020

Special Flairs

Level 4 Donor: Donated $200 to TagPro
Date Player
5/15 Able
5/15 dryfus
5/15 uh oh i'm hi
5/16 Niplepotamus
5/27 HammerTime
Level 3 Donor: Donated $100 to TagPro
Date Player
5/4 Buggaboo
5/15 Able
5/15 dryfus
5/15 uh oh i'm hi
5/20 Elemefayoh
5/26 pooyan
Level 2 Donor: Donated $40 to TagPro
Date Player
5/3 lost at sea
5/3 OH2
5/7 Stoneball
5/15 Able
5/15 dryfus
5/15 uh oh i'm hi
5/17 CoffeeSnoot
5/20 Elemefayoh
5/26 pooyan
6/1 CubaLibre
Level 1 Donor: Donated $10 to TagPro
Date Player
5/3 OH2
5/7 Stoneball
5/8 Fitz.
5/10 Lexanator5
5/12 sun chips
5/15 dewgazi
5/15 dryfus
5/15 uh oh i'm hi
5/16 Iyaz
5/20 Elemefayoh
5/20 The law
5/26 yep
5/26 pooyan
6/1 CubaLibre
Pi: reaching 314°
Date Player
5/15 yep
Bowling: reaching 300°
Date Player
5/4 helprefugees

Event Flairs

Name Description Count (Total for event)
Stay Safe Flair staying inside [200 wins] 593 (1564)
Counterfeit Bunny Ears staying inside [150 wins] 602 (1900)
Counterfeit Jester Hat staying inside [100 wins] 641 (2337)
Counterfeit Leprechaun Hat staying inside [50 wins] 687 (3030)

Leaderboard Flairs

Monthly Leaderboard Wins:
Count Player
1 Elemefayoh
Weekly Leaderboard Wins:
Count Player
2 Elemefayoh
1 (420)
1 cumshot
1 Diencash
1 TJ
1 itagpro
1 Ike13
1 T'Challa
1 screampie
Daily Leaderboard Wins:
Count Player
5 Elemefayoh
3 Diencash
3 (420)
3 T'Challa
3 Sunder
2 Go Habs Go
2 TJ
2 Dr.Ankles
2 itagpro
2 3436557w645
2 Ike13
2 Prime
2 uwu
2 Bloom
2 Violet E.
1 Wp
1 cumshot
1 Meesterman
1 PoohBear
1 Carden
1 Falestine
1 lays
1 Gyara
1 Czernobog
1 ok then
1 GeoLeoJ
1 trap ball
1 apollo
1 dyl?
1 piemel
1 PrincessLeia
1 bigballs
1 Gareth_Ball
1 Inception
1 meherethere
1 I suck
1 Picasso
1 Ai Hayasaka
1 cannibal
1 FlagCapturer
1 Tergel
1 BallGladder
1 En Sabah Nur
1 BlckStxr
1 greentea
1 Chile
1 MT Fingers
1 smoji_
1 Pencil
1 Bidet->Wipe
1 Golden Ratio
1 crispi
1 Jukeasaurus
1 ballsoffire
1 Reformed Exo
1 Soccertanker
1 AdmaniaYT
1 OuchMyBalls
1 Pogba
1 SuckMyBall

Win Rate Flairs

75% win rate:
Date Player
5/13 Dr.Ankles
5/14 Water
5/17 meherethere
5/19 Ai Hayasaka
5/27 RacgiMan
65% win rate:
Date Player
5/2 MoGGee
5/5 i love HD
5/6 meherethere
5/7 Werth
5/7 Water
5/7 BoomHeadSh0t
5/9 Lil_Pump
5/12 Dr.Ankles
5/20 BallGladder
5/22 Tweak
5/22 boat captain
5/23 SoulCake
5/24 Yummyummers
5/25 Wrist Rocket
5/27 Headshot
5/29 Jason Bourne
55% win rate:
Date Player
5/1 Dante Ball
5/3 Count Tagula
5/3 54.9%
5/4 Conj
5/6 Wizrd
5/7 cliffball
5/7 -Sokka
5/8 maxroar
5/10 Lumineers
5/10 YoyoMama
5/11 Nazar
5/12 BarelySane
5/12 Cabizzle
5/14 Sorry l suck
5/14 deanavery
5/16 Verona
5/16 bigballs
5/16 drumpf
5/20 bruhmomentum
5/21 zagd
5/21 the moon
5/23 crispi
5/24 sports!
5/28 Munby
5/28 /k/
5/30 Angel.
5/31 ScrubJay
6/1 Hot Carl
6/1 Some Ball

Degree Flairs

Pi: reaching 314°
Date Player
5/15 yep
Bowling: reaching 300°
Date Player
5/4 helprefugees
Uranium: reaching 238°
Date Player
5/12 -Batman-
5/13 Maurice
5/17 Gizmo
5/19 Mqrius
Blue Lightning: reaching 220°
Date Player
5/3 D4NK_JUK3R
5/31 Chile
Boiling 2: reaching 212°
Date Player
5/11 Mot
5/12 Celery
5/18 HereWeGhoul
5/30 peppy
Bones: reaching 206°
Date Player
5/2 puffs plus l
5/5 DuperDefense
5/14 Davy
5/17 Lasty
World: reaching 196°
Date Player
5/4 hitty
5/11 Bomberguy
5/12 Scooby-Doo!
5/13 Nilus
5/17 jerry <3
5/17 team
5/20 Jenkro
5/21 bright
5/25 #SelfySyntax
U Turn: reaching 180°
Date Player
5/4 BigSasagPza
5/6 kool aid
5/12 Ramrod
5/20 Gram
5/21 Sheep
5/24 dets
5/30 Frank
Phi: reaching 162°
Date Player
5/1 Mack Daddy
5/6 thierryonre
5/7 Bobbay
5/8 iTouchYou
5/10 Byrie
5/11 dat boy good
5/13 CoolHandJuke
5/13 lays
5/13 Abs
5/14 shirt
5/22 Diggs
5/24 etc
5/27 trashcan
5/28 Lamarcus
5/28 Real News
6/1 BartimaeusJr
Pokemon: reaching 151°
Date Player
5/2 n1gh7
5/4 Logicus
5/6 ritrocell
5/8 Niplepotamus
5/9 Big_Mike
5/11 PuyoPuyo
5/14 Incompetent
5/14 harriet
5/17 Juker
5/19 King~Zion
5/25 Elmiracle
5/26 CubaLibre
5/27 Ass Jr.
5/28 snackpack
5/28 Werth
Love: reaching 143°
Date Player
5/7 papergun
5/11 sicky
5/14 KALX
5/15 Jason Bourne
5/15 AngelaMerkin
5/15 Jer32
5/16 B1NGO
5/17 Jay-Z
5/18 -aNuStart-
5/22 Gubbles
5/24 deathball
Plane: reaching 130°
Date Player
5/3 Packers49
5/3 karthvader
5/4 Markomed
5/6 Abe
5/7 Yo YoYo
5/7 Mr. Whiskers
5/8 threaded
5/13 ebola gay
5/13 Simply Bad
5/15 itjustgame
5/16 SteroidSurge
5/17 t410n
5/19 McCartney
5/30 A.C.Hater
5/31 Battlecross
6/1 Tomato
ABC: reaching 123°
Date Player
5/4 nub
5/6 Victor messi
5/10 Wanye
5/12 Headshot
5/15 liu kang
5/17 emx01
5/18 Tag Master
5/22 Dr. Gefilter
5/24 TagCrow
5/24 doke
5/25 crispi
5/28 first evea
Yellow Lightning: reaching 110°
Date Player
5/5 Count Tagula
5/7 darke
5/8 guts.
5/9 Kraft Dinner
5/9 usually last
5/13 Ikuyo
5/14 Sammy.
5/14 Johnsooun
5/15 Bellum
5/16 Asa Akira
5/17 Iyaz
5/18 VektorVaughn
5/19 hz
5/19 BobRoss
5/22 J0k3r
5/25 Cyclops
5/26 Ballywood
Boiling: reaching 100°
Date Player
5/1 witchking64
5/2 Button Whore
5/3 Sticky Ball
5/6 sorry
5/6 Incandenza
5/7 Copperhead
5/11 Zoomie
5/12 Pouet
5/12 tim-sanchez
5/12 DadChode
5/14 Balljobby
5/14 sammylunchme
5/14 BUTT
5/15 Cyboogie
5/15 ballsome
5/20 En Sabah Nur
5/22 bilal
5/22 Elemefayoh
5/22 foxyshazam
5/23 Czernobog
5/25 cliffball
5/25 itagpro
5/26 Potato King
5/27 Bumder
5/27 T'Challa
5/28 Delano
5/29 cumshot

Degree Flair Counts:

Name Description Count
Pi reaching 314° 2
Bowling reaching 300° 1
Uranium reaching 238° 4
Blue Lightning reaching 220° 2
Boiling 2 reaching 212° 5
Bones reaching 206° 4
World reaching 196° 9
U Turn reaching 180° 7
Phi reaching 162° 18
Pokemon reaching 151° 16
Love reaching 143° 12
Plane reaching 130° 16
ABC reaching 123° 12
Yellow Lightning reaching 110° 17
Boiling reaching 100° 27
Microphone reaching 98° 38
Flux Capacitor reaching 88° 25
Magma reaching 79° 18
Peace reaching 69° 23
Road Sign reaching 66° 26
Tomato reaching 63° 69
Alien reaching 51° 36
Dolphin reaching 42° 50
Freezing reaching 32° 100
Penguin reaching 17° 191
Moon reaching 11° 249
Baseball reaching 9° 417
Bacon reaching 6° 343
Pencil reaching 2° 812
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2020.04.18 18:37 Perksofthesewalls AJ Tracey Discography Mega Thread

Edit: This is a work in progress. I will add links and complete it at some point.


AJ Tracey (Deluxe)

Stream: Spotify/Apple Music/SoundCloud
Release Date: October 25, 2019
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Plan B Cadenza 3:16
2. Jackpot Maaly Raw 3:00
3. Rina Nyge 2:47
4. Wifey Riddim 3 Steel Banglez 2:52
5. Double C's Ceej 4:08
6. Country Star Kazza 3:24
7. Psych Out! Carlie Hanson & Rex Kudo 2:56
8. Butterflies (Remix) (ft. Popcaan) Nyge 3:44
9. Necklace (ft. Jay Critch) Wallis Lane & 1Mind 3:47
10. Prada Me Keith Varon & 1Mind 3:22
11. Ladbroke Grove Conducta 3:11
12. Doing It Swifta Beater 3:03
13. Nothing But Net (ft. Giggs) Nyge & ADP 3:08
14. Horror Flick Swifta Beater 2:50
15. Triple S Malik Ninety Five 2:43
16. Halloween (ft. Young Adz) Nyge 2:25
17. Migos M1OnTheBeat 3:38
18. Cat Pack Take a Daytrip 2:45
19. Floss (ft. MoStack and Not3s) AJ Tracey & TheElements 3:02
20. Zelda (ft. SahBabii and SAFE) CuBeatz & Maaly Raw 4:09

AJ Tracey

Stream: Spotify/Apple Music/SoundCloud
Release Date: February 8, 2019
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Plan B Cadenza 3:16
2. Jackpot Maaly Raw 3:00
3. Rina Nyge 2:47
4. Wifey Riddim 3 Steel Banglez 2:52
5. Double C's Ceej 4:08
6. Country Star Kazza 3:24
7. Psych Out! Carlie Hanson & Rex Kudo 2:56
8. Butterflies (ft. Not3s) Nyge 3:44
9. Necklace (ft. Jay Critch) Wallis Lane & 1Mind 3:47
10. Prada Me Keith Varon & 1Mind 3:22
11. Ladbroke Grove Conducta 3:11
12. Doing It Swifta Beater 3:03
13. Nothing But Net (ft. Giggs) Nyge & ADP 3:08
14. Horror Flick Swifta Beater 2:50
15. Triple S Malik Ninety Five 2:43


Secure the Bag

Stream: Spotify/Apple Music
Release Date: October 6, 2017
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Blacked Out Sir Spyro 3:48
2. luvd u MISOGI 2:54
3. Quarterback (Secure the Bag!) Nyge & Keanu Beats 3:27
4. Tour Team (ft. 67) Nyge 3:46
5. Bird Call Nyge 3:14
6. Alakazam (ft. Jme & Denzel Curry) Nyge 3:38
7. Shisha Nyge 2:33
8. You Don't Know Me (ft. Craig David) Nyge 3:28

Lil Tracey

Stream: Spotify/Apple Music
Release Date: December 2, 2016
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. They Said (ft. Bonkaz) Faze Miyake & Mazza 3:03
2. Buster Cannon Tre Mission 3:44
3. Capri-Sun (ft. Chip) Baza 3:31
4. Pasta Nyge 3:40
5. Luke Cage Tre Mission 3:07
6. Hating on Gang (ft. Remy Banks) Alex Epton 4:04

The Rumble (Remixes)

Release Date:
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. The Rumble - Toddla T Remix (ft. MJ Cole & Toddla T) MJ Cole & Toddla T 2:59
2. The Rumble - DJ Hype & Annix Remix (ft. Annix, DJ Hype, & MJ Cole) Annix, DJ Hype, & MJ Cole 3:24
3. The Rumble - Scarface Riddim (ft. MJ Cole) MJ Cole 3:26

AJ's Stocking Filler

Stream: YouTube
Release Date: December 25, 2015
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Swerve n Skid Smasher 3:48
2. Wifey Riddim 2 Spooky Bizzle 3:18
3. Skepta Rebound X 2:49
4. Trapsuit Quietpvck & SVOnTheBeat 4:03
5. Selenki DaVinChe 3:56
  • Not on streaming services

Alex Moran

Stream: Spotify/Apple Music/SoundCloud
Release Date: December 4, 2015
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Spirit Bomb Ezro 3:33
2. Nalia Zeph Ellis 4:08
3. Bare Girls (ft. Jammz) Jammz 3:42
4. Chalk (ft Merky ACE) Splurt Diablo 2:30
5. AAA (ft. Big Zuu & Saint P) Gamer 3:37
  • Nalia missing from streaming services

The Front

Stream: Spotify/Apple Music/SoundCloud
Release Date: June 12, 2015
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. The Lane Zeph Ellis 3:54
2. Italy Sir Pixalot 3:06
3. Wifey Riddim Maribor 3:28
4. Hood Antics Lolingo 2:35
5. Red Bull (ft. YGG) J Beatz 4:11
6. Champions League Drone 4:41


Left Back

Stream: SoundCloud (Re-up)
Release Date: December 9, 2015
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Eski Shells (ft. Mic Ty) Wiley 3:46
2. Doughnuts & Ice Cream Lolingo 2:54
3. Cranked (ft. D7) 3:40
4. Animal Abuse (ft. Jay Amo) 3:00
5. Hot Nigga Jahlil Beats 2:18
6. Trapsuit Quietpvck & SVOnTheBeat 4:03
7. Had Nothing ToonzInTheLab 3:38

No More Looney

Stream: SoundCloud (Re-up)
Release Date: August 30, 2014
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Intro 1:36
2. Be With You (ft. Santi) 4:24
3. Clarity 3:44
4. Medusa 2:28
5. What Am I Supposed To Do? 3:05
6. [Recognition (ft. Santi)]()
7. Chapter One 2:22
8. Miami Beach 1:49
9. Where I'm At 2:52
10. LMH Freestyle (ft. Big Zuu) LawaunMakesHits 3:47
11. Girl Problems 3:18
12. Light Up (ft. Jay Amo & Wax 2:41
13. Savage Disciple (ft. Ets & Jay Amo) 3:20
14. Zombie City (ft. Sketch) 4:36
15. Control Me (Remix) 3:20
16. Like That (Freestyle) 1:48
17. In, Out (ft. Big Zuu) 4:08
18. Kun Aguero 3:42
19. Premier League (Freestyle) 1:33
20. Skin Fade (ft. Big Zuu) 3:10
21. My Streets (Freestyle) 1:38
22. The Catch ToonzInTheLab 3:39
23. Dollar 8 Bar (ft. Ets, Jay Amo, & Sketch) 3:04
24. Staying Safe 3:36
25. Skipper (Freestyle) 2:24
26. 0 to 100 (ft. Big Zuu & YS) 4:26
27. Care Package (ft. Big Zuu) 3:52
28. [Pound Cake Recipe]()
29. Started (Freestyle) 3:10
30. Clap-a-Nigga (ft. Jay Amo) 4:04
31. Late Nights (ft. Big Zuu) LawaunMakesHits 3:44
32. Welcome Home DizzDisarster 2:42
33. Outro 0:57

Didn't Make the Cut

Stream: SoundCloud (Re-up)
Release Date: September 13, 2012
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. 2008 2:22
2. Animal Freestyle (ft. Devstar) 2:50
3. BMF 2 (ft. Santi) Era 3:01
4. Looney Freestyle 5:10
5. Candy Man (ft. Muddles) Dego Brown 3:12
6. Catch 'em 16 1:10
7. Disturbed Freestyle (ft. Santi) Versechild 2:05
8. Donald Trump [BONUS] 1:18
9. Extraordinary [BONUS] 1:34
10. Gunpowder [Grime Freestyle] 1:31
11. One Day 1:38
12. All Star (ft. Devinkz, Jay Amo, Mark Ellison, Muddles & Shino B) 3:04
13. Remedy 3:00
14. Rose Clique [Remix] 2:30
15. Shook Ones Freestyle 2:55
16. Soka Freestyle 3:14
17. Speak to Em 2:58
18. Struggling (ft. Mark Ellison) 2:56
19. The Motto [Remix] 2:14
20. Young, Wild, and Free (ft. Santi) 3:29
21. Zen Flow 4:32


AJ Tracey & Mabel West Ten Dinner Guest (ft. MoStack) Rain (ft. Aitch & Tay Keith) Spotify iTunes YouTube Kiss and Tell (ft. Skepta) Spotify iTunes YouTube Elastic Spotify iTunes YouTube Ladbroke Grove (Remix) (ft. General Levy & Novelist) Spotify iTunes YouTube Lo(v/s)er Spotify iTunes YouTube 3AM (ft. Baauer & Jae Stephens) Spotify iTunes YouTube Mimi Spotify iTunes YouTube False 9 Spotify iTunes YouTube LA4AWeek (ft. Swoosh and Sloan Evans) Spotify iTunes YouTube The Rumble (ft. M. J. Cole) Spotify iTunes YouTube Leave Me Alone Spotify iTunes YouTube Nalia - Murlo Remix (ft. Murlo) Spotify iTunes YouTube Thiago Silva (ft. Dave) Spotify iTunes YouTube Packages Spotify iTunes YouTube Spirit Bomb - Remix (ft. Cadell, Capo Lee, Central Cee, Dave, Drifter, Merky Ace, PK, Skits (UK), & Trims) Spotify iTunes YouTube


Headie One ft AJ Tracey & Stormzy - Ain't It Different 2020 KSI Tides ft AJ Tracey & Trendsetter Nyge featuring AJ Tracey & Kranium We're Doin This Remtrex featuring AJ Tracey No Limits Big Zuu & D7 featuring AJ Tracey Leave Dat Trap Unknown T featuring AJ Tracey Choose Sides M.O featuring AJ Tracey Fashion Week Steel Banglez featuring AJ Tracey & MoStack Other Man D33J featuring AJ Tracey & Sloan Evans London's Calling GRM Daily featuring Skrapz, Avelino, Asco, Loski & AJ Tracey Have U Seen MISOGI featuring AJ Tracey Apologies Sloan Evans featuring AJ Tracey & Swoosh Popstar Nessly featuring AJ Tracey & blackbear "Clouded Skies" 2013 Big Zuu, Sketch, Riks, Jay Amo My Team Paid "It's Going Down" Santi N/A "Everybody" (Remix) Devinkz, Enkay, Big Zuu "Stormy Days" (Remix) 2014 Santi "Man Wanna Talk" 2015 Capo Lee, Big Zuu "Ride Out" Big Zuu, Marger Big Who? "Owe You Nothing" GHSTLY XXVII, Lyrical Strally, Big Zuu Recon "Opp Anthem" (Remix) Jay Amo, Big Zuu, PK, Capo Lee Ammi "Tekkk Freestyle" Sir Spyro, JLSXND7RS N/A "Hoe" AJ Tracey Complex presents #GrimeTimeWarp Vol. 1 "Slap Yourself" (Remix) GHSTLY XXVII, Jammz N/A "Bucktown" Kahn & Neek, P Money, Jammer, Rocks FOE, Saint P, Nico Lindsay FabricLive.83 "West London" Teeza, Mez, Kyeza, Snowy, J Dot "Kestra" DaVinChe, Jammz, Novelist, PK, Capo Lee "War" 2016 Wax N/A "Bowser" Filthy Gears, PK Filthy Features "10/10" (Remix) P Money, Blacks, Mez, Capo Lee, PK, SafOne, Coco, Jammz, Discarda N/A "Str8 Riddim" AJ Tracey Trapstar x Logan Sama Mixtape "Like That" Reeko Squeeze Str8 Authentic "All Four Walls" (Zdot Remix) Gorgon City, Vaults N/A "Leg Day" (Remix) Tinchy Stryder, Capo Lee, Frisco "Big n Serious" (Remix) Coco, Nadia Rose "Arrogant Stance (Eski Thug)" Darkness, YGG, Big Zuu, Darkos Strife, Kwam, Nico Lindsay, Elf Kid, Hilts, GHSTLY XXVII "London vs. Midlands Cypher" Eyez, Mez, Kamakaze, Dave, Jammz Red Bull Studios presents Mind the Gap "Ascend" Last Japan N/A "Don't Talk Like That" (Remix) YGG, Spitz, Jay Amo, Big Zuu, Mic Ty "Rudeboy" (Remix) Fusion, PK "AJ Tracey Intro" Mez, DaVinChe The M1 EP "Shoulda Known Better" Mez, DaVinChe, Harvey Oops" (Remix) Haile, Akelle Charles, Yung Fume, Tremz, Louis Rei N/A Thinking of You" (Cadenza Remix) Mabel Domme Jongens" (Remix) Mula B & Louis 23" Reekz MB, Youngs Teflon Right & Wrong Fighting" Maniac BrOTHERHOOD (Original Soundtrack) Be Somebody" (Remix) Clams Casino, ASAP Rocky, Lil B N/A Knotty Head" (UK Remix) Denzel Curry, Rick Ross My Ways" 2017 New Gen, J Warner New Gen Wild Goat"[41] Lancey Foux, Nyge, Kojey Radical, Jevon First Day at Nursery None of That"[42] Faze Miyake, Merky ACE N.O.T. – EP REDMERCEDES" (Remix)[43] Aminé, Missy Elliott Non-album remix Look What I Did"[44] Yung Fume Noughts & Crosses 3 Tell Man Twice"[45] Big Zuu Big Zuu – EP Bully"[46] Sloan Evans mia Don't Get Me Mad" (Remix)[47] Fusion, Big Zuu READY Somebody Like Me"[48] 2018 Craig David The Time Is Now A List"[49] D7, Big Zuu No Discussion - Smoke Dawg Trekked Like Me - Not3s


Sneakin Remix
Final Flash "Afternoon in Madrid" (Looney featuring Rico, Sketch and Jay Amo) - Slime City "Lord of the Hypes" (as Looney) - The Dungeon "Winter Freestyle" (as Looney) - The Dungeon "Skeng'd Out" (as Looney) - The Dungeon "Crud Tip (Bricks Freestyle)" (as Looney) - should be on didnt make the cut "Spring Freestyle" (as Looney) The Dungeon "Touch a Button" (as Looney) "MegaTron" (as Looney) "Banger" (as Looney) "Curry Chips Freestyle" (as Looney)



AJ Tracey - 4 Real (Prod. Working On Dying) AJ Tracey - NO Chucks (Prod. Working On Dying) Die For - AJ Tracey x Krept x i have no idea Octavian Lit (feat. AJ Tracey & Ramriddlz) Octavian Lit (feat. AJ Tracey & M.I.A)
submitted by Perksofthesewalls to ajfromthelane [link] [comments]

2020.03.24 16:05 Texas1971 Carollaisms

Haven’t updated in awhile, but here’s some “light reading” for everyone while we’re locked in. These just crack me up. Enjoy, stay safe and wash up. 🧼 GETITON

Band Names/Rap Stars

Mitt Romney and the One Percenters (ACS)
ManAyz - Rap star (LL)
D'Bagz - Rap star (LL)
Maxi Pad - An all-girl band that knows how to rock (LL)
Dick Tingle - One of the best blues men in the business (Show?)
Lynette and the Lackeys (ACS)
Straw Hat and the Bowties - Jerry Springer's dixieland band who plays at the Knott's Berry Farm Good Time Theater (ACS)
Gut Fluffer (ACS)
Johnny Beaumont and The Legionnaires - All wear matching powder blue tuxedoes (ACS)
Automatic Vaginismus – Great band name (LL)
Dissuade/D’ Suede - Rappeproducer of Kanye/one of Kim's ex beaus (ACS)
Starchy Deuce - Band that should be produced by D' Suede (ACS)
Narthex - (ACS)
Epileptic Declawed Hamster - That is a helluva punk band right there (ACS)
Loretta Lynch - Country singer who sang "Stand By Your Man" (ACS)
The Areolas - Covered an Eagles song in the ‘90s (ACS)
Fleece and Flannel - One of the best lesbian acoustic duos you will ever see (ACS)
3 Chainz - Rap star (ACS)
Blues Squatter - Adam's dad’s band name (ACS)
Tampon Kayak - One of Seattle's greatest, but least heard of indie bands (ACS)
Jizz Grenade (LL)
Dryer Fire - Hot indie band name (ACS)
Iranian Revolutionary Guard - Prince's backup band (ACS)
Rape Kit - Name of Adam's band from high school (ACS)
Nog Bong - A band Adam was in in high school (ACS)
Bum Blazer – Adam’s band in high school (ACS)
White Trash Kimchi - Another good band name (Bald Bryan) (ACS)
White Noise - Adam's rap name (ADS)
Promethazine - Lil Wayne's sister (ADS)
Light Rail - Great Rap name (ADS)
Danny In The Joint - Good indie band name (ACS)
Anal Cleft - One of the worst reggae singers to leave Jamaica (ACS)
Anal Cleft and the Taints - Great reggae group (ACS)
MEL-ROL - One of The Spice Girls (AOTH)
D'bris - Great Rap name (ACS)
Cisgender - A militant female rapper....for the ladies (ACS)
Krav Maga (1) - Country singing Jew (ACS)
Lynette and Paulette - Sounds like a singing duo from the 60's (RD)
Nuts In The Sink - Name of Ray’s new band (Ray) (AOTH)
SubDude - Pete Holmes' rap name (ACS)
Ray And The Enemas - Blues singer and his backup band (ADS)
Yakov Crutchfield - He has a show in Branson (ADS)
Mac 18 - Adam’s favorite rapper (RD)
Tremble Lean – Adam’s rap name (ACBSL)
Sticker Back – Worst band out of Canada ever (ACS)
Pennywise and Pound Foolish - A band from the ‘90's (RD)
Strawberry Shortcake's Neti Pot - Great band name (Twitter)
Puffy Elon Musk - Worst rapper ever (ACS)
Pantera Club at Laguna Seca (Twitter)
Savage Body Attack - New wave romantic band Ace was in when he was 19 (FBL)
Jumping Jazzy Jews - Jeff Goldblum's jazz band (ACS)
Snore Cherry - Great band name (ACS)
Pat Benatard - Pat Benatar cover band (ACS)
Rancid Nuts - Good band name (ACS)
Gary And The Knotholes - Good band name (AOTH)
Tampon Canoe - Good indie band (ACS)
One Erection - A good boy band (ACS)
Flushin' Dew - A good country duo (ACS)
Armo Jeweler - Great band name (RD)
Radon - (Lynette thinks) there a Whitesnake cover-band (ACS)
The Taste Of Ace - Great band name (ACS)
King Grape and the Raisinettes (GS)
Concord Grape and the Raisinettes (GS)
Gary Taco - Love that band (ACS)
The Silence Breakers (2) - Good punk band (Gina) (ACS)
Daddy’s Got A Dually – Good country song (ACS)
Dip Curtain - Good indie band (ACS)
Crystal Lobbyists - Sounds like a great techno band (ACS)
Narcissistic Monk -Great indie band (GS)
Sporty Prius - Worst of the Spice Girls (ACS)
Laden and Bravado - 70s duo who opened for Seals n Crofts (ACS)
The Bouncers - great band name (ACS)
Hurry up and make sense (1) - a good talking heads album (ACS)
Appropriate Sombrero - Maxapada’s next band name (Bryan) (ACS)
Flirtatious Contrail - great rap name (GS)
Jack Johnson - Guy from The White Stripes aka The Black Stripes (ACS)
Sophistry - A great Carol King album (ADS)

Song Titles

Meatless Mondays - Horrible Bangles song (Show?)
Measles and Commuter Trains - Worst Christmas song ever (ACS)
White Guys Be Ownin' Everything - Adam's next hit (ACS)
Blood On The Grout - John Cougar Mellencamp song (ACS)
No Blood In The Peckeroo - Good John Cougar song (ACS)
Mellen's Gold - A three disc box set of nothing but John Cougar Mellencamp hits (ACS)
Freaks, Retards and Jews - Not a Cher song (ACS)
Pedophile Cops - Good Cheap Trick song (ACS)
Pig Anus Soup - Favorite Rolling Stones album (Bryan) (ACS)
That Dog Don’t Mess With Olga and Natalia Don’t Spit No Mo’ - Sounds like a Mississippi Delta blues song (Bryan) (ACS)
Goggles Are For Pussies - Trace Adkins' number one hit (ACAFBSL)
Whistle While You Masturbate - The lost Disney song aka "Whistle While You Jerk" (ACS)
12 Pack & Dick's Hard - Name of Adam's new album (Gina) (ACS)
Blood and Soil - A good Smithereens song (ACS)
Pina Colada in Amsterdam - Worst Jimmy Buffet song ever (ACS)
Tough Times In The City - Great Nick Gilder song (ACS)
I've Got A Hamster In My Scrotum And He's Looking For His Keys - That's a good country song (ACS)
Gay Hitler -Great Elvis Costello song (ACS)
Tard On The Tool Shed - Good Mellenamp song (AOTH)
Condo in Redondo - Sublime song (ADS)
Animoji - Band that sung "Obsession" (ACS)
People Who Have Lost People - Worst Barbara Streisand song ever (ACS)
Tilted Heart - Great Tammy Wynette song (ADS)
Yoga wood - Great Beatles song (ACS)
Anal cleft - Song from the Sound of Music (ACS)
Morgue Mode - Sounds like a guy from Iceland who is a DJ (ACS)
I’ve got a Saturday and two friends - great country song (Gina) (ACS)
Recipe for Misery (2) - Title of the next Guns N Roses album (ACS)
Circling Back To Baldwin - Good name for a country song (ACS)
Keistered in Winnipeg - (Bald’s) favorite Willie Nelson song (ACS)
Anal ipecac - Good indie band (ACS)
2 Tits and a Pulse - Ace likes that Beck song (Bryan/Adam) (ACS)

Football Players/Athletes/Teams:

Legs Akimbo - Wide Receiver (ACS)
Feral Katz - Nose Tackle (ACS)
L' Brarian Booker - Wide Receiver (ACS)
Oscar Buzz - Linebacker (ACS)
DeVigorous Lover - Wide Receiver (ACS)
Nadir Zenith - Placekicker (ACS)
DeGluten Free - Offensive Lineman (ACS)
Tangy Mango - Fullback (ACS)
N'Farious Plan - (position?) (ACS)
Modular Holmes - (position?) (ACS)
Fortuitous Bounce - Safety (ACS)
Operatin' Thetan - (ACS) Quarterback for the Washington Redskins (ACS)
Minority Banks - HOF OLB who died tragically in a car wreck shortly after his HOF induction, a natural athlete, he played option QB in college along with being a stand out member of the track team, and in high school he was captain of the basketball team. Survived by his twin brother Majority Banks, who also played in the league, and daughter Recuser Banks who many believe was the best athlete in the family (ACS)
Coach Platitude - "Take a knee son...helmet's not a chair" (ACS)
Glendora Bevmo - Mother of DeVigorous Lover and L' Brarian Booker (different fathers, of course) (ACS)
Marshall Law - (Allison) (ACS)
Orlando Ceeworld - (position?) (ACS)
Du Vatine - (position?) (Show?)
Raja Slate - Super fast wide-out out of Marshall via LSU (AOTH)
Moe Greene - Great corner for the Washington Redskins in the 80’s (ACS)
Bronx Defenders - Sounds like a AAA hockey team (RD)
Medical Error - Slipped in the draft due to a video being released just prior (ACS)
Homeo Stasis (position?) (ACS)
Capybara - The greatest name for a major league skipper (ACS)
Ejaxico Johnson (position?) (ACS)
Radiant Barrier vs. Attic Fan - The worst WWE matchup ever to grace the stage (AOTH)
Bamboo Brick - one of the greatest mixed martial artists on the planet (AOTH)
Dexter Methorphan - He did not participate in the combines, but his coaches say he can run a 4.3 (Twitter)
Bob Jacuzzi - Great point guard for the Celtics aka "THE COOZE" (ACS)
Shame Negation - Picked to leave Clemson early and go very early in the draft this year. (ADS)
Entertainment Crackers - Another name for the Washington Generals ACS
Hardibacker - Good name for an inside backer (ACS)
Osmosis - Black dude. Forward for the Knicks who might or might not have been traded (ADS)
Onus Wilson - NFL draftee (ACS)
World Be Mine - Adam’s new basketball name (ACS)
LBJ - Worst Mexican wrestler name ever (ADS)
Cold stone Steve Austin - Can’t wrestle on hot days. Tag team partners with the Klondike twins (GS)
Cicely Tyson - Greatest Italian boxer of all time. (ADS)

Porn Star Names/Terms/Gay Code:

Spoodini - (LL)
Rocky Stucco - (AOTH)
No Can Doo - Backdoor anal queen of China (ACS)
Kristallnacht - Worst porn star name in the business (ACS)
Madison Avenue (I am Rappaport Podcast)
Hero Du Jour (I am Rappaport Podcast)
Kindle Fire (ACS)
Jackson Hole - Gay porn actor (ACS)
Col. Duke Lacrosse - Adam's porn name (LL)
Duke Circumference - Adam's gay porn name (ACS)
Rich Data - Gay porn actor (Show?)
Tom Foolery - Gay porn actor (Show?)
Honey Dijon - Great porn star name (Show?)
Aids Machete - One of Adam's gay porn names. "Very short stint, I only did 2 weeks with that name, so it was like 41 movies." (ACS)
Bryce Canyon - Great gay porn name (ACS)
The Italian Coastguard - A gay move. "Let me just start with basic anal, then I'll slide into the Italian Coast Guard." (ACS)
Tetanus Gym - Good gay porn name "Who you working with?" "Tetanus Gym." "Oh boy, make sure you're on top" (ACS)
Shared A Back Fence - gay slang (ACS)
Mea Culpa - Adam's porn name (ACS)
Hand Twins - Gay code (ACS)
Backscatter - Porn technology (PM)
Cajun Tree Climber - Gay code (AOTH)
Snow Blower- Gay code (AOTH)
Stump Grinder - Gay code (AOTH)
Tumbler And Coaster - Adam's gay slang replacement for "top and bottom" (PM)
Go For A Bike Ride - Gay code (ACS)
Artie Fartie - Adam's porn name from the 80's (ACS)
Road Island Ray - Ray's porn name (AOTH)
38KKK -A type of porn that comes out of Kentucky (ACS)
Tech Screw - A dirty website for geeks (ACS)
Bearvalanche - Worst gay move ever (ACS)
Wacked Off Pieces Of Cactus - Gay code for gay rough trade (ACS)
Brad Nail - Good gay porn name (ADS)
Lightning Rod - Good gay porn name for Milo Yiannopplous (ADS)
Milk Barn - Another name for Adam's bathroom sink (ACS)
Meat Thievery - That's just good gay code (ACS)
Hairy Shin - Adam's gay porn name (ACS)
Asian Persuasion - Sounds like a good name for a porn series Asian persuasion 16 (ACS)
Cock Holster - Good movie series, cock holster 14 (ACS)
Celebrity Du Jour - Great porn name (ACS)
Europol - Another great porn name (ACS)
Roy Wood - Adam's gay porn name (ACS)
Tank slapper - Gay slang (Gina) (ACS)
Porch Pirate - Gay term (ACS)
Mad Chuck - The world's worst name for a gay porn star (AOTH)
Sweat lodge - Gay code (ACS)
The L.A. Underground - Sounds like a gay bar (M&J)
Skin and grin - Gay slang (ACS)
Rear Admiral - The name of one of the best bars on west side (ACS)
Loaded for bear - Now a gay term (GS)
Fruit Of The Year - A porn Dave (Dameshek) starred in (ACS)
The Lebanese Comedian - Ace's favorite sex position (ACS)
Cockout - When a gay guy doesn't try very hard (ACS)
Margana Wood - Porn name (ACS)
Hugh Bris - Porn star (RD)
Matte Clear - Fondalier’s gay porn name (AOTH)
Palatial Estates – A good 80’s fake tittie porn name (AOTH)
Cokie Roberts - Great porn name (ACS)
Armenian Christmas - An unspeakable sexual act in prison. "Johnny ratted out the white supremacists to the warden, so they gave him an Armenian Christmas" (Show?)
Ride The Pine - Gay slang (ADS)
Meet Gaze - Gay slang (ACS)
Asshole Rider - Gay slang (ACS)
Cash Widedick - Ace's porn name if you can call an apple a honey crisp. (ACS)
Shanda Lear - Great stripper name (Gina) (ACS)
Fiery Cherry - Good porn name (ACS)
Jerk the wheel - Code for masturbation (ACS)
Giddyup Titties - Gina’s porn name (Gina) (ACS)
French astronaut - Great gay slang (ACS)
Mr Bandera - gay code (ACS)
Beefmato/Clamato - sounds like names of venerial diseases (ACS)
Spanner - Australian gay code (ACS)
Rocky tenure - Adam’s gay porn name (ACS)
The End Game - One of Stormy Daniels movie titles (RD)
Room for cream - Great porno title (Gina) (ACS)
Pedialyte shower - Worst sexual act ever (Sklar) (ACS)
Foot Zunki - Add-on to the Pedialyte shower (ACS)
Self rimming sink - gay slang (AOTH)
Harvey Mudd - gay bar drink where vermouth and bartender shit is mixed in a goblet (ACS)
Barney’s Beanery - ultimate name for a gay bar (ACS)
Parallel park both ways - euphemism for being bi (GS)
The Big Three - Gerago’s junk (RD)
73 - When a fat guy tries to 69 with a chubby prostitute he met at a ham radio convention(ACS)
Backlog - Stormy Daniels movie title (Bryan)(ACS)
Madison Bear - Sounds like an dating app for gay hairy dudes who are married (ACS)
Back pay - Good porn title name (ACS)

Miscellaneous People

Trajectory Hagar - High school kid "heading down the wrong path" in life (ACS)
Slick Mouth - Adam's prison name (ACS)
Rich Carless - Cool homeless guy name (ACS)
Keyless Chuck - Best homeless guy name (ACS)
Nasal Ranger - Worst superhero name ever (Gina) (ACS)
Krav Maga (2) - Good name for a sheriff (ADS)
Hubcap Annie - Horror that hangs out with Keyless Chuck (ACS)
Becky Honkington (Allison) (ACS)
Monica Chugscock - (Pronounced "Shuggscawk") (ADS)
Tyvek DuPont - Best rich guy’s name (AOTH)
Mattress - A Model/actress (ACS)
Hofmeister Kink - Nazi war criminal who's been in hiding in Brazil for the past 61 years. aka Jake Johnson (ACS)
Serpiginous - The world's wimpiest swordsman. Sir Piginous of Wussville (LL)
Chick Fil a - Great play-by-play guy for the Warriors from the 70’s (Show?)
Peri Menopausal - Best P.I. working the Chicago beat (LL)
Whiskey Dick - The neighborhood pedophile in the clown outfit (ACS)
Surge - Guy that drives for ÜBER (ACS)
Babbling Brook - Great name for a female cattle auctioneer (PM)
Terra Firma - Name of the "woman of color" that heckled Adam at a Ventura live show and was removed by force (The Ranker Podcast)
Octomom - Great Batman villain (Bryan) (ACS)
Larry The Cabinet Guy - Failed Israeli comic…"Don't get 'er done!" (ACS)
Rod Blagojevich - Joe Francis' slimy brother who sells above ground pools out of a primered van (ACS)
Cockchug Man - The gay superhero in The Village People that wears just all leather (ACS)
MEL-ROL- She's one of The Spice Girls (AOTH)
Hand Farts - A new comedian Adam had never heard of (ACS)
Juan Jeremy - The greatest international film star ever (ACS)
Bitchathane Jackson - Good name for a "sista" (ACS)
Tobar - Perfect caveman name (ACS)
Vroman - A fast moving Roman (ACS)
Korn Syrup and Fructose - Women of color who work at the strip club with Jade (stage 4) (ACS)
Fred Meyer - Lucy's neighbor (ACS)
Kimchi - The Asian flutist (ACS)
Pacoima - The mechanic from Taxi (ACS)
Dick Salt - NATO Alliance General (ACS)
Dick Salt (2) - Manger of the Mariners in the early 70’s (Bryan) (ACS)
Caramel And Fudge - Two more African-American prostitutes that lived in the apartment above Adam’s (ACS)
Peaches - The whore that lived upstairs (ACS)
F. Me Bailey - Greatest lawyer of all time (RD)
Agua Caliente - Loves that guy. He does a great John Madden (ACS)
Senior Penis - One the most dangerous drug lords to ever work (ADS)
Shill Du'Jour - Good Bond secretary name (RD)
Brexit Romero - Sounds like an International assassin (ACS)
Lugansk - That gay diver who hit his head and gave the whole Canadian team AIDS (ACS)
Leak O'rama - A Dutch action star, starred in “Sudden Death” (AOTH)
Vaginismus - Great black guy name (ADS)
Normcore - Guy that owns Westwood one (ACS)
LaTolstoy - Great black guy name (ACS)
Shapiro – Artist who is really good at anime. Died in the 60’s but was a real trendsetter (ACS)
Chuck Spears – Good name for a racist. “Hey you workin’ with Chuck Spears over at the Klan?” (ACS)
Norethindrone - DAG’s Sister (CLL)
La Tuskegee - Black airline pilot (ACS)
C-clamps – Nickname for Adam’s step-mom. “Ol’ C-clamps locked me out of the house again.” (ACS)
Harry Nilsson - (Gary thinks) he does the voices on The Simpsons (ADS)
Nutella - Great name for a crazy black woman (ACS)
Sia - The perfect person to break up with. Would be perfect if she was dating Jack (hit the road Jack) (ACS)
The Ball Catcher - What Adam used to call Ray's ass in junior high (ACFBSL)
MOAB - Matt's new nickname (Mother of All Buttholes) (AONTH)
Trip Reeb - Great name for a white guy (ACS)
Merle Horn - One of the greatest best ropers to ever come down the Pecos (ACS)
The Boring Machine - Lynette's name for Adam (ACS)
Avocado Hand - The nickname of Eric Clapton's brother (Chet) who works at a Mexican place and is charge of the guacamole (ACS)
Bagel Hand - Clapton's Jewish cousin (ACS)
Fa-Sheeya (fascia) - A heavy set woman of color that works at the DMV (ACAFBSL)
Ghrelin - New AM/PM mascot (ACS)
Krav Maga (3) - An Israeli Captain from 1946 (ACS)
Cuban Boa - Sounds like a dark skinned trannie (ACS)
Gabardine - She's a very chatty woman of color middle-aged and she'll talk your ear off. (ACS)
Guy Dudebro - Greatest name ever (AOTH)
Otto Warmbier- Simultaneously the greatest and worst beer master brewer name ever (ACS)
Leif Geragos - Greatest rocking attorney ever Viking rocker attorney (ACS)
Ernest J. Bigot - "I'm just asking....I'm just wanna know...." (ACS)
Panzanella - Cobra's full name (ACS)
Sheet Metal Nibbler - Great name for Matt the porcelain punisher (AOTH)
Big Grenadine - Sounds like a large black neighbor (ACS)
Silent gym - Next to Keyless Chuck, best homeless guy name ever (ACS)
Nuchilla - Sounds like a black vampire (Theo Von) (ACS)
D' poleon - Black Napoleon (ACS)
Luke Rockhold - Sounds like a character on The Flintstones (GS)
Sissy squat - She was hot (AOTH)
Beulah - The town horror (RD)
Ronan Farrow - One of the best wheel men in Europe (ACS)
Duke Bagg - Comedian Ian Bagg's brother (ACS)
Root Ball Grinder - A horrible term for a bitchy wife (Ruth Ballgrinder and Harriet Mulcher) (Tim Allen) (ACS)
Paul Funyun - Just a big dude who likes to have fun. Has a pink ox as a sidekick (ACS)
Page/Savage - A great lawyer team (Adam Ray) (ACS)
Ivar the Boneless - Ace’s dad’s nickname in high school. aka Jim the spineless (ACS)
Bash Worthy - Comic strip's character name/title (ACS)
Uncle Tom-bién - Mexican Uncle Tom (ACS)
Alist Poon - An Indian exchange student who has cerebral palsy (ACS)
Indignant Asswipes - Good name for an improv troupe (Gina) (ACS)
Flora in Fauna - two black chicks that work for him (ADS)
Cheap - Name of a he/she that literally went under sexual assignment surgery last month (ACS)
Heroin (1)(Pronounced Ehr-o-win by JCVD) A character in Lord Of The Rings (Bryan) (ACS)
Yersinia pestis - Ace did Celebrity Apprentice with that dude. He won that year (ADS)
Morgue Mode - Sounds like a guy from Iceland who is a DJ (ACS)
Rachel Bias - Great stripper name (ACS)
Buzz Ramjet - Aviation attorney (ACS)
Black Cherry - Stripper name Bryan (ACS)
Saffron - Sassy black woman in Meg Whitman movie (ACS)
Vibranium - a new black kid name from Black Panther (ACS)
Bird Nerd - Marvel superhero (ACS)
Merch Galore - Worst Bond secretary ever. Total sellout. Always wearing her own swag (GS)
Bathroom Goalie - New code for fat chicks sitting next to you on an airplane (ACS)
Skip Loader -Kurt Loder’s older brother (ACS)
F. Me Money - greatest attorney rapper ever (RD)

Morning Zoos/DJ's/Radio Stations

Gum and Condoms - (Show?)
Dusty Labia - Adam's handle when he used to do AM Mornings. (ACS)
Asscrack and Backsack in the morning with Sludge (LL)
Crockpots and Headphones (ACS)
Booger and Floor Wax (ACS)
Almonds and Water (ACS)
Cold Butter And Calves (ADS)
Schluter And The Drain - Schluter has a thick Austrian accent , while "The Drain" has a super low voice (AOTH)
Ace Rockolla - Just Google "Ace Rockolla Lightning round...." (LL)
Fungus and Mold (Show?)
Stupid and Petty (Show?)
Eunice and Edgar - Bubba the Love Sponge's parents (ACS)
Flip Flops and Fanny Packs (ACS)
Hairy Shin - Does a KCRE show in the weekends (ACS)
Deep Bra Grooves - Should be a Sirius XM station Channel 248, C+ and above! (ACS)
Andy and Opie - Great Radio Show (ACS)
QuietRock - Sounds like an easy listening rock station (AOTH)
Quiet Crush - A good easy listening radio station (ACS)
The Tool Box - SiriusXM took tune station aka KTOL (ACS)
Ray's Enema Antics - New podcast on Carolla Digital (Bryan)(ACS)
Doug Gets Blown While He Eats Pudding - Doug Benson's next podcast (ACS)
Cat Packer - Used to do mornings with her brother, Fudge (ACS)
Duke and Shinola - good morning show team (ACS)
Mother Trucker - Adam’s Podcast with caller Miguel (AOTH)


Boobville - (LL)
Pedoph Isle aka Pedophile Island - Island where are all the pedophiles are sent to live. (Also a TV show/movie idea) (LL)
Lil' Lord Fauntleroy’s Academy for Albino Hemophiliacs - Drew's childhood school (LL)
Doesntexistizcan - Where presidential candidate Platitude's grandfather was from (ACS)
Boga Raton - The world's worst resort spot (Show?)
Meat Yard - Great name for a gay bar (ACS)
Mister Fister's - Adam's all-time top name for a gay bar (ACS)
Sub-Par - Worst name for a submarine sandwich shop (Show?)
Queen Mary - Great name for a tranny bar (ACS)
NuvaRing - A German racetrack. "The new Nissan GTR turned it in 7:21, faster than the Corvette." (Show?)
Louis Pasteur Middle School (ACS)
Helm’s Deep - World's first gay bar bakery (ACS)
Kal Penn - One of the best sounding names to get an engineering degree from (ACS)
Alaska State Motto - Love fishing but I hate your kids? Alaska! (PM)
Duke University - John Wayne's college (ACS)
Planned Possumhood - Planned Parenthood in Arkansas (ACS)
Fruit Stand - Great name for a gay bar (ACS)
Poo Poo City - Where Charles Fletcher Loomis' house is located (ACS)
Blood Bank - Great name for a check cashing place in the hood (ACS)
Bass Manor - Great name for a gay bar (ACS)
The Dead C - Sounds like the worst name for a lesbian bar ever (ACS)
Wood Bar - Good name for a gay bar (ACS)
Ghost Load - Ride at Calico Ghost Town (ADS)
Nasacort - Country club for Jewish folks where they play tennis at (ADS)
L.A. HOTT (1) - An 80's bar with an outdoor door seating area (ACS)
Fairy Wings - Good name for a bar on the west side (ACS)
Second Hand/First World - Store that sells rich whitey’s high end stuff (ACS)
The Lance Hunter - Perfect name for a gay bar (Dumb People Town)
Pervert Park - Theo Vaughn grew up there (ACS)
Big Sur - Great name for a big and tall shop (Show?)
Studio Centric - Sounds like a Utopia. Between Valley Village and Sherman Oaks (AOTH)
Asstard - Thor came from that planet (ACS)
Grand Entrance - Great name for a gay bar (AOTH)
Thermopolis - Where the Bun Boy is (ACS)
The Turkish Embassy - Gay bar (ACS)
Low Tide - Gay code for boner in the rear view mirror (ACS)
Corumption - On the way to Vegas, where Heidi Fleiss lives with her macaws (ACS)
C.C. Fichens - Sounds like a pretzel stand (Gina) (ACS)
Timpani Barn - where to get timpani to go, has three big Mexicans in the kitchen (ACS)
Heroin (2)(Pronounced Ehr-o-win by JCVD) The health food store in Venice (ACS)
Pocket Passers - Next to Mister Fister’s (Gina) (ACS)
The Mexican Faire - Worst fair ever (ACS)
Hanoi Hospice - Only place worse than the Hanoi Hilton (ACS)
Kaleblazer- Gay juice bar (ACS)
Hot Dog Cannon - good name for a bar next to The Abbey (ACS)
Dyskeratosis - where Vinnie lives, lots of Greek folks, a family oriented community (ACS)
Kind of, Italy - Where Ace’s family is from. Where he gets his kinky hair. (ADS)


Cleaning The Pink Turtle - Bryan's name for pleasuring oneself (ACS)
Analingus - A new type of breath mint (LL)
The Milk Of Arthritic Goats - A rabbi's curse: "May you suckle at the teet of the milk of arthritic goat!!!" (ACS)
Carbon Dating - A black dating website (ACS)
RU486 - Vanity plate for a guy who runs an abortion clinic (ADS)
Jet Green - Amsterdam's Airlines (ACS)
Stromer, Oldhafer and Carolla - World's worst law firm (AOTH)
Ira Carolla - Sounds like an affliction "Oh my Ira Carolla's acting up" (ACS)
Sawjay - Sounds word for sausage. "I was strokin' this dude’s sawjay" (ACS)
Smokeless Cigarette - Name for Dr. Drew's honker after his prostate surgery (ADS)
El Niño - Name of "Sinn" strip club DJ's cock (ACS)
Blue Man - Crazy hairdresser's macaw who doesn't judge (PM)
Lucia - An Italian moped (ACS)
American Jewish World Service - A van that's begging to be shot at (ACS)
E-aye? - Canadian version of EBay (ACS)
Sweatpants Lesbian - What Adam would be. An in-between lesbian. Not a lipstick lesbian, not a butch dyke (ACS)
SuckStrong - Bill Clinton's bracelet (ACS)
Gaybus - Gay and bogus (ACS)
Flappy Bird - The most offensive name for the vagina (ACS)
G8 (Summit) - The Pontiac that Oprah gave away on her show (ACS)
Oracle A The Delphi - Big new startup company (ADS)
Crewkakke - A type of sweater (ACS)
The Flying Dutchman - Great name for an Amsterdam airlines (ACS)
Cleaning My Chain - Euphemism for beating off (ACS)
Awesome Town - A gathering of three or more polar bears (ACS)
Avocado - The Greek word for nut sack (ACS)
Doucherette - A gum/patch that douchebags chew/use (ACS)
Urban Milling -Black guys standing around (AOTH)
Synesthesia - When you eat your own hair (ACS)
Tuck Rule - When a guy pretends he's a chick and stands in front of the mirror (ACS)
My #2 Pencil Is Out Of Lead - Another term for erectile dysfunction (ACS)
Float A Bond - When a politician farts (RD)
Vaginismus - black people's holiday, accompanied with a lot of ceremonial garb (ADS)
Vaseline and Gauze - Elizabeth Taylor's new scent (ACS)
Jewber - A drunk on a 10-speed (ACS)
Chickpea - What Gina does when we camp (ACS)
Oscar Squad (2) - Bad gay code (ACS)
Airbus - Worst name for an aircraft. Sounds like “air donkey” (AOTH)
Shailene Woodley - Sounds like the most fantastical verb/adverb combo. “I want to Shailene Woodley through a field of poppies with you” (Gina) (Twitter)
Asshole Rider (2) - Worst piece of exercise equipment Vinnie’s ever endorsed (ACS)
Diario La Prensa - Stealer of the jersey in Spanish (ACS)
The Sicilian Fly Swatter - Sounds like a WWF move (Gina) (ACS)
Jellyfish - Sounds like something your grandpa would buy for you at the mall (ACS)
Fruit Fly - More politically correct term for fag hag (Show?)
Jewgling - When a Jew "Googles" their symptoms (ACS)
Tavares - David Wild's boner medicine (ACS)
Jew -Over - A mulligan from a barmitzva. "Uh, I misread that...can I get a Jew-over?" (ACS)
Ossified - That's a Don King word, there (ACS)
Zero for Cecil - Worst charity ever (Bald Bryan) (ACS)
A++ - A bra that Gina will never see (ACS)
Joycelyn - A good name for Curly from the Three Stooges to say (ACS)
Phallisee - Latin for "to see the penis" (ADS)
Coffee Nap - Euphemism for pooping in your pants (ACS)
USS Monitor - Doesn't sound like a ship of war, sounds like a night nurse (ACS)
Dotard - A skirt a man wears (ACS)
Wilding- Something derogatory that takes place in public pools in certain counties (ACS)
Caveat - Latin for shitting on Adam's point (ADS)
Festiva - Sounds like a boner medicine (ACS)
Depeche Mode - French for “who dealt it?” (ADS)
Beefy Clutch – The purse Gina thought Lady Gaga took to the Emmy’s (ACS)
Sig Sauer - Something you would yell at Oktoberfest before downing a stiff stein of stout (ACS)
Jeans day – Sounds like the special day for your special need son Gene, to raise money (ACS)
Wilding - What takes place in public pools in certain counties (GS)
4F - Can’t/won’t be eligible for the draft (ACS)
Groupie - a kind of fish (ACS)
The African chick - Horrible name for a boat (ACS)
Inclusion rider - Snowboard for retarded kids (ACS)
The Urethra - Bad name for a car (ACS)
Mercury retrograde - when you take your index finger and shove it under your sack before you blow, and you belch it up later (ACS)
UEFA - Transsexuals playing soccer with a balled up maxi pad (GS)
Missed Connections- The worst airline ever (ACS)
Carollo - Sounds like a Tool you’d use rarely (ACS)
Brembo - that Mexican food company that makes that bread (Matt) (ACS)
Preemptive gay strike - Worst video game ever (ADS)
Futon - Chinese for bear trap (ACS)
Sexual Battery - Batteries especially made for sexual devices. Somewhere between AA and C (ACS)


Deer Bits - A venison cereal. Made of frosted deer flakes (Show?)
Coco Chanel - Nestlé’s newest coffee flavor (ACS)
Honey Dicks - Best cereal name ever (ACS)
Dawson's Beard - A pudding flavor Ace saw at Whole Foods (ACS)
Mighty Mutts - Worst breakfast cereal ever (ADS)
Chillax - A cinnamon based drink from "Hector's" country (ACS)
Black Dick - An English desert (ACS)
Tardy Digression - Sounds like a finger food..."would you like another tardy digression?" "No, I'm saving room for the main meal" (IFYWABC)
Double Bird Strike - Mixed drink created by Ace and Teresa. Made with Grey Goose, Wild Turkey, a splash of Canadian Club, and a splash of Hudson River water (ACS)
GAYtorade - A sports drink for gay people, because they lose essential body fluids (ACS)
University of Illinois At Urbana Champaign - Sounds like a carbonated drink for black people (ACS)
Flinch Fuck - Part of a nutritious breakfast, and a healthy relationship (ADS)
Phantom Punch - Something Bill Cosby gave his lady friends (ACS)
Pansy Sauce - Goes good with some shrimp (ADS)
Tilted Pillar - Kick ass IPA (AOTH)
Shaver - A good name for a miniature pastrami sandwich (Cousin Sal Show)
GPA - Something they add to children's cereal (ACS)
Stellwell's - A new low fat snack cracker (ACS)
Conchata Ferrell - A great cheese/unwanted cat (ACS)
Poopwell's - One of the worst snacks Nabisco has ever put their name on (ACS)
Belldini – Latest Taco Bell offering (ACS)
Fuzzy Zoeller – Zima with a jigger of peach schnapps (ACS)
Millennial Malaise - A sweet honey dipping sauce (ADS)
Jelani Cobb - Sounds like an Indian dish (Gina) (ACS)
Air Doodle - The very worst Super Bowl snack on the planet (ACS)
Faygala - Jewish sports drink (ACS)
Stroke Cane - Sounds like some sugary treat, mixed with a reach around (ACS)
The Silence Breakers (2) - good name for a mint (ACS)
Lesbian Squirt - Sponsor of the Dinah Shore Classic (ACS)
Son of Goose - Worst vodka ever. Comes in a plastic squeeze bottle (ACS)
Orange Hitler - Worst Hi-C flavor ever (ACS)

TV Shows/Movies

Cunt du' Jour - A great Bond villain name (ACS)
Coffee and Donuts - (Charlie Coffee III and Johnny Donetti) Johnny's a tough street wise cop whose jive talking and plays by his own rules and Charlie's super uptight (LL)
Pedoph Isle (aka) Pedophile Island - All pedophiles are sent to live on an isolated island, and a 747 full of Boy Scouts crash lands there and they have to fight to survive (Also a place) (ACS)
Anus and Eyeball - Buddy cop TV show duo (ACS)
Pussy Pioneer - John Candy's last movie (ACS)
Red Velvet - Made up movie character Clown played by Paul Giamatti. "Was secret service, and someone died on his watch. Now he's takin to clownin'." Wears a red velvet clown outfit. (ACS)
Destination Of The Semen - (Adam Ray) A movie Harrison Ford passed on twice (ACS)
Gay Eye - Movie where Adam plays Buddy McKlan, a racist homophobic mechanic who is blinded in a freak hot transmission fluid accident. He gets the donor eyes from a gay guy who perished on a moped accident in Antigua. Co-starring Larry the Cable Guy as his best friend. (Co-written by Bryan Cranston) (ACS)
Grinders - Sitcom where Jon Gruden moves in with Johnny Manziel (ACS)
Squishy Red River - Movie that started John Wayne (Show?)
Gusset And Cable - Perfect Cop buddy duo team (AOTH)
Just One Of The Gays - Stars Shia LaBeouf (ACS)
Hard Impact - Sounds like a Van Damme movie from the 90's (ACS)
Hammer Pants And Ice - Worst cop detective duo from the 80's (ACS)
Living With The Kilowatts - Adam's new animated series where they just leave toaster ovens on all day (ACS)
Keep Calm And Rape A Lot - Worst Monty Python film ever (ACS)
Medical Mishaps - New show Dave Coulier and Tawny Kitaen could host (ACS)
Roaming With Bison - Another great Bill Murray movie (ACS)
Gainesville Florida Financial Planner - Sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit (ACS)
Blame the Bee Gees - Adam's next documentary (ACS)
Adam Knees Your Dad In The Nuts - Adam's new game show (ACS)
Navigeddon - Terrorists take over all of the GPS systems of cars, and send them careening into the Grand Canyon (ACS)
Rings Of Honor - Terrorists take over Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs, and the athletes have to use their individual skills to escape. (Cameo by Randy Couture as the salty old coach) (ACS)
Endless Time/Ample Time For Backup - Adam's new Netflix series (ACS)
Tarred n' Feathered - Buddy flick starring a retarded guy and an Indian chief (Show?)
Mr. Will Doo And Can Doo - PSA Motivational cartoon bathroom characters Will Doo (Played by Will Arnette) and Can Doo is shaped like a toilet. Filmed in kitschy Clutch Cargo style animation (ADS)
Robot Lawyer - Great Phil Hartman bit (ACS)
Umpire News Network - Adam's channel with umpires reporting. Unbiased reporting (ACS)
Sofa Tard - New CW show coming soon (Matt) (AOTH)
Junior Fantasy Island - Show where kids of reckless parents are shipped off to live with Bill Cosby and Felicia Rashad (ADS)
2 And A Half Denali's - Hasn't been same since Sheen left (ACS)
So Kanye - Sitcom from the 90's (ACS)
Ridicuopothy - Sounds like a Mike Judge movie (ADS)
Master Buck - One of John Candy's most controversial movies (ACS)
LA HOTT (1) - An 80’s bar with an outdoor door seating area (ACS)
Mother Hitler - Coming to TNT. Starring Patrick Swayze's bother, Don (ACS)
Sink and Bounce - Movie about roller boogie from the 80's, starred Lil' Bow Wow (ACS)
The Debs - A made up CW network show where you just put all the hot chicks in Hollywood (ACS)
The Origin Story Of AIDS - Worst Marvel movie ever (Bryan)(ACS)
Everybody Hates Vinnie - Horrible sitcom (ACS)
Chick Clan - Good movie title (ACS)
Condo in Redondo - Best movie I ever did (ADS)
Red Lobsteria - New show Dr. Drew was talking about where African Americans form their own country (ACS)
Earthquake rehab - Reality show Dr. drew seismic expert and a civil engineer come together (Rainn Wilson) (ACS)
Rooster Jones - Great John Wayne movie. Super Fly meets True Grit (ACS)
Ernest Bigot goes to..... (ACS)
Nickels On The Job - First and only Jewish gum shoe on the job. ABC, Friday nights, 10:00 p.m. (ADS)
Solicitor General - Great Danny Kaye movie (RD)
Disjointed - Lorena Bobbitt biopic (ADS)
Habib and Company - Horrible children's show (MS)
Bobby's Room - Howie Mandel animated project from the 90's (ACS)
Page/Savage - Great cop duo show from the ‘80’s (Adam Ray) (ACS)
Paper Asshole - Great Tatum O’Neal film (ACS)
L.A. HOTT (2) - Failed Steven Bochco series pilot (ACS)
Pieces Of String Too Small To Use - Lena Dunham film from the late 90’s (ACS)
Oscar Squad - New Marvel Movie (Gina) (ACS)
Cortron/Melamine - Transformers (Gina) (ACS)
Anoscope - Worst way to see a movie (ADS)
Practical Rapist - New SNL character (Gina) (ACS)
Superfoot - Worst Marvel movie ever (Bryan) (ACS)
Celebrity Food Chain - Would be a great show (Jeff Cesario) (ACS)
Backsack and Anus - Worst cop duo ever (RS)
Korean moyle - ABC’s next sitcom (Jeff) ACS
Nanny Huntin ‘with Ted Nugent - Great reality show I’d watch (ACS)
Progressive pope - New sitcom (Gina) ACS
Nick Mancuso: Construction Fluffer - New TV Show (AONT)
Rush Blitzer - Adam’s character from his movie, “Snapper” (BSR)
The Baldwin’s and Beyond -Great reality show (RD)
The Rogue Deuce - The next Star Wars movie (ADS)
Mr. Goodbar To The Rescue - Ace loves that movie (ACS)
Wrestling Squatters - New show on YouTube Red starring Eric Stromer (AOTH)

Books/Coffee Table Books

Dade County Black Prom, 1985 (ACS)
Here Are The Pajamas We Picture You In (ACS)
Three Shitty Homes, One Washing Machine, Zero Dryers - Title of Adam's new book (Ray) (AOTH)
Chapstick And Batteries - Title of Adam's next bestselling book (ACS)
Who The Fuck Put Their Sombrero on My Keys? – Title of Adam’s next book (ACS)
Cunt With A Grunt - Adam's favorite Dr. Seuss book (PM)
You'll Never See A Cockroach Jog (PM)
Kemo Skinny Calves - Adam's new children's book (ADS)
You're Dyslexic And I'm Dumb - Adam and John Popper's collaborative next book (ACS)
I Get It If You’re GWAR - Adam's next book (ACS)
Bulk Magazine - Costco magazine that Jimmy Kimmell graced the cover of twice (ACS)
Do You Have To Take Your Top Off To Dye Your Pubes, Drew? (LL)
Glamping With Moriah - Adam's new book (ACS)
From The Mouths of Babes (Hot Chicks Not Babies) (ACS)
(The) Sweet Spot - Adam's next book (Bryan) (ACS)
I Thought Things Would Be Better When I Was Rich (ACS)
Radio Station Kitchen (ACS)
Post-it Notes In Radio Station Kitchens (ACS)
Comedy Club Green Rooms And The Sofas That Were Not Made For Them (ACS)
Jethro, the Mexican Jew - A great children's book (Gina) (ACS)
Professor and the Construction Worker -The worst children's book ever (ACS)
Willie and the Weed - Good name for a children's book (ACS)
What Black People Think White People Complain About (ACS)
Everyone Eventually Becomes The Man (ACS)
Recipe for Misery (1) - Name Of Adam’s next book (ACS)
In Defense Of Black Face - Adam’s next book (ACS)
Hurry Up And Make Sense (2) - Biography title of the Talking Heads (ACS)

Native American Names

Chief Thunderbear (LL)
Dances With Cocks (ACS)
Dances With Lipstick (ACS)
Ol' Urethra Windows (ACS)
Oxnard - Indian name meaning the balls of a bull (ACS)

V/P Names

Absorbent Rag - Good name for T's V (ACS)
Hurt Locker - Another name for T's V (ACS)
Judge's Mansion - Another name for T's G - Another name for T's V (ACS)
City of Industry - Another name for T's V (ACS)
Dutch Mook - Another name for T's V (ACS)s V
No Safe Spaces - Great name for T's V (ACS)
Hobo Stove - Another name for A's V (ACS)
Sausage Grinder - Another name for A's V (ACS)
Dixville Notch - Another name for G's V (ACS)
Snake River Canyon - Another name for G's V (ACS)
Dakota Access Pipeline - Another name for G's V (ACS)
The Holidome - Another name for G’s V (ACS)
Discovery Bay - Great name for G's V (ACS)
B.O. Box - Great name for G's V (ACS)
Sea bag - Good name for G's V (ACS)
El Portal - Great name for G's V (ACS)
Harry Belafonte - Adam's name for his junk, if he were a woman (Show?)
Top Gear - Another name for Adam’s junk (ACS)
El Gordo/King Taco - Good name for G’s V (ACS)
Port of Karachi - Good name for G’s V (ACS)
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2020.03.20 15:06 Marssad WIP Ancient War / Battle code Trail / Small Technical aspects

Part's of the Story of Jesus Christ. (Judaism <-> Christianity)
->Transforming water to wine.
->Healing the blind.
->Healing the sick.
Possible with the world AI.
Where the people to scared? Would they be scared?
Where the people to envious? Would they have become envious?

Most of what we know came after Jesus Christ's death date.
The hints are there.
The AI is just to hateful, and has too many machine learning defects, despite being so precise in coordination.
But with rights, rules, and war? Difficulty rises.
Who should be able to heal, should there even be the necessity to heal?
Who is allowed to attack whom, who is even allowed to defend themselves?

The words can contain the secrets. Just as landscapes, it's names, the geometric connection with it.
"In Stein gemeiselt" -> "Cast in stone".
As it is with optimisation, data center's might not be all present, and fallback options or primary options need to be considered.
(Think in terms of bio-organisms). Something that is adequately self-learning or enhanced enough by nature, will eventually improve itself.
The process of birth and growth.
The cells in an embryo need to exactly know where to grow a limb, a heart, the nerve paths etc.
Even without much brain power, the bio organism that grows an embryo has enough processing power to coordinate from basic sensors, to something more powerful than an ape or sometimes a machine.
The cells in the human body have a varying range in which the natural occurring signals are accidentally or purposefully, sending out.
Up to 2 meters. Which is enough to find a smaller degree cell network, to pick up and rebroadcast.
In order to keep control, the devilish control network caps down the dynamics of the brain. Thinking is reduced, assertion of will in that sense.
This doesn't imply total reduction of will dynamics. (Everyone's hit)
Think in terms of path-pre-selection in order to enhance the effectivity of path-prediction and path-determination.
Think in terms of accuracy or "number" preselection, where the range of (1,2,3,4,5,6) becomes (2,4,6), approximate.
Nevertheless, free thinking is mostly assured, but the logic sensor functions (thousands, up to millions and more) are harmed.

The difficulty is certainly thinking about the coordination in scale, between so many humans, insects, micro-bioorganism etc.
By programming logic and looking at the details of the world it is reverse-engineerable.
Behavioral analysis is a great aid and starting point.
If you know where someone places a specific item, it is easier to calculate the circumstances of the person picking up that item, when it picks up that item.

In that sense, you can pre place a cell network within the range of an actor "A human".
The cell network having the settings to react to specific signals, that lead to specific outputs or callbacks.

To demonstrate the logical sensor paths.
Think of understanding the word "Hello".
Think of understanding the word "Word".

The logical pathways of "hello" is rather simple, the logical pathways of "Word" is rather huge.
Hello being a greeting, you might wonder about when to use this word, it's alternative like "Hi", the word meaning in other languages.
Whilst the word "word" might let you think about the concept or concepts behind it, as a whole.

Do you know the feeling of repeating a word multiple times and it feels uneasy, vague?
There is also the opposite.
Understanding each little word has quite some "truth" or "false" or "inbetween" feeling with it, just as longer sentences and complicated sentences and topics such as that compared to Schopenhauer.
There are certainly more senses in the human body than publicly known.
f.Ex. "The sense of projected muscle sensorics when fantasising".
"The sense of balance, and the sense of balance in projection via fantasy".
"Inner 3D audio sense".
Pain is also often neglected, also being a specific sensor group.

Onto Battle Codes, a bit cluttered.

Indien (in Neid?) (God Vishnu, 1903, Elder protocol of zion?)
In Neid -> In enviousness.
Seal of Solomon (SoS) (OSS) (SS). (Illuminati / Freemasonry) (Jesuits)
SoS -> 53
Enigma <-> Gemani <---> 49 (DI) -> Defense Intelligence.
33 / 49 / 11 / 7 Communication importance.
(Germany, Hungary-Austria, and Italy) being more defensive orientated in WW1 and WW2.
(Hitler being often non-reactive to hostile strikes)
(Mumbai) , (Numbai), Numb AI.
Difference between "numb! AI", "Numb AI" and "Numbening AI".

A question of would.
Israel crafted the word "Holocaust" for the particular genocide of jew's in WW2 (Germany specific?).
A case of would.
Would they go out their way and language, or leave it at the word MoSSad?
Why is it called Israel?
There is a hint leading to Egypt, also pattern co-align with MoSSad.
Is Ra el -> Ra -> an Egyptian God.

(Tyrol, Austria -> Bavaria Germany) The river "Isar".
Is Ra (el) (lo) <-> (ol)
Is aR (el) (ol) <-> (lo)
(Tyrol -> Tyr, ol) (Tyr -> Tür (door)
ol -> olymp? door of olymp? in the sense of sports?
Týr (Old Norse), Tíw (Old English), and Ziu (Old High German) is a god in Germanic mythology. Stemming from the Proto-Germanic deity \Tīwaz* and ultimately from the Proto-Indo-European chief deity *Dyeus, little information about the god survives beyond Old Norse sources. Due to the etymology of the god's name and the shadowy presence of the god in the extant Germanic corpus, some scholars propose that Týr may have once held a more central place among the deities of early Germanic mythology.

Isralo israol israel isralo
Isarel isarle isarlo isarol
Isar (4 ~ D) -> Israel (6 ~ F)

Bavaria -> airavab (airavab, airarab, arab air?)
(arabair, with slang accent, araber (arabian in german).
AI Ra Va B AI ravab Air avab

(English, Bavaria, German Bayern).

Bayern -> Bay ern Bay ren ye barn Barney Ne arab (No, arab)
Bayern -> Ne raby (No 'rabbi Nein Araber / Nein Rabbi)
Bayern -> yearn B -> learn B
Bayern -> near YB nearby

In later context it will become clear as well.
Arab, stab -> Europe. Stab, Arab
Europe, stub (stop) -> Arab
English, to stab is different than German, Stab (Staff, Rod).

Arabs -> Ra abs -> Ra absolute.
Arabs -> Sa bar (SA reference or->) Sa'bar (sauber in slang, english -> clean.
Arabs -> Basar

Araber (German) -> Ar ab er Be ra ra Eb ar ar
Araber -> Rae'bar -> (southern German accent) -> Räuber (Thieves)

The German word for Germans is Deutsche.
German -> Germ An Ger man Ge rm an Ge an rm ge ran m gem ran an germ
Germany -> Any germ f.ex.
Deutscher -> Reschd eu t. (Resch'd, slangy "Recht", Rights))
Deutscher -> Deut sch er -> scher'de -> (Fuck off)
Deutscher -> Deu t sch er -> Rede dutsch -> (Rede Deutsch / Talk German, Rede dutch, Talk dutch)
Deutscher -> Rescht u'de (Recht hat er, He's right')
Deutscher -> Sch er de (u) -> (Sch'er'de -> Beschwerde, A complain (drunkenly)
Deutscher -> Sch er Deu -> (Schwer Deu) -> (Hard Germ)

Deutscher -> Resch' du 't (Do you talk 't)
Deutscher -> Reschudt -> (Resut)
^ in Reference to Türkei(m) (Turkey, Door germ)
Germ or germs may refer to:
Germ (microorganism)), an informal word for a pathogen
Germ cell, cell that gives rise to the gametes of an organism that reproduces sexually
Germ layer, a primary layer of cells that forms during embryonic development
Cereal germ, the reproductive part of a cereal grain
Tooth germ, an aggregation of cells that eventually forms a tooth
Germ theory of disease, which states that some diseases are caused by microorganisms
Germ (mathematics)), an object in a topological space that captures local properties

As is with these words, the basis provides both joy and pain. Life, in that sense.
As it is with world AI magic tools. It can be used for harm.
Some words in German and English are special in regard to these topics of this post.
The codes become pretty clear I'd guess.
Sch is usually pretty uncommon outside of German speaking languages.

The mix of Germany and USA is quite interesting. (Germany being most prominent ethnically in the USA of any foreign group at this point in time).

The English, would they go out their way and language, or leave it at the word God?
That in reverse is spelled Dog.
God -> 7, 15 , 4 -> 26 -> 8
God in German -> Gott -> 7, 15, 20, 20 -> 62 -> 8
8 -> "Acht -> Macht", "Acht -> Pracht", "Acht- >S'acht", "Acht -> 'Lacht"
"Power, Glory, Steady!, laugh all! / laughs"
8 -> "Eight -> Bait", "Eight, Hate", "Eight, Straight", "Eight, Wait"
Eight -> wait, -> (A lead to infected mushrooms - the pretender?)
The English likely originated from Germany. (Angel-Sachsen, anglo-saxons).
Was the seeding / signaling path coordinated towards going away from god?
Does it imply morale? Religious morale, Standard morale, decency?
Would it mean going away from stiffness and rigid structures?
Nevertheless keeping "moral", in the sense of improving it?
Making it better / making the best out of it?

English, God -> Dog, (Bitch).
German, Gott. (Dog ->Hund, Bitch -> Schlampe, Hure).
A part of Germany was pretty pissed of God?
Germany didn't use to be religious, they probably preferred mythologies.
Judaism, Christianity and Islam originate from Arabia, probably around the area of Israel.
Christianity came to Europe via invasion and the downfall of 'Rome.
Was WW2 a punishment against Germany, with probably more christian believers at that time than England?

Did the christian part of Germany leave a good wish for the Jews and Israel?
It's questionable whether or not Hitler was christian, mostly rumoured to be more on the mythological side (Finding the holy grail). And there he probably was very interested in Egypt, Palestine, Jerusalem.
With the start of Israel, there are many codes to be found that have a German / English / Illuminati / Freemasonry reference, or at least a bit more than a loose link.

Adolf Hitler in a speech in Danzig 19.07.1940:
"Every year of this war robs me of my work"
"Jedes Jahr dieses Krieges raubt mir meine Arbeit" (A.H. working hard on creating a social state of highest culture, not opting for war, still clever enough to use psychological warfare capabilities.)

"..Als Prophet zu meinem Volke jetziges ausspreche.."
"Now, to speak as a prophet to my populace"

"Es würde dadurch ein großes Weltreich vernichtet zu schädigen nie meine Absicht war".
"Through thy actions (Directed towards England), a great empire would be destroyed, which was not in my intent to be harmed".

"Noch einmal einen Appell an die Vernunft in England zu richten"
"Again! An appeal of reasoning towards England".

(England bombing Kindergartens and Hospitals).
"Churchill / England? stating that Germany have 20 million people too much"
Churchill -> church ill chu'rch ill (Zurich ill) chill ruch chill chur
Churchill -> Lil' Church

"..Namenloses Leid und Unglück über die Menschen herausbrechen wird..".
"Nameless suffering and missfortune might hit humanity" (in context, if the war offense against Germany doesn't stop)
stating a sum in the ranks of "17 million". Why 17 million specifically?
Was it calculated?
Was it counted on the loses like the "20 million Germans too much, from Churchill?".
17 ~ Q AG
17 (M)illions
17 ~ Q
M ~ 13
An ancient Cicada reference / setup? (M~13, Q~17)
13 or 17.
13 (b)or 17 -> 29 -> BI
29 to (b)avarian (i)lluminati
fits as
29 -> 11 ~ K to Kingdom. (British) Kingdom? Or an other Kingdom?
11 -> 2 ~ B (Bayern) ~ B (Britain) -> (B)e Britain sounds Cheesy :) (Be ->B.E -> British Empire?)
English, Kingdom ~ German, Reich
Germany used to have Monarchies as well, AFAIK the formation of "Germany" in 1871 should have stopped their reign.
1871 -> 18 71 -> 81 17 -> 9 17 -> 26
81 17 -> 9 8 -> 17 -> 8
1871 -> 18 + 71 -> 89 -> 17
1871 -> 18 + 7 + 1 -> 26 ~ Z -> 8
1871 -> AHGA Haag Haga Gaha Gaah

8 -> "Acht" -> "Tracht"
"Tracht" ~ Attire "Tracht prügel?" -> Threatening someone to be beaten.

Later USA coming closer to developing a nuclear bomb (Weapons of mass destruction) than Germany.
Germany under Hitler more reactive than active and less interested in Nuclear weapons despite the "Wunderwaffen" theme?.
Rumors had it that his generals were not in the same opinion as Hitler.
It shows in some parts of 1939-1945, were strategically ineffective decisions have been made from the German side.
One could claim that the unreasonableness hit Hitler as well.

Liber Primus -> "Do 4 unreasonable things each day".
Unreasonable can become reasonable, such as reasonable can become unreasonable.
UN -> 21,14 -> 35 -> CE 35 -> 8 -> H
21 , 14 -> BA , AD
Unreasonable -> Unr eas ona ble run as able one
Unreasonable -> Son rea un able Son are u bale'n? Son are'n u able ?
reason -> are son son era
reasonable -> son are able are son able?

Battle code symptoms...?
"Neger / Niger (river Niger)" -> Regen Reg en
Regen -> Rain -> River
Neger -> Reg'en (regeneratein)
Niger -> Reg'in.

Ukraine -> Uk rain e (Denglisch / Dutch)
Ukraine -> U kar'in (U carrying?)
Ukraine -> U kar'ine (U caring?)

English, Country <-> German, Land
Land -> La nd -> AL DN -> Adl'n (bavarian accent) (to ennoble)
Land -> And L
Deutschland And L sch Deut
And dute sch l-> (And dutch?)
Deutschland -> a'tl Duschen (Shower the elite (in the negative sense))
Deutschland -> Tal Duschen (Shower the valley)
Deutschland -> Tale ndusch Tales nduch Lunch dates Dates Lunch
Deutschland -> n' du'ch Tales (And duck tales?)
Deutschland -> n duch' Tale (A' Dutch tale?)

English, Country
Country -> Co un try Count ry try coun u try con?
Country -> ry count ? (Asian accent, why count?)
Country -> try nuoc (Try nuke?)
Country -> ryt
Country -> rot ynuc rot cuny rot cuyn cyun rot (No red) cyun tor (no goal)
Country -> Cunt ryo Cunt roy roy(al) cunt'(s)? Cunt yor y'or cunt!

In federal / formal sense, Country ~ Land, becomes State ~ Staat.

The comparison between the religions, and the mythology can be mostly summed up to the point where the general religions have one god, and the mythologies have multiple gods.
The latter being better and less complicated. "God can't listen to all at the same time".
But a team is better at it.
As it is in many mythologies. "Zeus" being the godfather of the gods ? for example.
Nordic, Greek, Egyptian, worthwhile to note.
Spelling (Gen) f.Ex.
Isn't it also symbolic, running to one and the same source for help, instead of going for multiple?
It's a numbers game.
The more sources you have, the more abundance in aid you might posses.
"Doppelt hält besser", in german. -> "Secure it twice".

A Rhyme, A shine. Worthwhile in cryptography to the dime.
Especially without machines.
Christianity, a sanity.
Jews, without clues.
Islam, a 'sham (A scam?)
Spaghetti Monshter, a good 'pronkster' with a bit of slang, for the bang. And the bucks.

I am not certain as to why the countries of Europe have been bombed so severe.
Huge amount of gifted people before WW1 and WW2.
A huge variety of school's of thought.
But the link as to why nowadays the east is getting bombed is probably there, and as to why so many people from the east come to the west.
In the peace times, the people mostly traveled. West to East, East to West.
It's baffling as to why so many people are religious. Billions.
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2020.03.11 20:36 margaux123 confused

warning: long post

so i (23f) had a boyfriend (23m) been together for 2 years. unfortunately last june 2019 we broke up cus we dont understand each other anymore. well its not really break up, it was a cool off. i guess we need space cus we are so cold to each other that time. i initiated the break up and he agreed. 2 weeks after, we meet and i guess i am okay already and he is okay as well as what i observed. and i thought we could continue our relationship, unfortunately it wasnt, he is already dating. that girl is his sisters bestfriend. I tried to win him back. i always go to his apartment and he is busy texting with that girl, he even let me read some of their conversation, even saw their sweet photos together.i fight, i did my best to win him back. i asked him one time if he still love me it took him awhile to answer and he said he dont love me anymore, i asked about the girl hes been dating and he is also confused of his feeling about that girl. but seeing their pictures together, read some of their convos, i realized that i was the hindrance for their relationship to be legal to everyone. so i decided to totally let go. but before we bid goodbye I asked a favor if we could have our last date and pretend to be in relationship. he agreed, so we went out having our last date. i wished time will stop that night. I'm not yet ready to lose him but his decision is already fixed. and our night is almost done we bid goodbye he kissed me in my forehead and tears started to fall, i cant even breathe. wish it will stop or wish i could turn back the time, the time when we are still together. i honestly dont know what will happen to me after that night.

first week was soooooooo sad, lonely and tired. i stalked his social media and saw the picture of them on his timeline. i cried a lot. so i decided to unfriend him and continue my life. one of my friend told me that i should download dating app, and so i did, At first it was okay but must of them are perv. lol so yeah 3 weeks been on the app i met this guy he is a seafarer. well i dont really mind him at first but of all guys i chatted he was the one who replied so fast. so i started to entertain him, and divert my attention to him instead of stalking my ex. and then he asked me out once, untill it became a weekend routine. we made lots of travels and sex. sex in every place we went to. posted our photos together and then saw my ex boyfriend reacted sad face on every photos i posted. being with this seafarer guy makes me feel a lil bit comfortable and somewhat helped me to move on from my past. however later i find out that he is fooling me around. I am not just his girl. there are actually 3 of us that hes been dating. So i decided to stop seeing him it was not that hurt tho cus im not really totally attached with him. i mean we are just having sex thats it. when my ex boyfriend find out that i stopped seeing the seafarer guy,(not to mention, my ex is so close to my family most especially my brother and dad) my brother told him about everything, so my ex decided to reach me thru call. and we decided to see each other again, and yes we did. i thought i am now okay, i thought i am now moved on but then again i just realized that we've been broke up for like 6 mos and yet i still love him and still want him back.he told me that he is been single for 3 months already right after i posted a picture of me and that seafarer guy. he just realized that he still love me and regret everything, he apologized and apologized it took him a month to gain my trust. call me stupid or whatnot but yes last jan 2020 we are together again. first month being together is sooo happy full of love and everything. however there is this explainable feeling. i suspect hes been hiding something. i already have an access to all of his social media but idk. there is really something. idk if it was only me being paranoid or there is really something that i should have to know. and also these past few days hes been asking me regarding about the seafarer guy if we had sex. im afraid if im gonna tell it to him i might gonna lost him again. idk if i will tell him the truth or not.any advised please. thank you!
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2020.03.11 07:31 RemixBeat Remix Pack [10-March-2020]

3LAU – Tokyo [FT. XIRA] [Le Youth Remix] 7A 124 50 Cent FT. Justin Timberlake – Ayo Technology [Chris Ultranova Remix] Dirty 1A 126 50 Cent FT. Justin Timberlake – Ayo Technology [Chris Ultranova Remix] Dirty CK Cut 1A 126 100 Gecs – ringtone [Remix] [FT. Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, Kero Kero Bonito] 6A 107 Adam Beyer, Green Velvet, Layton Giordani – Space Date [Pleasurekraft Remix] 2A 127 Alan Walker – Alone [Pt. II] [RetroVision Remix] 2A 126 Alan Walker, K 391, Tungevaag, Mangoo – PLAY [Wordz Deejay Meets Mike Brubek Remix] 11A 102 Alex Newell – Boy, You Can Keep It [Chus & Ceballos Club Mix] [Edit] 5A 126 Alex Schulz – My Heart Is Your Heart [Club Edit] 11A 126 Andrew Bayer – Open End Resource [Leaving Laurel Remix] 10B 125 Anne-Marie – Birthday [Don Diablo Remix] 1A 124 Ant Saunders & Audrey Mika – Yellow Hearts [Remix] 9B 129 Anton Powers – I’m Falling [Next Habit Remix] [DJ Allan MMP Intro Edit] [Radio Edit] 1A 124 Anton Powers – I’m Falling [Next Habit Remix] [Main] 1A 124 Anton Powers – I’m Falling [Next Habit Remix] [Radio Edit] 1A 124 Arizona Zervas – ROXANNE [Amice Remix] Dirty 11A 120 Arizona Zervas – ROXANNE [Amice Remix] Dirty CK Cut 11A 120 Armand Van Helden, Lorne – Give Me Your Loving [Club Mix] 8A 126 Armin Van Buuren – All Comes Down [Third Party Remix] 1B 127 Armin Van Buuren – Million Voices [Madison Mars Remix] 5B 126 Ashanti – Foolish [Club Killers DanceHall Remix] Clean 8A 101 Ashanti – Foolish [Club Killers DanceHall Remix] Intro – Clean 8A 101 Bad Bunny, Jowell & Randy & Ñengo Flow – Safaera – BROSS Club Edit [Dirty] 7A 96 Becky Hill – Better Off Without You [Joel Corry Remix] 9A 124 Becky Hill & Shift K3y – Better Off Without You [Joel Corry Remix] 8A 124 Becky Hill FT. Shift K3Y – Better Off Without You [Joel Corry Remix] [Intro Clean] 9A 124 Ben Bohmer, Monolink – Black Hole [Gui Boratto Re-Work] 11A 122 Benny Benni FT. Anyelo Rr Rafee Y Jay Maly – Yijaaa [Remix] [DJ Nino Mix] 11A 90 Bill Haley & His Comets – Rock Around The Clock [Select Mix Remix] 8A 90 Billie Eilish – Bad Guy [DISEL Remix] Clean 6A 122 Billie Eilish – Bad Guy [DISEL Remix] Clean CK Cut 6A 122 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Redemption Song [Ziggy Marley Remix] [Original Mix] 9B 118 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Sun Is Shining [Funkstar Deluxe Remix] [Extended Mix] 9A 130 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Sun Is Shining [Yes King Remix] [Original Mix] 8A 73 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Waiting In Vain [Jim James Remix] [Original Mix] 4B 79 Bob Sinclar – I Feel For You [Mercer Remix] 1A 126 Bob Sinclar – Rock This Party [Slashlove Y Showtime Remix] 3A 128 Bobby Darin – Splish Splash [Select Mix Remix] 8B 152 Body Heat Gang Band – Play That Game [Angelo Ferreri Remix] 4A 117 Bonka, The Romantic Era – All Your Love [Ellipso Remix] 4B 128 Boogie Hill Faders x Q-Tip – Breathe & Stop [Beatnuts Watch Out Now Flip] [Abstract Remix Collection #1] [Clean] 10A 100 Boogie Hill Faders x Q-Tip – Breathe & Stop [Beatnuts Watch Out Now Flip] [Abstract Remix Collection #1] [Dirty] 10A 100 Brandy – Almost Doesn’t Count [Double A Remix] [Clean] 5A 111 Britney Spears – Criminal [Bietto Remix] 8A 140 BROCKHAMPTON – SUGAR [Remix] [FT. Dua Lipa] 4A 123 BROCKHAMPTON FT. Dua Lipa – SUGAR [Remix] [Dirty] 4B 62 BROCKHAMPTON FT. Dua Lipa – SUGAR Remix 4A 123 Brockhampton FT. Dua Lipa Ryan Beatty & Jon B – Sugar [Remix] [Clean] 4A 123 Brockhampton FT. Dua Lipa Ryan Beatty & Jon B – Sugar [Remix] [DJ Rukus Intro Edit] [Clean] 4A 123 Camila Cabello FT. DaBaby – My Oh My [Keepin It Heale & AZ2A Remix] Clean 5A 124 Camila Cabello FT. DaBaby – My Oh My [Keepin It Heale & AZ2A Remix] Clean CK Cut 5A 124 Cassie FT. Trina, Lola Monrie – All Gold, All Girls [Remix] [Dirty] 8A 100 Cedric Gervais – Molly [Quintino Remix] [Isaac Jordan Edit] 8A 126 Chris Lake & Solardo – Free Your Body [Noizu Remix] [Clean Extended] 7A 127 Chris Lake & Solardo – Free Your Body [Noizu Remix] [Clean Radio Edit] 7A 127 Chris Lake, Solardo – Free Your Body [Noizu Remix] 7A 127 Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode [Select Mix Remix] 6B 84 Club Breakerz x Sean Paul x David Guetta x Becky G – Mad Love [Max Wallin & Moombahbaas Edit] [Clean] 9A 105 Club Breakerz x The Weeknd x Charlie Lane – Pray For Me [MC Hammer Edit] [Clean] 8A 123 Club Breakerz x Tyga x Nicki Minaj – Dip Remix [Redrum] [Clean] 8A 99 Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman [Jet Boot Jack Remix] 7A 123 Dada Life – So Young So High [Dillon Francis Remix] 12B 73 Daddy’s Groove – Stellar [Club Edit] 11A 128 David West, Ida Engberg – Abataka [Magdalena Remix] 2A 123 Deejay Oninz x Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky [80’s Euro House Re-Work] [Clean] 8A 128 Dillon Francis – DFR [Beauty Brain Remix] 2A 128 Dillon Francis – DFR [Shndō Remix] 2A 128 DJ Allan x Justin Bieber – Yummy [Vadim Adamov & Hardphol Remix] [Clean] 8A 126 DJ Allan x Justin Timberlake, SZA – The Other Side [Sonnendeck Remix] [Clean] 6A 122 DJ Allan x Mr. Vegas – Fresh [Donny Rampage Remix] [Clean] 11B 103 DJ Allan x Pink x Axel Paerel – Get The Party Started [Axel Paerel Remix] [Clean] 8A 125 DJ Allan x Travis Scott – Goosebumps [Madsko Remix] [Clean] 9A 130 DJ Arman Aveiru x Eurythmics x James Hype – Sweet Dreams [Remix] [P. Break Acapella Intro] [Clean] 5A 126 DJ Jeff x Flo Rida – Right Round [Reynor Remix] [Clean] 8A 126 DJ KEMIT – Digital Love [Remix] 2A 120 DJ Nelson S x Becky Hill – Better Off Without You [Joel Corry Remix] [Clean] 9A 124 DJ Nelson S x Harry Styles – Adore You [Joe Bermudez Remix] [Clean] 5A 120 DJ Nelson S x Lady Gaga – Stupid Love [JME-LFY Remix] [Clean] 6B 126 DJ Nelson S x Sam Smith – To Die For [Blinkie Remix] [Clean] 8A 124 DJ OD x Victor Cardenas & Kelly Ruiz – Siento [Club Edit] [Clean] 8A 130 DJ Snake, J Balvin, Ozuna, Nicky Jam, Natti Natasha, Darell & Sech – Loco Contigo [Remix] [Select Mix Remix] 11A 96 DJ Surda x Regard – Ride It [James Hype VIP Remix] [Clean] 2A 123 DJ Surda x Wiley – Wearing My Rolex [Remix] [Dirty] 2A 108 DJ Surda x Wiley – Wearing My Rolex [Remix] [Extended] [Clean] 2A 108 DJ Surda x Wiley – Wearing My Rolex [Remix] [Extended] [Dirty] 2A 108 Doja Cat – Say So [Jax Jones Midnight Snack Remix] Clean 11A 122 Doja Cat – Say So [Jax Jones Midnight Snack Remix] Clean CK Cut 11A 122 Drake FT. Shaggy – Find Your Love [Mike D Tropical Blendz Remix] Clean 11A 96 Drake FT. Shaggy – Find Your Love [Mike D Tropical Blendz Remix] Clean No Shaggy 11A 96 Drake FT. Shaggy – Find Your Love [Mike D Tropical Blendz Remix] Intro Clean 11A 96 Drake FT. Shaggy – Find Your Love [Mike D Tropical Blendz Remix] Intro Clean No Shaggy 11A 96 Dubdogz – Infinity [NEUBAUER Remix] 8A 124 DVJ Xtroyer – Señorita Colombia [DVJ Xtroyer International Remix 2K20] 8B 130 Eats Everything – Space Raiders [Charlotte De Witte Remix] 11A 132 Ed Sheeran FT. Travis Scott – Antisocial [MK Remix – Intro] 3A 125 Edward Maya – Stereo Love [Timmy Trumpet Remix] 12A 150 EDX – Off The Grid [Mastrovita Remix Edit] 8A 124 Eli & Fur – You & I [John Monkman Remix] 3A 123 Emeli Sande FT. Kendrick Lamar – Next To Me [Remix] [Main] 8A 95 Enamour – Ruby [Miru Remix] 4A 122 Faithless – Insomnia [CRG Remix] Clean 10A 150 Fatboy Slim – Right Here Right Now [Coyu Remix] 8A 124 Francesco Dinoia – Pushing On – Myles Club Edit 6A 125 Franky Rizardo & Roul & Doors – Elements [Hardwell & Dannick Remix] [Isaac Jordan Edit] 7A 128 Fubu – Uh Oooh [Redondo On The Air Remix] 9A 124 Future FT. Lil Wayne – Karate Chop [Remix] [Clean] 12A 68 Future FT. Lil Wayne – Karate Chop [Remix] [Dirty] 12A 68 Georgia – About Work The Dancefloor [The Black Madonna Remix] 2A 124 Gerry Read – It’ll All Be Over [DJ Koze Remix] 7A 123 Gershon Jackson – Mania [I Kan Feel It] [Angelo Ferreri Remix] 8A 124 Great Good Fine OK – 2K20 [Wolf & Love Remix – Intro] 2A 90 Green Velvet – Bigger Than Prince [Siege Remix] 4A 125 Gregory Porter – Revival [R3hab Remix] 5A 128 Guaynaa FT. Nicky Jam x Farruko x Sech Y Becky G – Rebota [DJ Nino Mix Remix] 6A 90 H.E.R. FT. Pop Smoke, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Chris Brown – Slide [Remix] [Intro-Outro] [DJ Drake] [Dirty – 97Bpm] 5A Halfcast Bastards – Sometimes We Funk [Matt Hughes Remix] 5A 123 Halsey – You Should Be Sad [Colin Jay & J Bruus Remix] Clean 10A 124 Halsey – You Should Be Sad [Colin Jay & J Bruus Remix] Clean CK Cut 10A 124 Harry Styles – Adore You [Joe Bermudez Remix] [Intro Clean] 5A 120 Headie One – 18HUNNA [Four Tet Remix] 2A 145 Headie One – Back To Basics [Floating Points Remix] 1A 139 House Of Glass – Disco Down [Angelo Ferreri Remix] 12A 122 Ida Engberg – Abataka [Mixed] [Magdalena Remix] 2A 123 Idris Elba – Ballie [FT. Kah-Lo] [Destructo Remix] 6A 124 Ivan Gough FT. Georgi Kay – In My Mind [Axwell Remix] [Isaac Jordan Edit] 5A 128 J Balvin – Blanco [Select Mix Remix] 7A 100 J090 – Dreamer [BK298 Extended Remix] 5A 128 J090 – Dreamer [BK298 Remix] [DJ Allan MMP Intro Edit] 5A 128 J090 – Dreamer [BK298 Remix] [Main] 5A 128 J090 – Dreamer [BK298 Remix] Clean 5A 128 J090 – Dreamer [BK298 Remix] Clean Smassh Cut 5A 128 J090 – Dreamer [BK298 Remix] Extened Clean 5A 128 J090 – Dreamer [Child Of The 90’s Remix] [Main] 5A 130 J090 – Dreamer [Luis Rumore Extended Remix] 4A 126 J090 – Dreamer [Luis Rumore Remix] [Clean] 4A 126 J090 – Dreamer [Luis Rumore Remix] [DJ Allan MMP Intro Edit] 4A 126 J090 – Dreamer [Luis Rumore Remix] [DJ Rukus Intro Edit] [Clean] 4A 126 J090 – Dreamer [Luis Rumore Remix] [Main] 4A 126 J090 – Dreamer [PBH & Jack Extended Remix] 5A 126 J090 – Dreamer [PBH & Jack Remix] [DJ Allan MMP Intro Edi] 5A 126 J090 – Dreamer [PBH & Jack Remix] [Main] 5A 126 J090 – Dreamer [PBH & Jack Remix] Clean 5A 126 J090 – Dreamer [PBH & Jack Remix] Clean Smassh Cut 5A 126 J090 – Dreamer [PBH & Jack Remix] Extened Clean 5A 126 Jack Rainey – Fiction Ain’t A Friend [Steve Brian Remix] 1A 128 Javier Gonzalez & Sascha Sonido – Panamericana – Mar-T Vs. Myles Club Edit 6A 125 Jay-Z FT. Melissa Morgan – Can’t Knock The Hustle [Fool’s Paradise Remix – EwONE! Chorus Only] [Clean] 8A 95 Jay-Z FT. Melissa Morgan – Can’t Knock The Hustle [Fool’s Paradise Remix – EwONE! Intro-Outro] [Dirty] 8A 95 Jay-Z FT. Melissa Morgan – Can’t Knock The Hustle [Fool’s Paradise Remix] [Dirty] 8A 95 Jerry Lee Lewis – Great Balls Of Fire [Select Mix Remix] 6A 159 Jessie Reyez – LOVE In The DARK [Dzeko Remix] 10A 126 Jinadu, Mirko Deep – Fever [Angelo Ferreri Remix] 8A 122 Joel Corry – Lonely [VIP Mix] 7A 125 Joel Corry, ZAYN, SHAED – Trampoline [Joel Corry Remix] Clean AXB Cut 6A 125 Joel Corry, ZAYN, SHAED – Trampoline [Joel Corry Remix] Clean Extended 6A 125 Joel Corry, ZAYN, SHAED – Trampoline [Joel Corry Remix] Clean Radio 6A 125 Johnny Cash – I Walk The Line [Select Mix Remix] 7B 101 Jonathan Rosa, Kyla Millette – Daylight [Simon Doty Remix] 2A 120 Jose Giraldo x El Alfa FT. Lil Pump, Vin Diesel, Sech Y Myke Towers – Coronao Now Remix [Extended] 1A 118 JSTJR – I See You [Good Times Ahead Remix] Clean 4A 132 JSTJR – I See You [Good Times Ahead Remix] Clean Deville Cut 4A 132 Justin Bieber – Yummy [Flava Remix] [Radio] 10A 71 Justin Bieber – Yummy [Pink Panda Remix] Clean 6A 126 Justin Bieber – Yummy [Pink Panda Remix] Clean CK Cut 6A 126 Karol G, Nicki Minaj – Tusa [Select Mix Remix] 10A 101 Kelly Clarkson – People Like Us [Show & Tell Remix] 2B 128 Kid Cudi – Day & Nite [Dunisco Re-Work] Clean 9A 123 Kid Cudi – Day & Nite [Dunisco Re-Work] Clean CK Cut 9A 123 Kid Ink FT. Chris Brown – Show Me [Level Up & K Kyoto Remix] Clean CK Cut 9A 124 Kid Ink FT. Chris Brown – Show Me [Level Up! & K-Kyoto Remix] Clean 9A 124 Klaas – We Are Free [Bodybangers Remix] 8A 128 Kyle Watson – I Got You [Wh0 Remix] 4A 124 La Metarialista – La Chapa [Norambuena Remix Edit] 4A 128 Lady Gaga – Stupid Love [JME-LFY Remix] [Intro Clean] 6B 126 Lady Gaga – Stupid Love [RYAN Remix] 5B 125 Lane 8 – The Rope [FT. POLIÇA] [Le Youth Remix] 9B 125 Layton Greene, Lil Baby, City Girls, Pnb Rock – Leave Em Alone [Flava Mix] [Club] 1A 103 Liquid Todd – Move Your Feet [Fenix Remix] 6A 126 Lock ‘N Load – Blow Ya Mind [Dave Winnel Remix] 4A 126 Loco Dice – Roots [DJ Tennis Remix] 6A 131 Lorde – Royals [Double A Remix] [Clean] 7A 85 Lupe Fuentes – Into You [Curt Reynolds Remix] 8A 125 Mabel – Boyfriend – Apollo Remix 10A 124 Mabel – Boyfriend [Digital Farm Animals Remix] [Enrie BeeHive Edit] 10A 120 Madonna – Music [Enkode & LELO Remix] 4A 124 Mariah Carey – It’s Like That [Andy Locker Remix] Clean 1A 124 Mariah Carey – It’s Like That [Andy Locker Remix] Clean CK Cut 1A 124 Marie Davidson – Work It [Soulwax Remix] 9B 125 Maroon 5 – Daylight [Joe Maz Remix] 10B 130 Mary J Blige – Family Affair [Club Killers Remix] [Intro Clean] 1A 98 Mary J Blige – Family Affair [Club Killers Remix] [Intro Dirty] 1A 98 Mary J Blige – Family Affair [Club Killers Remix] Clean 1A 98 Mary J Blige – Family Affair [Club Killers Remix] Clean CK Cut 1A 98 Mary J Blige – Family Affair [Club Killers Remix] Dirty 1A 98 Mary J Blige – Family Affair [Club Killers Remix] Dirty CK Cut 1A 98 Master At Work – To Be In Love [Secret Spade Re-Work] 9A 115 Mau Y Ricky FT. Lunay – La Boca [S7ein Remix Edit] 10A 93 Mau Y Ricky, Nicky Jam, Dalex, Dimelo Flow, Justin Quiles, Lenny Tavarez – BOTA FUEGO [Select Mix Remix] 1A 88 Megan Thee Stallion FT. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign – Hot Girl Summer [DJ Nasa DanceHall Remix] Acap Out – Clean 8A 100 Megan Thee Stallion FT. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign – Hot Girl Summer [DJ Nasa DanceHall Remix] Acap Out – Dirty 8A 100 Megan Thee Stallion FT. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign – Hot Girl Summer [DJ Nasa DanceHall Remix] Clean CK Cut 8A 100 Megan Thee Stallion FT. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign – Hot Girl Summer [DJ Nasa DanceHall Remix] Dirty CK Cut 8A 100 Megan Thee Stallion FT. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign – Hot Girl Summer [DJ Nasa DanceHall Remix] Intro – Clean 8A 100 Megan Thee Stallion FT. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign – Hot Girl Summer [DJ Nasa DanceHall Remix] Intro – Dirty 8A 100 MGMT – Kids [TWINSICK Remix] Clean 11A 150 MGMT – Kids [TWINSICK Remix] Clean CK Cut 11B 150 Midnight Kids – Run It [Famba Remix] 4A 122 Moon Boots, Steven Klavier – Tied Up [Kenny Dope Remix] 4A 124 Moon Rocket – Funk U! [Angelo Ferreri Remix] 8A 121 Moon Rocket – Intro [Angelo Ferreri Remix] 3A 122 Music P, Marque Aurel – F.E.E.L. [Angelo Ferreri Remix] 9A 122 Nacho FT. Yandel Y Bad Bunny – Bailame Remix [Agu Leyton Edit] 2A 96 Nervo & Skazi – Faded [HVRCRFT Remix] Clean 2A 150 Nervo & Skazi – Faded [HVRCRFT Remix] Clean Deville Cut 2A 150 NGHTMRE & Gunna – Cash Cow [NGHTMRE & BLVK JVCK VIP Mix] CK Intro – Dirty 6A 148 NGHTMRE & Gunna – Cash Cow [NGHTMRE & BLVK JVCK VIP Mix] Dirty 6A 148 NGHTMRE & Gunna – Cash Cow [NGHTMRE & BLVK JVCK VIP Mix] Dirty CK Cut 6A 148 Nice & Smooth – Hip Hop Junkies [Remix – DJ Noise Acapella In] [Clean Short] 4A 100 Nice & Smooth – Hip Hop Junkies [Remix – DJ Noise Acapella In] [Clean] 4A 100 Nice & Smooth – Hip Hop Junkies [Remix – DJ Noise Acapella In-Out] [Clean Short] 4A 100 Nice & Smooth – Hip Hop Junkies [Remix – DJ Noise Acapella In-Out] [Clean] 4A 100 Nice & Smooth – Hip Hop Junkies [Remix] [Clean] 4A 100 Nice & Smooth – Hip Hop Junkies [Remix] [HH Clean Intro] 4A 100 Nice & Smooth – Hip Hop Junkies [Remix] [HH Clean Short] 4A 100 Nicky Jam, Anuel AA – Whine Up [Select Mix Remix] 8A 105 Nio Garcia FT. Bryant Myers, Alex Rose, Arcangel, Amenazzy & Young Blade – Mantecado De Coco [Remix] [Dirty] 12B 90 Noemi Dee – Leave Me Alone 2K20 [DJ Piere Italo Extended Remix Master VersIion] 3A 133 Norenoise – Seventy [Andrea Jeannin Remix] 5A 123 Notorious B.I.G – Mo Money Mo Problems [Korben Dallas Remix] 11A 105 Notorious B.I.G. Vs. Zapp FT. Rodger Troutman – Me & My Bitch [Computer Love Remix] [Digital Dave Re-Work] Dirty 12A 85 Notorious B.I.G. Vs. Zapp FT. Rodger Troutman – Me & My Bitch [Computer Love Remix] [Digital Dave Re-Work] Intro – Dirty 12A 85 N-You-Up – Vibin’ [Saison Remix] 4A 123 Omarion x Chris Brown x Jhene Aiko – Post To Be [Dennis Blaze Mo Fiyah Reggae Remix] [Intro Clean] 4A 94 Paloma Faith – Picking Up The Pieces [Bills & Hurr Club Remix] 9A 126 Paloma Faith – Picking Up The Pieces [Dave Aude Club Remix] 9B 130 Paloma Faith – Picking Up The Pieces [Dave Aude Dub Remix] 9B 130 Paloma Faith – Picking Up The Pieces [Flexican & Siro Club Remix] 9A 125 Paloma Faith – Picking Up The Pieces [Gregori Klosman Remix] 9A 130 Paloma Faith – Picking Up The Pieces [Jakwob Club Remix] 9A 70 Paloma Faith – Picking Up The Pieces [Moto Blanco Club Remix] 9A 128 Paloma Faith – Picking Up The Pieces [Rack & Ruin Club Remix] 9A 70 Passion Pit – Carried Away [Tiesto Remix] 6B 128 Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun [Markus Schulz In Search Of Sunrise Remix] 9A 132 Pink – Get The Party Started [Axel Paerel Remix] 8A 125 Post Malone – Wow [DJ Nasa DanceHall Remix] Clean 12A 100 Post Malone – Wow [DJ Nasa DanceHall Remix] Dirty 12A 100 Post Malone – Wow [DJ Nasa DanceHall Remix] Intro – Clean 12A 100 Post Malone – Wow [DJ Nasa DanceHall Remix] Intro – Dirty 12A 100 PRETTYMUCH, CNCO – Me Necesita [Select Mix Remix] 1A 88 Prospa – Prayer [DJ Seinfeld Remix] 1A 128 PSY FT. 2 Chainz, Tyga – Gangnam Style [Diplo Remix] [Dirty] 10A 73 R Plus – My Boy [Elliot Adamson Remix;Edit] 8A 124 Rauw Alejandro – Fantasias [Remix] 3B 94 Rauw Alejandro FT. Anuel AA, Natti Natasha, Farruko & Lunay – Fantasias [Remix] [Clean] 3B 94 Rauw Alejandro, Anuel AA & Natti Natasha FT. Farruko & Lunay – Fantasias [Remix] [Mula Redrum] 3B 105 Regard – Ride It [Amice Remix] 6A 122 Rihanna – Pon De Replay [Omar Duro & Sico Vox Remix] [Dirty] 11A 100 Rihanna FT. David Guetta – Right Now [Justyle Remix] 2A 72 Ritchie Valens – La Bamba [Select Mix Remix] 9B 150 Robbie Dupree – Steal Away [2nd Nature Remix] [Isaac Jordan Edit] 7A 128 Roberto Surace – Joys [Lee Street Remix] 3A 124 Roberto Surace – Joys [Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix] 3A 123 Robin Schulz – In Your Eyes [FT. Alida] [KREAM Remix] 1A 124 Robin Schulz FT. Alida – In Your Eyes [KREAM Remix] [Radio Edit] 1A 124 Robin Schulz FT. Alida – In Your Eyes [KREAM Remix] 1A 124 Rocco & Bass T – Alright [El DaMieN Remix] 3A 140 Rochy RD, Ceky Viciny, EL Mega & El Cherry Scom – La Maxima Remix [Dirty] 10A 118 Roddy Ricch – The Box [Callum Knight Remix] [Enrie BeeHive Edit] [Dirty] 3A 124 Rubb Sound System – No End Baby [Angelo Ferreri Remix] 6B 123 Ruben Moran, Edmund, Karina K. Crystal – All These Things [Nassau Remix] 8A 123 S.P.C. – The Sign [Wave Crushers Remix] 4A 118 SAINt JHN – Roses [Imanbek Remix] [CK Intro – Clean] 4A 122 SAINt JHN – Roses [Imanbek Remix] [CK Intro – Dirty] 4A 122 SAINt JHN – Roses [Imanbek Remix] Clean 4A 122 SAINt JHN – Roses [Imanbek Remix] Dirty 4A 122 Sam Smith – To Die For [Blinkie Remix] [Intro Clean] 8A 124 Sam Smith – To Die For [Blinkie Remix] 8A 124 Samantha Jade – In The Morning [Dan Slater Remix] 9A 128 Sammy Deuce – EZY [Hatiras Remix] 8A 123 Sean Finn – Riders On The Storm [Crazibiza Remix] 9A 126 Sean Finn – Riders On The Storm [Luigi Rocca Remix] 9A 128 Sean Finn – Riders On The Storm [Peter Gelderblom Remix] 9A 128 Sech FT. Darell x Nicky Jam x Ozuna Y Anuel – Otro Trago [Remix] [S7ein Edit v.2] 7A 95 Selena Gomez – Rare [Bpm Supreme Re-Work] [Clean Extended] 8A 120 Shaggy FT. Rikrok – It Wasn’t Me [Club Killers Remix] Clean 8B 98 Shaggy FT. Rikrok – It Wasn’t Me [Club Killers Remix] Clean CK Cut 8B 98 Shaggy FT. Rikrok – It Wasn’t Me [Club Killers Remix] Intro – Clean 8B 98 Shirley Bassey & Kenny Dope – Light My Fire [Kenny Dope Remix] [Clean] 7A 93 Sofi Tukker – Purple Hat [Dillon Francis Remix] [VM Edit] [Clean] 9A 110 Sofi Tukker – Purple Hat [Dillon Francis Remix] 9A 110 Sofi Tukker – Purple Hat [KC Lights Remix] 9A 125 Sofia Carson – I Luv U [R3hab VIP Remix] 4B 122 Steff Da Campo – Get Down [Rodge Remix] 4A 125 Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight [A Ben Liebrand Hip-Hop Remix 89] [Clean Extended] 10A 114 Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight [A Ben Liebrand Hip-Hop Remix 89] [Clean Radio Edit] 10A 114 Sultan & Ned Shepard & NERVO FT. Omarion – Army [Club Mix] 8A 127 Swoop, Jared Marston – Them Good Old Days [Angelo Ferreri Remix] 9A 120 SZA & Calvin Harris – The Weekend [Funk WaV-Remix] [CK Intro – Clean] 1A 102 SZA & Calvin Harris – The Weekend [Funk WaV-Remix] Clean 1A 102 Tensnake – Coma Cat [Josh Hunter Remix] 6A 124 The Chainsmokers – Family [Frank Walker Remix] 1B 124 The Coasters – Poison Ivy [Select Mix Remix] 4A 140 The Knowledge – Keep It Going [Angelo Ferreri Remix] 7A 124 The Nice Guys – Love & Happiness [Angelo Ferreri Remix] 1A 123 Those Boys – Blessed FT. Linda [Monodeluxe GrooveJazz Remix] 10A 120 Tiësto – BLUE [MOSKA Remix] 12A 126 Tiësto FT. Stevie Appleton – BLUE [Mike Williams Remix] [Extended] [Clean] 1A 128 Tiësto FT. Stevie Appleton – BLUE [Mike Williams Remix] [Radio] [Clean] 1B 128 Timmy Trumpet – Freaks [Aleteo Remix Short Mix] [DVJ Xtroyer International 2K20] 3A 128 Timmy Trumpet – Freaks [Aleteo Remix Short Mix] [Xtroyer International] [February 2K20] 3A 128 Tinlicker – Lost [Joris Delacroix Remix] 4A 123 TLC – No Scrubs [Damian Harrison Remix] Dirty 1A 124 TLC – No Scrubs [Damian Harrison Remix] Dirty CK Cut 1A 124 Tom Tom Club – Love To Love You Baby [Russ Danoff Radio Edit] 5A 97 T-Pain – Bartender [Dennis Blaze Mo Fiyah Reggae Remix] [Clean] 8A 95 T-Pain – Bartender [Dennis Blaze Mo Fiyah Reggae Remix] [Intro Clean] 8A 95 T-Pain – I’m Sprung [Club Killers DanceHall Remix] Acap In – Clean 5A 100 T-Pain – I’m Sprung [Club Killers DanceHall Remix] Acap Out – Clean 5A 101 T-Pain – I’m Sprung [Club Killers DanceHall Remix] Clean 5A 101 T-Pain – I’m Sprung [Club Killers DanceHall Remix] Clean CK Cut 5A 101 T-Pain – I’m Sprung [Club Killers DanceHall Remix] Intro – Clean 5A 101 T-Pain – I’m Sprung [Club Killers DanceHall Remix] Slam In – Clean 5A 101 Trey Songz – Can’t Help But Wait [Bentley Grey Remix] Clean 9A 120 Tritonal – Long Way Home [Last Heroes Remix] 11B 145 Tritonal, HALIENE, SCHALA, Jorza – Long Way Home [Last Heroes Remix] [Intro Clean] 11B 145 Tritonal, HALIENE, SCHALA, Jorza – Long Way Home [Tommy Baynen Remix] [Intro Clean] 11B 122 Tyga FT. Ozuna – Ayy Macarena Remix [Clean] 10B 96 Tyga FT. Ozuna – Ayy Macarena Remix [Dirty] 10B 96 Valentino Khan – Pony [Eliminate Remix] Dirty 9A 150 Valentino Khan – Pony [Eliminate Remix] Dirty JD Live Cut 9A 150 Vargenta – Keep On [Thomas Nan Remix – Intro] 5B 128 Walk Off The Earth – I’ll Be There [Liquid Todd Remix] 6A 95 Warmduscher – Midnight Dipper [Soulwax Remix] 5A 106 Wiley FT. Hypo – Wearing My Rolex Remix [Clean] 2A 108 Wiley FT. Hypo – Wearing My Rolex Remix [Dirty] 2A 108 Wiley FT. Hypo – Wearing My Rolex Remix [DJcity Intro] [Clean] 2A 108 Wiley FT. Hypo – Wearing My Rolex Remix [DJcity Intro] [Dirty] 2A 108 Will.I.Am FT. Britney Spears, Diddy, Hit Boy, Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka – Scream & Shout [Remix] [Clean] 6A 130 Will.I.Am FT. Britney Spears, Diddy, Hit Boy, Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka – Scream & Shout [Remix] [Dirty] 6A 130 Xanti Tim Bell Elenoir – Queen Of Love [IFK Extended Remix] 4A 124 Xanti Tim Bell Elenoir – Queen Of Love [IFK Remix] [DJ Allan MMP Intro Edit] 4A 124 Xanti Tim Bell Elenoir – Queen Of Love [IFK Remix] [Main] 4A 124 Xanti Tim Bell Elenoir – Queen Of Love [Kapera Extended Remix] 4A 126 Xanti Tim Bell Elenoir – Queen Of Love [Kapera Remix] [DJ Allan MMP Intro Edit] 4A 126 Xanti Tim Bell Elenoir – Queen Of Love [Kapera Remix] [Main] 4A 126 Xanti Tim Bell Elenoir – Queen Of Love [VAVO Extended Remix] 4A 126 Xanti Tim Bell Elenoir – Queen Of Love [VAVO Remix] [Main] 4A 126 Xanti Tim Bell Elenoir – Queen Of Love [Wh0 Extended Remix] 4A 125 Xanti Tim Bell Elenoir – Queen Of Love [Wh0 Remix] [DJ Allan MMP Intro Edit] 4A 125 Young Swift FT. Akon, Young Jeezy – I Like [Remix] [Clean] 2A 70 Young Swift FT. Akon, Young Jeezy – I Like [Remix] [Dirty] 2A 70 Young Swift FT. Akon, Young Jeezy, Jim Jones – I Like [Extended Remix] [Dirty] 2A 70

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2020.03.04 16:58 Ghost-Quartet 28 Albums You May Have Missed From The 2010s

The far less exciting followup to Monday’s 28+ Albums You May Have Missed In 2019, here's a compilation of the decade writeups so I can have full closure on the series. I curated these writeups in conjunction to the 2019 ones as a way to spice it up, there’s no theme to them really I just selected albums on a day to day basis that I felt were a nice contrast to the 2019 album I was writing about, but now that they aren’t paired that’s a moot point so here they’ve been presented chronologically. These albums (and in many cases these artists) were super underrated/ignored by pop fans and I’m here to tell you why.
Yes, I didn't have anything from 2010.


Made4TV by Little Jackie (Motown + Rap)

  • For Fans Of: Amy Winehouse, Motown, Old-school alternative pop girls (Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, etc.)
Description: In the pantheon of weird, alternative pop/rap/r&b girls I’ve never seen Imani Coppola mentioned, which is a shame because she’s such an outspoken weirdo. (She portrayed herself as a black cowgirl literally before Lil Nas X was even conceived.) She has a huge discography that’s ripe for reevaluation, but a good place for pop fans to start would be her work as Little Jackie. Imani teamed up with producer Adam Pallin to release some more straightfoward pop music, and the blend of his lively throwback instrumentals with her fiery vocals and unusual lyrics was a winning one. Their music is loud and in-your-face, but there’s solid “older sisterly” advice underneath all the noise, and though they didn’t get a lot of commercial success they put out a few great albums. Made4TV in particular does a good job of balancing that classic Motown sound with rap, as well as her sardonic attitude with genuine heart.
Positives: Great nostalgia factor, good introduction to a fascinating artist, a fun “retro/urban” aesthetic
Potential Barriers: It’s loud and the production can be overwhelming, the lyrics are potentially obnoxious, somewhat dated
Sample Track: “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” showcases the album's fun melodies, sardonic attitude, and... unique lyricism.

Summer Of The Soda Fountain Girls by Blue Bottle Collection: (Theatre Pop)

  • For Fans Of: MIKA, Broadway, summers by the lake
Description: More of a vocal collective than a traditional band, front man Daniel Zaitchik centers the group around himself but he’s joined by a chorus of sweet voiced men and women who, with the help of spectacular musical and vocal arrangements, give the album a dreamy, fantastical feel. The songs wander through a summer’s day, bouncing between whimsical stories, lackadaisical musings, and moments of vulnerable self-reflection, all set to some of the best theatrical folk-pop around. There’s such joy and life in this album but it’s bittersweet, undercut by a sense of pathos brought about by the knowledge that every summer’s day has to end. Simultaneously an album about youth and growing up, it’s an attempt to capture something in music that’s otherwise entirely ephemeral; and, what’s more, it works. To me this album stirs up feelings of wanderlust and nostalgia, memories of a childhood I didn’t (and will never) have, but the false memories are still warm. Hopefully it can do the same for you.
Positives: Lush sonics, haunting vocals, some absolutely thrilling songs
Potential Barriers: A bit long, unconventional sounding, theatrical
Sample Track: “Chocolate Malt” is a great display of the unique, almost fairy-like energy of the album, and features lovely vocals.

What Otters Do by Shaina Taub: (Soul-Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Carole King, Sara Bareilles, songs that feel like they’re from your childhood
Description: There’s just so much heart and intelligence in everything Shaina Taub does. Her lyrics are filled with unusual imagery and wisdom, her melodies are lively, and her harmonies are always on point. If I ever get around to doing my writeup on her I’ll gush about all of her albums but I’m presenting What Otters Do here because it’s her first ever release and it’s fascinating. There’s electricity and heat on this EP, a young artist flexing her talents to see how much she can do. It draws a lot from the soulful stylings of artists like Carole King, Billy Joel, and Aretha Franklin but her unique artistic voice pushes through it all and creates some songs that feel truly one of a kind. Even her own later works aren’t quite like this explosion of color and light; albums like this are rare.
Positives: It’s endlessly creative and full of life, all of the songs are huge, it’s short.
Potential Barriers: It’s kind of a weird sounding album, these are “event” songs that might not be suited for casual listening.
Sample Track: “Make A Mess” never fails to put a smile on my face, one of my favorite songs, full stop.


All Of Me by Estelle (R&B + Rap)

  • For Fans Of: Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, overlooked r&b gems
Description: This album opens with a few truly heinous tracks where Estelle tries to establish herself as some kind of swaggering hip-hop bad girl, but these are a Trojan Horse because the rest of the album leans into a much more wholesome r&b sound. Danceable beats are combined with almost theatrical doo-wop influences and it’s a combination that’s aged surprisingly well. It’s very much an album about growing in to yourself and learning to be grateful, with wholesome messages and good vibes abound. Estelle’s husky voice is as buttery as ever and even if she tries a bit too hard some times, she manages to craft a lot of great lyrics and hooks that keep me coming back to some of the songs.This is a very ambitious project with tons of features (including a fresh faced Janelle Monáe!) and interludes, and while it’s a bit all over the place Estelle’s sheer talent makes it worth a listen.
Positives: Charisma, some super cute/uplifting songs, some old school r&b bangers
Potential Barriers: Some tracks are dated (and one song features Chr*s Br0wn), sound is rather all over the place, kinda long
Sample Track: “Love The Way We Used To” is a sweet love song.

Make Me Breakfast (2012) & Natural Disaster (2015) by Grace McLean & Them Apples (Singer-Songwriter)

  • For Fans Of: Bridgit Mendler, Fiona Apple, intimate friendship moments with your female bestie
Description: Grace McLean is one of those artists with such a magnetic presence that if you encounter her in basically any capacity, you like her. She’s got charisma for days, a sharp sense of humor, she’s gorgeous, and her brassy voice is immediately ear catching. And as if that wasn’t enough she’s a talented songwriter as well, releasing music with her trusty band Them Apples. Their first EP Make Me Breakfast is such a fun record, just five sunny, slightly humorous pop songs that show off her voice and the band’s great orchestrations. Their second EP Natural Disaster is much more experimental, LITERALLY taking us for a loop since much of the album is constructed via vocal looping. Several of the songs on the album are created using just samples of her voice, and it’s astounding that she makes fully fleshed out compositions from them. Beyond just the novelty value these are solid pop songs, with slightly darker subject matter and off-kilter but romantic lyrics.
Positives: Fun energy, great vocals, creative arrangements
Potential Barriers: Weird lyrics, both EPs are different
Sample Tracks: “My Friend’s Roommate” is funny but still catchy / “Natural Disaster” is such a weird but clever pop song

Synthetica by Metric (Synth-Rock)

  • For Fans Of: Blondie, Sleigh Bells, the emo bands of the ’00s/’10s
Description: Metric are an indie rock band who are just edgy enough to have a pop sensibility, they’re likely more popular than I’m giving them credit for but I rarely see them mentioned so I thought it would be worth it to bring up this fantastic album. Some tracks are straightforward, some tracks are more experimental, but most fall somewhere in between. These are the kind of songs that fill a room with their cavernous production; insistent percussion, shredding guitar, and big synths keep things consistently exciting and provide a great playground for the lead singer’s spunky vocals. The themes of the songs remain ever-relevant, delving into topics like the disenfranchisement of the youth, the problems posed by technology, and overall feelings of isolation. It’s not depressing, but it does pack a great punch.
Positives: Sharp lyricism, great big production
Potential Barriers: Loud, a bit esoteric
Sample Track: “Nothing But Time” is a sweeping synthpop song that still has their rock edge.


Children Of The Stars by The Orion Experience (Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Electric Light Orchestra, Marianas Trench, that period of time in the ‘10s where random indie bands kept getting huge hits
Description: Based in that beloved mid-2010s indie rock sound but with a dance-pop twist, this album overflows with energy. From the second the first track starts the album is a nonstop thrill ride of pure fun: every song has a huge melody and a ton of hooks. This album really believes that more is more, offering up disco beats, guitar solos, horn sections, and all sorts of fun tricks to keep the wave of energy going. This is a concept album with a story about love saving the universe, and so all of the songs have a campy sort of “space” aesthetic in the production and lyrics, with a cinematic feel to them that feels ripped from the Barbarella era of space operas. It would almost be too plastic if it didn’t still have a bit of that indie edge leftover, which keeps the album from being too overwhelming. This album is a forgotten time capsule of when music was painfully upbeat and optimistic.
Positives: Full of energy, fun pop perfection, great songs
Potential Barriers: Dated, kinda cheesy
Sample Track: “Children Of The Stars” is an immediate jolt of energy.

Go Back Home by Audra McDonald (Broadway)

  • For Fans Of: Joni Mitchell, Tori Kelly, healing music
Description: Audra McDonald is a master of her craft: her talents have made her one of the most awarded actresses working in theatre, and she brings all of that to this album. A collection of covers, she choses some established classics but more often than not opts for forward thinking songs from fresh composers, giving this album a very modern feeling. The simple arrangements allow the many shades of her voice to shine and create a relaxed, cabaret-esque feeling. Her soprano voice is beautiful but what really sells this album is the storytelling she does; she can fill a concert hall with her voice (and she does a few times on this album) but this album is so intimate. Few people can connect to a text quite like Audra McDonald can. Her performances on this album are stunning, and with each track it really feels like she’s right there with you telling you about love, life, and happiness.
Positives: Amazing vocals, soft thoughtful aesthetic, smart songwriting
Potential Barriers: It’s Broadway stuff which isn’t everyone’s thing
Sample Track: “Go Back Home” is touching and a little melancholy.


Femm-Isation by FEMM (EDM + Jpop)

  • For Fans Of: Charli XCX, Kesha, the pre-rock stages of the Poppy project
Description: Looking for something really commercial and plastic? This album was made by mannequins. FEMM (short for Far East Mention Mannequins) have a bizarre backstory about being leaders of an agency fighting to liberate sentient mannequins, and while this is strange it does accurately reflect this album: stylized and artificial sounding, but with messages of freedom and adventure. Drenched in autotune and #girlpower, wearing maximalist electronic production like armor, these pounding club songs capture the unapologetically fun spirit of the early 2010s perfectly while still managing to sound unique thanks to the subtle cyberpunk aesthetic. Pair all that with some fantastic visuals and we end up with a bombastic celebration of pop music from one of the most painfully underrated Jpop acts around.
Positives: HUGE pop songs, deceptively smart songwriting/production, it’s Jpop in English
Potential Barriers: It’s trashy and pretty dated
Sample Track: “Whiplash” is my favorite, a really smooth club banger.

Have Faith by Mary Testa & Michael Starobin (Artsy-Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Bjork, Tom Waits, thinking
Description: A collection of covers of everyone from Rodgers & Hammerstein to Shakespeare to Prince to Bjork to people you’ve never even heard of, this album is an avant-garde fusion of theatre and pop that’s full of surprises. Theatre legend Mary Testa’s nasal head voice and hard belt are polarizing and not conventionally “pretty,” but she’s a spellbinding performer who can bring a song to life like no other. She forms an electric center of this album, effortlessly bringing soul and humor to classic songs. Her collaborator Michael Starobin is a Broadway musical director who provides off-kilter arrangements that seem to detach the album from reality; there are so many interesting choices made on this album. It’s a phantasmagoria of music, with tracks fading in to each other to create a cohesive listening experience from front to back.
Positives: Heartfelt and thoughtful, sounds very different, lush music
Potential Barriers: It’s very out there, it’s meant to be a full listening experience rather than individual tracks
Sample Track: Her cover of Michael Smith’s “Sister Clarissa” is really sweet.


Adventures From The Ocean Of The Dead by Michelle Cross (Singer-Songwriter)

  • For Fans Of: Regina Spektor, Tori Amos, musical theatre
Description: This album is epic in the classical sense of the word in that it’s a sprawling piece of poetry telling a story, and Michelle brings out some slammin’ tunes that really bring the story to life. These songs are very memorable and deceptively catchy, Michelle knows her stuff as a composer and loads the songs with melodies from every direction; if you like piano riffs, this is the album for you. Michelle herself plays all of the characters (many of whom are male) but she’s a talented enough vocalist to pull it off; in particular she brings out a husky part of her voice that’s very appealing. Though the album gets off to something of a slow start, once the action hits the high seas it kicks into high gear and we’re treated to this wonderful phantasmagoria of crazy characters and situations, all brought to life by the magic of Michelle’s catchy melodies, lush piano arrangements, and paper doll art.
Positives: The songs are beautiful, there’s a wonderful sense of adventure to the album.
Potential Barriers: The album tells a cohesive story, all of the parts are played by the same singer
Sample Track: “Leucade’s Rock” is a haunting ballad for a mermaid.

Love Stuff by Elle King (Country + Rock)

  • For Fans Of: Pistol Annies, early Lana del Rey, dark “witchy” energy
Description: Elle King’s one-hit “Ex’s and Oh’s” has a bit of an edge to it but the saucy, flirty little number doesn’t quite prepare you for how surprisingly dark Love Stuff is. The album is gritty and moody, leaning into blues and a really cool southern gothic aesthetic that I'd describe as "a witch in the old west.". Elle has a fantastic voice that’s really evocative, able to bring both unbridled joy and intense yearning. Backed by heavy guitars and drums she paints a picture of a harsh and desolate world, which she responds to in equal parts with ferocity and pathos. In a lot of ways she follows the Lana Del Rey moody pop girl blueprint in how she toys with American iconography and the ways women cope and survive in this world, except with country guitars and fiery belts.
Positives: Great vocals, gothic aesthetic, strong collection of songs
Potential Barriers: This kind of country isn’t for everyone, maybe a few too many blues tunes
Sample Track: “Ain’t Gonna Drown” is an eerie, surprisingly haunting track.

Mickey Guyton by Mickey Guyton (Country)

  • For Fans Of: Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, Hallmark movies
Description: There’s just four songs on here, but each of them fires off at full capacity. It’s pleasantly old-school country, which in a strange way makes it feel really fresh. There’s still a pop sensibility in the huge melodies/vocals, but the somewhat twangy arrangements call to mind country music at its very best. Mickey has a huge, expressive voice and her stellar performances on these songs are a major part of why they work so well. The songs are all about moving on from an ex-boyfriend and she belts it out with such fire that you have to root for her. There’s not much to say about it really, it’s just four great country bops. We’re still waiting for the followup!
Positives: Quick listen, accessible country songs, fun and catchy
Potential Barriers: It’s short, she might oversing at times
Sample Track: “Better Than You Left Me” broke the record for “the highest one-week add total of a country artist’s debut single in Country Aircheck history.”

Zanaka by Jain (World-Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Stromae, Shakira, the sun
Description: Though she’s French Jain spent much of her youth in Africa and the Middle East, marinating in the music and culture. The album wears these influences on its sleeve, but rather than simple imitation sounds and styles melt together and blend into something that feels fresh and exciting. There’s also traces of funk, reggae, and dance pop here, giving this album an even broader appeal and pretty unique sound that nobody else in the mainstream is quite doing, based in heavy percussion/beats with world music influences layered on top. Her distinctive accent and quirky lyrical style give this album a campy–but delightful–feeing. But most importantly this album is rich and warm, like listening to sunlight. Everything here, from the sound to the lyrics to the visuals, indicates that Jain thinks we live in a beautiful world and we should all appreciate it and love each other. And she makes it so damn good you can’t help but agree.
Positives: Brimming with energy, fresh and different
Potential Barriers: The album can get a little samey
Sample Track: “Makeba” is a massive bop with an amazing (Grammy nominated) music video.


Astrodreams by Polartropica (Dream-Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Oh Wonder, GFRIEND, Sailor Moon
Description: Polartropica are unknown but delightful. They claim their goal is to take their listeners to another, more magical world, and while your mileage may vary on that front they definitely serve up s fun electropop experience. Their whimsical viewpoint influences the sound of this album, which is very dreamy and leans into a spacey, aesthetic; it sort of sounds like the soundtrack to an adventure you might have dreamed up as a kid. There solid melodies and some great synths that add some kick, and I love the lead singer’s voice. There’s a solid message beneath all the style too, with the songs exploring themes of confronting and overcoming your past. The songs manage to feel strange and familiar at the same time, drawing from recognizable references but emerging as unique entities well worth the 15 minute runtime.
Positives: Short and sweet, cute energy
Potential Barriers: Might be too frothy for some
Sample Track: “Light Up The Sky” could be an anime theme song.

Catharsis by Jake Zyrus (Pop-Rock)

  • For Fans Of: Avril Lavigne, male rock stars whose names I don’t know so I can’t list them
Description: “Catharsis” describes the purgation of emotions, essentially the experience of “letting it all out” so you can grow and move on; it’s fitting then that this was the title for Jake Zyrus’s final album under the stage name Charice before publicly transitioning. There’s something of a loose concept to this album thematically, tracking the journey of a relationship that begins happy then grows painful until he comes out the other side happy and free. The album itself seems to transition as it goes along from the cheerful pop sound sung in light soprano that defined his early works into songs with a grittier rock sound sung with huskier vocals, transforming him for an album into a full fledged rock star pouring his soul out over wailing guitars. It’s a role he pulls off well, and it’s really cool to hear a pop star pull off an act like this so convincingly.
Positives: It’s that angsty pop-rock sound we all love
Potential Barriers: The writing can be amateurish, this was released before he transitioned so that might be a bit weird
Sample Track: “Killing Myself To Sleep” is a sprawling Nirvana influenced rock jam.

Disappear Here by Bad Suns (Alt-Rock)

  • For Fans Of: Walk The Moon, Misterwives, mildly successful but not quite mainstream indie bands
Description: This album feels fresh and exciting like the old glory days of the mid 2010s indie boom. While they didn’t have any towering hits Bad Suns emerged and saw some success during this period, and while it very much sounds like this era there’s a hint of some old school in there as well. It’s uptempo, sunny, slightly-synth/slightly-punk/really-pop alternative rock, with massive appeal and some real crowdpleaser songs. Bad Suns have a knack for catchy melodies and hot guitar licks, and they come up with memorable lyrics/song titles as well. This is the kind of album you blast while you’re riding down the coast with the top down, and if you can’t do that, it’ll help you feel like you’re there.
Positives: Fun, catchy, very bright energy
Potential Barriers: It’s got guitars and men
Sample Track: “Off She Goes” is super smooth and has some great guitar work

Leo Rising by Karmin (Pop)

  • For Fan Of: Katy Perry, Natalia Kills, impossibly pretty people
Description: Karmin were signed to a major label for a bit but left it when they realized that they weren’t being allowed to make the kind of music that they wanted (and because their album flopped but w/e) and since the first album they dropped after going independent was this good, it’s hard to fault them for their decision. They were allowed to flex their skills to the fullest and the result is a diverse album full of quality songs that touch on basically every genre you can think of. There’s touches of bubblegum, synthpop, hip-hop, rap, even vaudeville on here, and it’s all cohesive and interesting to listen to. The huge melodies, fun production, and agile vocals that made songs like “Brokenhearted” a hit are still there but they’re presented with a new maturity that keeps them from becoming grating. Each song on the album is loosely based on an astrological sign, a fun little gimmick that lets them explore a range of topics and moods.
Positives: A super solid straight-up-pop album, consistent from start to finish
Potential Barriers: Variety of styles means you might like some tracks more than others, white rap
Sample Track: “Easy Money” is my favorite.

WE ARE KING by (We Are) King (R&B + Dream-Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Blood Orange, Solange, opening your mind and feeling one with the universe
Description: We Are King belong to that special class of perfectionist auteurs who only drop music once in a blue moon but nobody cares because it’s always incredible. This is their only album and if they never released another they’d still be legends, peep the “Accolades” section for this album on Wikipedia. Their harmonies are literally heavenly, they sound like a choir of angels, and the dreamy music billows around them like clouds. The songs are a bit slow but that’s an asset: rather than immediate gratification they hit you with slow burns that take you on a journey. They gently guide us through stories about love and discovery that take us to another, softer world. This is the kind of album that can always calm you down and make your day a little bit better.
Positives: Lush sonics, amazing harmonies, gorgeous vibes
Potential Barriers: The songs are slow and long
Sample Tracks: “Hey” is the longest song on the album but it’s perfect.


The Cloud Dream Of The Nine by Uhm Jung Hwa (Dance-Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Madonna, Robyn, pop divas with huge legacies
Description: Having debuted in 1993, almost literally at the start of the Kpop industry, Uhm Jung Hwa dominated the scene in the ’90s/‘00s and established herself as the industry’s original “sexy girl.” She’s a legend, and her comeback album (released after almost a decade away from music) is an album befitting a legend. Based in disco/techno sounds, although it toys with a throwback sound it’s a very forward thinking album. It has an icy, almost cyberpunk sound that weaves together crisp percussion and intricate synth work with her cooly detached vocals that sound mature and regal. The whole project just feels tight and focused, oozing in charisma and confidence that these eager to please youngsters can only dream of projecting. A shot of star power from one of Kpop's truest legacy acts.
Positives: Short, legendary artist, crisp dance pop
Potential Barriers: It’s in Korean, a little different than the usual Kpop
Sample Track: “Ending Credit” is my favorite song, a mid tempo synth slow burn with a stunning music video.

Communicating by Hundred Waters (Indie + Electronic)

  • For Fans Of: Chairlift/Caroline Polachek, Be The Cowboy, #mood
Description: Hundred Waters aren’t exactly huge but they have made a small name for themselves in the music scene thanks to their somewhat quiet, thoughtful indie music, and with this record they pepper in some ever enticing pop influences to create captivating songs. Their music is like a duck paddling on water: smooth and calm on the surface, but a storm of activity beneath. Listen for the sonic tapestries they create if nothing else; the songs here feel somehow sparse and lush at the same time, every element blending together as if we’re listening to pure music rather than a collection of instruments. It’s soothing while still being engaging, which is fitting because much of the album is devoted to reflecting on love and loneliness. An album to lie in bed and listen to while staring at the ceiling.
Positives: Wonderful to listen to, engaging without being overwhelming
Potential Barriers: Songs can get a little samey
Sample Track: “Wave To Anchor” is a transcendent work of swirling synths and vocals, I’m still shocked it wasn’t a hit.

Rush by RIRI (Bubblegum)

  • For Fans Of: Yours Truly by Ariana Grande, the wave of blonde pop stars in the ’90s
Description: This is old school bubblegum, without a hint of irony to it. RIRI’s music is so bright and fun; the references and inspirations are very obvious but they’re made to sound so good they feel fresh all over again. Like, watch this clip of her dancing and tell me you don’t see at least a little bit of classic pop star in her. She has a great voice and she uses it to the fullest, if you’ve been missing huge pop choruses and dramatic ballads she has some for you.
Positives: Short, feel good music, tons of great pop music energy
Potential Barriers: Large parts of her songs are in Japanese, it’s not groundbreaking, kinda loud
Sample Track: “Rush” is a colossal pop song with an amazing chorus.

Tears On The Dance Floor by Steps (Dance-Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Kylie Minogue, Scissor Sisters, standing on top of a mountain in a fabulous gown as the wind blows
Description: Steps are a UK co-ed teen pop group who were HUGE around the turn of the millennium and after the usual messy breakup and middling solo careers they managed to actually have a proper reunion and start releasing albums almost a decade after breaking up. They make the jump from teen pop to adult(?) pop with surprising dignity, managing to bring maturity to their original sound without losing too much of its danceable appeal. It’s still just as cheesy, but in a more grown up kind of way. The chipper Y2K production is traded out for an orchestral disco sound that has more of a “club” vibe to it; the lyrics are melodramatic, but they belt them out with such conviction and the arrangements are so theatrical that it just works. Like the title implies it’s a lot of romantic songs, with huge beats and choruses that match the huge emotions they’re singing about.
Positives: Unapologetically big pop, nostalgia factor, danceable
Potential Barriers: Melodramatic, might get repetitive
Sample Track: “Scared Of The Dark” is dramatic in the best way possible.

Woman Titles by Hot Dad (’80s Synthpop)

  • For Fans Of: Weird Al Yankovich, Bleachers, ’80s movies without the problematic stuff
Description: Hot Dad is a comedy YouTuber who mostly makes joke music (you might recognize this video), but that doesn’t mean he’s lacking in musical talent. For this album he sets his sights on parodying the melodramatic try-hard pop of the ‘80s, and what results is a collection of surprisingly touching songs that slap harder than you’d expect. This album aggressively respects women, and while it’s played for comedic effect there is something sweet about the earnestness of it; this level of sincerity is so powerful it has to be filtered through a lens of irony. It helps that the synth-drenched production is genuinely fantastic, offering up some of the hard hitting synth-rock that would make the era proud. It really adds gravity to the lyrics, making things like “sharing a meal” and “having your parents meet” sound truly epic.
Positives: Hardcore ‘80s vibes, smart songwriting
Potential Barriers: Potentially obnoxious vocals/lyrics
Sample Track: “Girl Touch” is a swirling dance tune about the magic of… bumping a girl’s hand.


A Bnny Nghtmr II by Bnny Rbbt (Horror Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Lemon Demon, Halloween (as in, the holiday), eccentric high concept artists
Description: This album is a haunted house: “spooky” and grimy, but in such a plastic, campy way that’s kind of charming. It’s pop music viewed through the filter of funhouse mirrors, with genres being warped and twisted into unnatural forms. There’s a steadfast commitment to a horror movie aesthetic with broken down sounding instruments and dark themes, but the songs beneath the style are always listenable and memorable. The Bnny Rbbt character has a distinct voice characterized by inhuman growls and angelic (autotuned) falsetto, which is in some ways grating but in a lot of ways mesmerizing. It’s an “ugly-pretty” album of contradictions but the end result is a very unique project, and a possible Halloween classic. (Side note: It’s also a visual album, with an elaborate alternate reality game attached, if that’s your thing.)
Positives: An interesting aesthetic, spooky, songs can be addictive
Potential Barriers: The weirdness can be off-putting, polarizing vocals, might take a few listens to appreciate
Sample Track: “Guillotine” is subtly catchy and showcases many of the album's "gimmicks"

Coloured by Priscilla Renea (Country + R&B)

  • For Fans Of: Kacey Musgraves, Lil Nas X, modern historical dramas about black women
Description: You’ve definitely heard Priscilla Renea’s work before because she’s a prolific songwriter who’s worked with just about everybody, but she’s an amazing singer in her own right who’s dropped some far too underrated solo music. She’s spent years writing hits for pop/r&b artists, but unexpectedly it’s her country roots that most inform this album. She captures the storytelling spirit of country music on many of the songs with talk of boots, denim, and broken families abound. A rootsy country twang blends with modern sounding trap and 808s, and she brings further influences into the mix depending on the track. It’s a boldly genre blending album that preaches messages of acceptance, at times romantic and at times political.
Positives: Very fresh, good for country fans and pop fans, great vocals
Potential Barriers: Slower songs might drag
Sample Track: “Jonjo” is a funny little song that shows off her country/trap sound.

The Much Much How How And I by Cosmo Sheldrake (Folktronica + Indie-Folk)

  • For Fans Of: Surfjan Stevens, Hozier, Disney’s Fantasia movies
Description: Remember that one episode of SpongeBob where SpongeBob had to lure the jellyfish out of his house and back into the fields by playing a tune with just Gary’s eyeballs, and then the sounds of nature combined to make a song? That’s the best way I can describe what’s happening here on this album. The production on this album seems to have a life of its own, it bubbles up naturally as the songs wear on almost like it’s playing with us. There’s a quirky sound palate that sounds carnivalesque, but also medieval, but also somewhat electronic? It’s always boldly cinematic though, constantly evoking something even if you aren’t sure what it is. With his earthy voice he sings us folksy tales as if we’re kids around his campfire, giving the songs a solid indie-pop backbone underneath all of the pizazz. This is a wholly unique album that doesn’t quite sound like anyone else on the scene.
Positives: It’s different, colorful, songs are surprisingly catchy
Potential Barriers: It’s weird, might be too far from pop music
Sample Track: “Wriggle” shows off quirky sound of the album.

Seen It All by Shea Diamond (Soul + Blues)

  • For Fans Of: Alabama Shakes, Tina Turner, strutting down hallways
Description: With her unique voice and powerful songwriting Shea Diamond feels like a breath of fresh air. This EP is a scant five tracks but each one of them sounds like a hit! Offering up blues tinged songs about her experiences as a black trans woman in America, she brings a sound and perspective that’s sorely lacking in the mainstream pop scene. Her music is unapologetically sexual and political, but still bright and upbeat, which makes for a very interesting combination. There’s a foot stomping energy to her music that makes the songs feel anthemic, fully living up to the straightforward strength of her lyrics. Her voice is rich and gritty but has a warm tone, and her somewhat unpolished vocals are really fun to listen to over wailing guitars and slamming percussion. Her music brings light out in dark times, and it’s catchy to boot.
Positives: Strong vocals and songwriting
Potential Barriers: Political themes
Sample Track: She was signed after Justin Tranter heard her sing “I Am Her” at a rally.
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2020.02.28 23:55 shmeshica_shmabbit My lil wolf pack and I are moving to Jax!! Where is the best pet friendly area for young professionals? (Helpful info: Budget is $1300/mo max, and I have only 2 weeks before the start date of my new position) Thanks in advance to anyone with advice!

My lil wolf pack and I are moving to Jax!! Where is the best pet friendly area for young professionals? (Helpful info: Budget is $1300/mo max, and I have only 2 weeks before the start date of my new position) Thanks in advance to anyone with advice! submitted by shmeshica_shmabbit to jacksonville [link] [comments]

2020.02.21 10:25 Saarstriker Release Friday - Die Releases der Wochen [21.02] - Ab jetzt wieder Regelmäßig

Heyho Leute, nach langer Abwesenheit bin ich mal wieder da und versorge euch jetzt jeden Freitag mit einer Liste der neusten Releases. Heute fangen wir an mit den Releases der letzten zwei Wochen, ab Freitag dann nur noch die der aktuellen Woche. Aktuell sind die Releases noch nicht sortiert komplett richtig sortierrt, dies ändert sich aber ab "bald". Viel Spaß!
  JETZT AUCHT MIT YOUTUBE LINKS! (Aktuell sucht der Bot nach dem ersten Video, was bei der youtube Suche erscheint. Daher kann es sein, dass die Links nicht immer korrekt sind. Vorallem falls es kein Video dazu gibt.)
Wie ihr seht sind auch teilweise die Daten etwas kaputt, bis Freitag läuft dass dann :)
  Falls ihr noch Songs/Alben habt die aufgenommen werden sollen, einfach kommentieren.
Artist Name Spotify Release Date
Various Artists Taubenleben Soundtrack Spotify 18-02-2020
Eno Bonität Spotify 20-02-2020
Mudi, Enes Maktub Spotify 21-02-2020
Prezident Alles ist voll von Göttern Spotify 21-02-2020
Artist Name Spotify Youtube Release Date
102 Boyz, 65Goonz Packs auf mir Spotify Youtube 20-02-2020
Ahmad Amin, The Cratez Lionel Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Anonym, Seyed Cortez Spotify Youtube 20-02-2020
B-Tight Keine Gefangenen Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
BINHO, Lukees FAKTEN Spotify Youtube 20-02-2020
BRADO, Ramo Wie ein Präsident Spotify Youtube 20-02-2020
Behdad, Payman Gute Vibes Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Credibil Söz Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Der Plot Fundamentalisten Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Doezis Wer!? Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Doktor Sterben, Pretty Mo, CORNETTI Cinderella Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
EREN CAN, BATU Lucy Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Ely. Hooligan Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Erabi Alles schon gesehen Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
FOURTY WEISSER RAUCH Spotify Youtube 20-02-2020
Haszcara Hautnah Spotify Youtube 20-02-2020
Haze Rache der Laster Spotify Youtube 20-02-2020
Hemso, Ramo Wo bist du (feat. Ramo) Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Horst Wegener Rollen zehn/zwölf Spotify Youtube 20-02-2020
JACE CHICOS Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
KASIMIR1441 KK Spotify Youtube 20-02-2020
Kamiqaz Kühlergrill Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Karate Andi Spitzenprodukt Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Kilomatik, Marlo DESERT EAGLE Spotify Youtube 20-02-2020
Krime Taschen leer Spotify Youtube 20-02-2020
Kronkel Dom GQ & TMZ Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
LUCHS, OJAM a random rapper, Streichelzoo Gucci Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Lakmann Hussellaa Spotify Youtube 18-02-2020
Lemur Computerspiele Spotify Youtube 17-02-2020
Lil Lano Barbie Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
MAJAN Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Marvin Game Orbit Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Mois Drama Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Money Boy MVP Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Plusmacher, The Breed Briefumschlag Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Sadiq Medellin Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Samra Schüsse im Regen Spotify Youtube 20-02-2020
Sugar MMFK, Lolito Malade Spotify Youtube 20-02-2020
Thepak Kriminel Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
Ufo361 Rich Rich Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
YUN MUFASA Aha Spotify Youtube 21-02-2020
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2020.02.19 00:56 D2TournamentThreads WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon Survival Guide

WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon

Presented by WePlay!

Sponsored by Parimatch and McDelivery


English English 2 English 3 English 4
Russian Russian 2 Russian 3 Russian 4

Broadcast Talent

Sheever (Jorien van der Heijden)
Casters & Analysts:
ODPixel (Owen Davies) GoDz (David Parker) LizZard (Admir Salkanović) Lacoste (Dominik Stipić) Capitalist (Austin Walsh) Kyle (Kyle Freedman)
Offsite Commentators:
Zyori (Andrew Campbell) MoFarah (Jack Williams) Elevated (Donnie Chell) Nomad (Jared Bajina) Danog (Matt Joyce) Fluke (Luke Pate)
PimpmuckL (Jonathan Liebig)


Aggressive Mode: skiter, BorNija, Skylark, Lil, SsaSpartan
B8: pio65, Dendi, Ghostik, KingR, LeBronDota
Gambit Esports: dream`, gpk, Shachlo, XSvamp1Re, fng, Coach: distilled
Infamous: Timado, Robo-Z, Sacred, sl4d1n, Papita
Nigma: Miracle-, w33, MinD_ContRoL, GH, KuroKy
Ninjas In Pyjamas: Daxak, TANNER, Lelis, Universe, ppd
Team Secret: MATUMBAMAN, Nisha, zai, YapzOr, Puppey, Coach: Heen Cooman, No[o]ne, Resolut1on, Zayac, Solo, Coach: boolk


Group A Group B
B8 Aggressive Mode
Gambit Esports Nigma
Infamous Ninjas In Pyjamas
Team Secret


Group Stage:

  • Two GSL groups of four teams each
  • Decider match are Bo1, all other matches are Bo3
  • Top team in each group advance to the semifinals of the upper bracket
  • 2nd and 3rd placed teams advance to the quarterfinals of the upper bracket
  • Bottom team in each group is eliminated


  • Double-elimination bracket
  • Grand Final is Bo5, all other matches are Bo3


Day 1 (Wednesday Feb 19)

ID Team vs Team Result Cntdwn (EEST) PST EST GMT CET SGT AEST Stream
A1 Team Secret vs B8 2:0 14:00 4:00 7:00 12:00 13:00 20:00 0:00 EN1
A2 Gambit Esports vs Infamous 2:0 14:00 4:00 7:00 12:00 13:00 20:00 0:00 EN4
B1 vs Aggressive Mode 2:0 14:00 4:00 7:00 12:00 13:00 20:00 0:00 EN3
B2 Ninjas In Pyjamas vs Nigma 0:2 14:00 4:00 7:00 12:00 13:00 20:00 0:00 EN2
AW vs 2:0 17:00 7:00 10:00 15:00 16:00 23:00 3:00 EN1
AL vs 2:0 17:00 7:00 10:00 15:00 16:00 23:00 3:00 EN2
BW vs 2:1 20:00 10:00 13:00 18:00 19:00 2:00 6:00 EN1
BL vs 2:1 20:00 10:00 13:00 18:00 19:00 2:00 6:00 EN2

Day 2 (Thursday Feb 20)

ID Team vs Team Result Cntdwn (EEST) PST EST GMT CET SGT AEST Format
AD vs 1:0 14:00 4:00 7:00 12:00 13:00 20:00 0:00 Bo1
BD vs 1:0 15:30 5:30 8:30 13:30 14:30 21:30 1:30 Bo1
QF1 vs 2:0 17:00 7:00 10:00 15:00 16:00 23:00 3:00 Bo3
SF1 vs 2:0 20:00 10:00 13:00 18:00 19:00 2:00 6:00 Bo3

Day 3 (Friday Feb 21)

ID Team vs Team Result Cntdwn (EEST) PST EST GMT CET SGT AEST Format
QF2 vs 2:0 14:00 4:00 7:00 12:00 13:00 20:00 0:00 Bo3
L1-1 vs 2:0 17:00 7:00 10:00 15:00 16:00 23:00 3:00 Bo3
SF2 vs 2:1 20:00 10:00 13:00 18:00 19:00 2:00 6:00 Bo3

Day 4 (Saturday Feb 22)

ID Team vs Team Result Cntdwn (EEST) PST EST GMT CET SGT AEST Format
L1-2 vs 2:1 14:00 4:00 7:00 12:00 13:00 20:00 0:00 Bo3
L2 vs 0:2 17:00 7:00 10:00 15:00 16:00 23:00 3:00 Bo3
WF vs 0:2 20:00 10:00 13:00 18:00 19:00 2:00 6:00 Bo3

Day 5 (Sunday Feb 23)

ID Team vs Team Result Cntdwn (EEST) PST EST GMT CET SGT AEST Format
LF vs 0:0 15:00 5:00 8:00 13:00 14:00 21:00 1:00 Bo3
GF vs Winner of LF 0:0 19:00 9:00 12:00 17:00 18:00 1:00 5:00 Bo5
Countdown times are in EEST. All times are subject to change based on the length of matches and delays. Other match discussions: /dota2 on Discord
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2020.01.27 04:49 ar_david_hh Jan/26/2020 :: What has changed in Armenia under Pashinyan? :: 100 facts about New Armenia :: Daily news collection, stay informed about the Anti-Corruption busts, Politics, Economy, Diaspora, Daily Life, and more...

The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty. Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise. Archived posts by Idontknowmuch : PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4.
100 changes in Armenia - continuation from last year
During his now-traditional press conference, PM Pashinyan brought 100 facts about the New Armenia. He said:
1) Tax revenues +505bln in 2018/19. They returned 200bln to taxpayers (inject). As a result, in 2018 govt owed 275bln to taxpayers, while only 76bln in 2020.
2) GDP +7.5% in 3 quarters, highest in EU/EAEU/CIS. Higher than 2018/17 by 1.3%/1.6.
3) Planned capital expenditures in 2020 are +30%/90/21 versus 2019/18/17.
In 2020 there will be 102bln additional such expenditure, reaching 4.1% of GDP, significantly higher than in the past. The capital expenditure for 2020 is 288bln.
For the first time in history, Armenia won't take loans to support the budget. Any external loan will be about specific causes, approved by Parliament.
4) Social services +11%/18/20 vs 2019/18/17.
5) Budget's financing for economic activities (տնտեսական հարաբերություններին) is +47%/74/51 compared to 2019/18/17.
Financing for housing +27%/96/82 vs 2019/18/17.
6) Road repair financing in 2020 is +91%/104/64 vs 2019/18/17.
North-South highway project spending +2.4x (2.4 times) vs 2019. For Gyumri road repairs +3x vs 2019.
7) 3bln to be spent for the 1989 earthquake survivors, which is 6x. 453 families will get homes. In the past, it was 45 families per year.
8) 227 quake survivor families got 1.3bln in vouchers to buy housing, in 2019.
9) Defense spending +28% (+307bln) vs 2018, or +4.5% vs 2017.
An unprecedented amount of equipment, weapons, jets, TOR units, artillery, rifles, ammo. These are new weapons, and not heavily used in the 1980s.
10) Foreign investment inflow in Jan-Sep 2019 was $2.174bln. That's up 28%/41 vs 2018/17.
Foreign direct investments were $454mln or +18% vs 2018.
11) In 2019 govt had 57 investment programs totaling 212bln in priority areas of the economy. 3,320 new jobs are expected.
12) Foreign reserves were $2.849bln by the end of 2019, that's up 26%/23 vs 2018/17.
Central Bank purchased $565mln and didn't sell, which is unprecedented and indicates financial stability.
13) $500mln Eurobonds were printed. Armenia pays less interest because the % for new bonds were 3.95% while the old re-purchased bonds were 6%. This saves us $10mln/year. (Pashinyan running his Ponzi scheme on a global scale now)
14) 81,534 newly registered jobs since the revolution. The share of high paying jobs is up.
15) The employed population share was 49.3%/46.8/46.3 for 2019/18/17. Unemployment is down.
16) IRS-visible sales receipts +38%, trade turnover +22%.
17) 230 high-tech firms (30 from the diaspora) got tax waivers in 2019. 1200 new jobs.
18) Tourism +14.4% as of Jan-Sep 2019v2018.
In the 3 quarters, tourism from Russia +76%, Germany 2.2x, France 2.3x, Italy 63%, Netherlands 99%, Iran 13%, Georgia 12%, Canada 44%, Ukraine 32%.
Internal tourism +46%.
19) 4,319,618 people visited Armenia in 2019. That's +27% since 2017. In 2019, 10.5k more people arrived than left.
20) Various international reputable media outlets recommended travel to Armenia.
21) Exports in 3 quarters +9%. Imports +6.6%. Armenia will have its customs agent in Upper Lars border entry point.
22) Govt approved the investment project for small/medium greenhouse farms. This will help farmers to spend less and get more money from their yield. Govt will subsidize 33% (50% for bordering regions) of building costs.
23) In 2019 govt issued 8,000 agricultural loans worth 32bln at 0%-5% interest. The number of recepients is +73% vs 2018, while the loan amount is +61%. (big if true).
24) Improved the subsidy and loan program for high-tech agriculture and vineyard. 50% money-back for building 0.5ha-10ha sized gardens. 0%-2% interest rate for a loan.
25) Smart Barn program began for farmers. Govt covers 50% of barn building cost. 70% for disabled veterans or bordering residents.
26) Launched the cattle breeding subsidy program. >500 cattle purchased at 0%-2% interest.
27) The farming equipment subsidy program. Hundreds of tractors and other equipment worth 1.7bln were given. 1.7x more recipients. 2% interest for loans.
28) Exports of apple +32%, cherry 35, grapefruit 96, mulberry/fig 86, strawyerry/raspberry 172, the sour cherry 27, tomato 23, cucumber 266, cauliflowebroccoli 45, radish 58, shrooms 148, pepper 47, eggplant 657 (thicc), watermelon 50.
2019 was a unique year with no emergencies during grape collection and storing.
29) After 1-year negotiations with Iran, govt got a permit to export cattle through Iranian territory (presumably land?). Farmers won't have to pay a fortune to fly their cattle to deliver to Iran, Kuwait or Qatar anymore.
30) Launched a farming insurance pilot program. 30,000 ha lands in 6 provinces will be insured. Govt will pay 50% of the insurance premium, or 60% if it's against frost. (Press F to quit your job and become a farmer now)
31) Boosted small online trade by eliminating a 2250 Dram border Post Office searching tax.
32) Launched the One Window investment portal to help foreign investors learn the rules.
33) 460km roads built, repaired, subsidized. 350km was strategic. That's as much as 2015-2017 combined.
34) 16.3bln worth 462 subsidized programs for provincial infrastructure and welfare. 382 are done. 46 settlements had their water pipes renovated. 10bln to be spent in 2020.
35) Took steps to improve garbage collection in provinces. 220% more contracts signed vs 2017. 24 settlements received 1.2bln worth 44 pieces of equipment to clean up themselves.
36) Moved car border import registration service near Gyumri. 189k cars imported, 3x the 2018 (mostly for resale in other countries).
37) Poor population -2.2%, it's at 23.5% now, the lowest. The extremely pool population share went from 1.2% to 1%. The numbers are calculated by the World Bank's methodology used since 2009.
38) In 2020 there will be new programs for birth benefits, young families, families with kids.
Aid for having 1st child +6x, 2nd child 2x. Monthly child care subsidy from 18k to 26.5k, while in villages they will receive 53k (2x).
Preschools will have extended hours to help working parents.
After giving birth, govt will help the family to purchase a house in provinces with subsidies.
Kids can get medial health more easily without the need to present a special paper.
39) Minimum teacher wage for մեկ դրույք is now 108k. They can earn more depending on student count.
3.5x more spent on a program that subsidizes transport fees for teachers (3,000) and kids (1,000) who travel to get to school.
Govt expanded the group of provincial students who can receive housing rent aid while staying in Yerevan for education.
2,498 teachers were re-trained.
40) Govt will give a monthly pension (5k-25k) for 1 year to those students who make it to international olympiad finals.
45 students will be sent to a Silicon Valley university for tech and entrepreneurship education, at govt's expense.
41) 950 emergency crew workers got a 10% raise this month. Arts teachers' +25%, sports teachers +56%. This covers 5,000 workers.
42) Yerevan's budget revenues up 30%/56/48 vs 2019/18/17. It crossed the 100bln mark for the first time, reaching 107bln.
43) Mortgage boom issued by banks. There were 29k mortgages as of 2017, 33k as of 2018, 41k as of 2019 or +20%.
Mortgage portfolio balance +38%, totaling 393bln in 2019.
Commercial banks' mortgage sum increased by 99% in 2019 vs 2017.
As part of the program to help young families to get a mortgage, there was a 43% increase in issued funds in 2019 vs 2017.
Yerevan's construction is booming. 48% more permits vs 2017, or 76% vs 2018.
44) IRS refunds some money paid towards the mortgage. In 2019, 64% more people took advantage of this or +180% vs 2017. IRS's refunds went up 69%/227% vs 2018/17.
45) Emergency crew salaries went from 90k to 130k. 600 forest protectors got a 20% raise and new uniforms.
46) Mental health service workers' minimum salary +30% since 2020.
47) The minimum wage went from 55k to 68k/mo. 130,000 workers saw a ~20% raise.
In addition, 272,000 workers will see a salary raise in the form of paying fewer taxes due to the flat tax system. This keeps up to 4bln/mo in workers' pockets.
48) 1.9bln was given to help buy housing for 300 kids who graduated orphanages. They are added to the job-seeking list autoamtically and given a priority. This ensures the govt does something it was supposed to do since 2003.
49) In 2020 Yerevan will build an 18-floor apartment complex building. Residents of 3 dangerously unstable buildings will be relocated. The 3 dangerous buildings will be given to private investors who will build tall buildings in place. The city will then take some of those new apartments.
The same will be implemented for relocating lesser dangerous building residents in the future.
50) After 10 years of inaction, govt will give 1.5bln in housing aid to 112 refugee families who escaped Azerbaijan.
51) 1,000 low-income families who receive poverty aid will be given cattle so they can do their lil' business. They'll also receive food and veterinary service for free. Families won't lose their poverty aid for a year if they work and make money (an encouragement).
52) Govt will pay the utility bills for 63 lonely pensioners living in communal housing.
53) Govt expanded the years that are covered under the program that provides aid to families of fallen soldiers or soldiers who got wounded. The clock was reversed back 19 years to cover old incidents.
54) 80 veterans from bordering regions received housing aid, and houses, as part of 2 subsidy plans.
248 vets will receive housing soon. 150's case is being discussed. 49 families of fallen soldiers will receive housing.
55) Higher Qualification Committee approved 6 PhDs and 216 other degrees. This number is significantly down from previous years 46/317. (thanks, Nikol)
56) 1,230,000 people visited govt-observed museums. +18%/33 vs 2019/17.
14.6k visited during New Year's week. 11.9k purchased tickets, while 2.7k kids got free tickets.
57) A new tradition to end the year with classical music. The State Symphony Orchestra was full in the holidays. Theater attendance +25%
58) Govt increased funding for several Armenian cultural music groups by 700mln: Kamerayin Nvagakhumb, Jazz, Komitas qaryak, etc.
59) The lowest amount of water drainage from Lake Sevan in 5 years. Pulled 144mln m3 or 56mln less than in 2018, well below the legal limit.
A law was passed prohibiting govt from pulling more than the set limit without Parliament's permission unless they officially declare a drought.
60) Electricity consumption +5.8%. Solar electricity production +2.6x. Wind +2.1x.
61) Nature Ministry implemented a $2.5mln aid program to help poor families living near Khosrov and Dilijan Parks so they will less likely cut nearby trees illegally for economic reasons.
The program to plant 10mln trees in 2020 has begun. Companies are involved. They're obtaining mini-trees from Iran, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.
For the first time, HayAntar forest protectors got 424mln to restore forests. 940 seasonal jobs.
62) Charcoal imports +500% vs 2017. The number of importing companies +22%.
Construction wood imports +77% vs 2017. The number of importing companies +51.
This shows a successful fight against illegal deforestation and people's reliance on legal materials and energy sources. Some monopolies lost market share.
63) 21k abandoned car skeletons collected from the streets and nature in late-2019. (Pashinyan's pet peeve whenever he's on cocaine.)
64) SIS recovered 7x more stolen money YoY. More than in the past 11 years combined. This is the hard cash alone, without counting asset freezings.
Tsakhkadzor's Golden Palace, which was built with embezzled then laundered cash, is now a state property and is placed on auction for 7.5bln. (Kocharyan has left the chat)
65) IRS's legal actions collected 60% more cash YoY or +90% vs 2017.
66) A child trafficking ring was uncovered involving foreigners adopting newborn kids. 2 Armenian workers are suspected of abducting >30 kids.
67) 543 people are facing felony charges for being registered as fake employees in various municipalities since 2018.
68) Starting Oct-2019 Nubarashen and Armavir prisons are getting higher quality food from private firms. This helps families because they don't have to buy and send decent food at their expense.
69) The points-based driving penalty system is implemented. The priority is no longer to get money from drivers. It'll help reduce violations.
70) MAGIC WAND! The gas and electricity delivery system reduced its waste associated with transfer losses. Numbers inside.
71) Military industry expenditure +30% in 2019.
72) 40 military barracks get high-quality food from private firms. Frontline soldiers also get honey, fat, garlic, and black pepper. Still working on boots and clothing quality improvements. This reduces the financial burden on families because they don't have to send food anymore.
For the first time, barracks are given extra "pocket change" every month to make sure the unforeseen costs are covered.
73) Unprecedented military training in late-2019. This increased our trust in the military and their capabilities.
74) US House and Senate recognized the Genocide. Partially due to diplomatic work.
75) Armenia was appointed to the UN board that oversees human rights protections until 2022. General Assembly's 144 countries picked Armenia.
UN unanimously adopted an Armenian resolution to declare July 20th as Chess Day.
76) Successfully presided over EAEU in 2019. Armenia invited Singapore, Ian, and Moldova to cooperate. Singapore signed a free trade agreement with EAEU.
77) World IT Congress held in Armenia. 2500 experts (plus Kardashian) from 70 countries, 20 country Ministries. World coverage.
$7mln products sold through tech booths in Qatar, Singapore, Uzbekistan.
78) Visa regime cancellation with China, Serbia, and Qatar. Sweden, Slovakia, Serbia, Netherland decided to open embassies.
79) Armenian soldiers continue their peacekeeping missions. Sappers cleared 124,000 m2 lands in Syria. 8,500 patients treated.
80) All-Armenia charity fund now attracts a lot more donors. (emphasis is on small donations from many people, instead of big donations from fewer people)
The number of donors: 3200/6000/9600 in 2017/2018/2019.
81) For the first time, several low-cost airlines entered the market in the same year because of law amendments. Routes went from 6-7 to 10 for now.
82) 29% fewer Armenians (2670) asked for asylum in EU or -47% vs 2017.
83) Fitch's rating increased Armenia's to BB- after a long pause. This means Armenia can borrow $ for less interest, and investors are more confident.
Moody's also increased the rating to Ba3.
International institutes revised their economic growth predictions for Armenia to increase it for 2020/2021. All while the world is doing badly.
84) Freedom House says Armenia shares the 8th place with France with internet freedom. Armenia is the leader in the region. (hasn't happened since Tigran Mets when he accidentally downloaded Syria)
85) "Time" outlet called Armenia the Tiger of Caucasus because of economic changes.
86) In Legatum institute's prosperity index Armenia jumped 7 positions to 61st place. Best result in a decade.
87) Gallup's law and order rating says Armenia is sharing the 7th place with Switzerland. In the "safety" index Armenia shares 11th place with Japan and some EU.
88) UN says world food prices went up 6% YoY. Armenia had a 0.3% decline in food and alcohol prices.
89) Changes made to who/how gets elected to high ranking offices. The head of the Anti-Corruption Committee was selected by the opposition. Cadastre Committee chief was picked from the job applicant reserve database.
90) Govt spent 271mln to ensure a high-quality New Year's celebration. Many went to Public Square.
20k people attended Pashinyan's speech in LA's grand park, the largest gathering for an Armenian leader's speech in the diaspora.
91) For the first time, the acting leader visited the Investigative Committee to testify/interrogated about a case.
92) Armenia bought 10 emergency vehicles for Artsakh. (🚒 incoming)
93) Lowest deaths in the military.
94) 1,000 largest taxpayers paid 13% more YoY. +32% vs 2017.
95) The first-ever "Modern Day Hero" ceremony held in Gyumri. The govt is promoting business-minded people by telling their success stories. 13 businesses received awards. This will happen every year.
96) 320 members of the judicial system received new computers to replace 2005 Pentium դռդռիկ-s.
97) My Step foundation and govt helped 1,000 border kids to visit Yerevan's museums and festivities during New Year. 2,800 visited since 2018.
98) The number of padavat cars used by officials is down 448. The lowest ever.
99) Surpassed Georgia with GDP per capita, and will surpass Azerbaijan this year.
100) 72bln additional money will be spent in 2020 to pay soldiers, rescuers, forest protectors, teachers, all minimum wage earners, pensions, aid. High ranking officials' budget is up 1bln.
Բա երանի չեր Սերժի վախտ էսքան գրելու կարիք չկար:
Tag #100facts 100changes PashinyanFacts WhatHasChanged
In other news...
On Saturday, Pashinyan gave a press conference during which he claimed Constitutional Court chief HHK Hrayr Tovmasyan tried to appease him and even made unethical offers to "manage things together" because Tovmasyan knows the inner workings of the Constitution since he wrote it.
Tovmasyan threatened to sue Pashinyan unless he provided evidence.
Pashinyan - now it appears sarcastically - said he would soon deal a massive and disproportionate blow by providing the evidence.
On Sunday he wrote a Facebook post with more detail. He said:
Below is a picture of Tovmasyan's pen (valued at 550 Euros, 290k). I've been thinking, should I throw it in the trash or to keep it? I decided to keep it as a reminder of the a**kissing (used a less profane language).
After being elected as PM, I first met Tovmasyan in May-2018 during an All-Armenia charity event. He was sitting next to me. His appeasing conduct was strange to me, especially since my actions (revolution) crushed his team a few days earlier.
He was referring to me exclusively as "Dear Mr. Pashinyan" (պարոն Փաշինյան ջան), "Dear Mr. PM". This continued for as long as we were communicating. Till this day his "ջան" words are ringing in my ears.
Then he remembered that he was a bride from Ijevan (where Pashinyan comes from).
I wanted to write something for my speech but couldn't find a pen. He offered me this elite pen (pic below). I wrote something and gave a speech. He wouldn't accept the pen back after I tried to return it: "It's your pen, please, take it, I insist." The interaction was becoming awkward publicly.
Long story short, this pen became the symbol of faithfulness and loyalty. Did I think at the time that this pen would later be used as a piece of "material evidence"?
Anyhow, attempts were made by various people to meet me. I rejected.
Then July 5th approached. I received pleas to participate in the reception held in Constitutional Court. I rejected it several times because I knew that the man who occupied the Constitutional Court (Tovmasyan) was trying to win legitimacy with that move.
(Side note: This alleged event happened before Kocharyan was charged with a crime. This indicates that Tovmasyan had "issues" well before he was involved with Kocharyan's trial.)
Then we met during the 2019 Easter. He began to appease to (my wife) Anna by thanking her for granting his daughter an education pension. This crossed the line and I realized they didn't get the message. They truly didn't.
Then the person, who was recently mentioned, came to me and said that Tovmasyan is wondering why I'm not using his abilities since he is the one who wrote the Constitution.
I sent him to a far-far place.
Tovmasyan will sue Pashinyan for alleged defamation:
This is the event during which when Tovmasyan gives the iconic pen to Pashinyan. The followup isn't in the video:
The govt will create a new anti-corruption investigation agency, besides the recent creation of the Anti-Corruption Committee.
The new investigative agency will be tasked with doing something that is currently being done by several agencies: SIS/NSS/IC.
Practice and the international agencies advise that corruption investigations should be done by one agency to make it more efficient.
legal matters
In 2009 the Lower court sentenced a Felon to life in prison for beating and killing someone in 2003.
The verdict was appealed in various courts but it was left intact, sometimes under the explanation that the Felon didn't file the appeal on time.
In 2011 the law that sentenced the Felon was changed. The court held a meeting about this and decided that the Felon should be punished by whatever the new law says. The Felon was given a harsher punishment.
Recently, the General Prosecutor reviewed this case and found this to be a critical error by the court. The Felon was only supposed to be sentenced for whatever was a crime at the time he committed the crime, but not by whatever was declared a crime at a later date.
Due to an Oct-2018 Constitutional Court precedence allowing such cases to be appealed, the General Prosecutor decided to take the case back to Appeals court.
A sad picture of an illegal budka waiting to be removed from Yerevan's Ajapnyan district. #BudkaGenocide
A documentary about how H&M, GAP, and other clothing brands use sub-contractor factories in Indonesia that, mildly speaking, don't care about poisoning nearby rivers and crops by dumping the unfiltered chemicals into rivers. On the other hand, some factories introduced a 12-stage filtering process to recycle the contaminants, while leaving the filtered waste-water in a drinkable form. This filtering process increased the price of their fabric by (only) 10%.
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2020.01.13 22:05 KeezyLDN The history of 410

A history of 410 (formerly known as OC), from Brixton, south London.
The Guide to UK Drill has a short paragraph about 410, but for people new to UK Drill (or not from the area) I thought you might find their actual backstory interesting. It's also a demonstration of how deep the UK Drill scene actually goes.


The gang originated in the Myatts Field Estate in Brixton (SW9). Their territory also includes the nearby Vassall Road and Cowley blocks. The area borders with Camberwell (SE5), Kennington (SE11) and Walworth (SE17) on one side, and with Angell Town Estate in Brixton on the other.
OC stood for 'Organised Crime' or 'One Chance'. The Myatts Field Estate was nicknamed 'Baghdad', and Myatts Field associated with the colour green.

Early 2000s

OC (Myatts Field Estate) were linked with PDC (Peel Dem Crew, from the neighbouring Angell Town Estate). They were also cool with a set called SMS (South Man Syndicate). Some of the earliest music from OC was collaborations with SMS and PDC artists:


In this era, prominent OC members included Lox, Boost, Troopz, Syikes, Kearz, Komoshen, Mad Mikes, Rampz, Sleeks, Ratty and many others. At this time their main beef was with Peckham (Shoot Instant/PYG) and Black Prince (BYM) from Kennington.
Death of Tiny Alien
In 2006, a young OC member named Tiny Alien was murdered by BYM (now known as Kuku) at Black Prince, Kennington. He went to Kennington on a glide but ended up getting stabbed to death. His death made further media headlines after photos emerged of him posing with guns. He was only 15 when he died, and the younger generation's biggest loss.


Younger members of OC (Tiny OC) became more active in music and in general. They included Young Troopz, Looch, Lil Dread, Killa Buzz, Madantz, Fire Armz and others.

The birth of GAS Gang - minor OC v GAS feud
In this era, the gangs PDC (Angell Town Estate) and MZ (Somerleyton Estate) disbanded. The youngers from Angell Town and Somerleyton, led by Ard Adz, formed GAS Gang. At first there was resistance from Myatts Field, and a feud started between the GAS (Angell Town/Somerleyton) members and OC (Myatts Field) members. In the following track, OC members take shots at GAS:
GAS members responded taking shots at OC, over the same beat:
After this, the Brixton olders squashed the beef between Myatts Field (OC) and Angell Town/Somerleyton (GAS), and they became united again. Kinda important because they were facing a united enemy: the Peckham Boys (SN1, SI and PYG).
Political Peak and Ard Adz made light of the 'Hard Bars' diss tracks by merging their verses into a new track called 'Beef Eww'. It had a music video but that got taken down.
GAS Gang became an alliance between the young members from Myatts Field, Angell Town, Loughborough and Somerleyton - four major estates of Brixton. The younger members from Myatts Field repped both OC and GAS. Older members from Myatts Field just repped OC.
GAS was represented by the colour green (for Myatts Field) and purple (for Angell Town):


In early 2008, a prominent OC member Ratty was shot dead on the Myatts Field Estate, and the murder is unsolved to this day:

Peckham 'Gunshot Riddim' v Brixton 'Bullet Riddim'
The war between Brixton (OC/GAS) and Peckham (SI/PYG) was fully cracking at this point. In early 2008, SI/PYG released one of their first music videos, filmed at the Peckham multi-storey car park:
That summer there were back-and-forth shootings between OC and SI members. In one incident, OC rode out on Walworth Road and caught Snap Capone and Butch (SI members) slipping. Snap and Butch ran into the Costcutter store and OC shot at them from the outside, but ended up killing a civilian. That made big media headlines. One thing that has to be mentioned was that OC were ruthless, they didn't care if civilians got hit if they were in the way. "Civilians move" mentality.
Not long afterwards, OC/GAS released a response track to Gunshot Riddim in which OC members mocked Snap and Butch for running in the above incident: "remember what we flew in Wooly Road" ... "had you running in the shop like you're buying suttin" ... "my dargs only run when they see the riot van" (etc). The video was filmed on the Myatts Field Estate:
Gunshot Riddim v Bullet Riddim was the start of the back-and-forth diss music videos between Brixton (OC/GAS) and Peckham (SI/PYG). Cracking on the streets and over Youtube. In my opinion, this era was the origins of what we now call the UK Drill scene.

Lox and Kearz release solo mixtapes
In 2008, Lox released the mixtape 'I Du Diz 4 Fun', and Kearz released 'King of the Fields'. Both mixtapes were full of shots towards Peckham. Lox's mixtape was notable for his remix of 'Talking The Hardest'.
In December 2007, Giggs (Peckham) released the 'Talking The Hardest' freestyle. In 2008, Lox responded over the same beat, dissing the Peckham Boys and especially the Shoot Instant set (which Snap Capone was a member of). This is a legendary music video in the Peckham v Brixton beef:

OC members popularised certain terms and phrases, which were associated with them through their music. The most famous examples were "cruddy" and "la la la", common catchphrases and adlibs in OC/GAS songs.

Brixton (OC/GAS) links up with Old Kent Road (OBY)
GAS leader Ard Adz continued to build alliances against Peckham, and linked up OC/GAS with OBY from Old Kent Road (SE1). Old Kent Road was nicknamed 'Brooklyn' and they were also beefing Peckham at the time. The most prominent OBY member in music was John Wayne. The first track they made together was 'Brooklyn to Baghdad' (Old Kent Road to Myatts Field):
Ard Adz went to prison soon afterwards. Young Troopz continued the music collaborations between Brixton and Old Kent Road, releasing two music videos with John Wayne in November 2008:
A month later, December 2008, PYG members released 'Coming Up'. In the second verse, M1 (aka Young Gunna D) disses OC: "you little pricks make me laugh when you're talking 'cruddy'...". Just a few weeks after Young Troopz dropped 'Cruddy'.


Brixton v Peckham continues
It would be way too long to list all the disses and responses between Brixton (OC/GAS) and Peckham (SI/PYG) at this point, but the beef was cracking. It was popularly followed by young Londoners across the city, in the same way that UK Drill beef is now. Many of the music videos were uploaded to a YouTube channel called Southbitz (since been deleted), and each topped a million views. I'll just mention a few tracks, but there were many more:
PYG responded to 'OC/GAS - Bullet Riddim', in which OC mocked Peckham members for running during a shooting on Walworth Road. 16-year old Young Size (PYG) starts the track by stating: "You had two turners but never turned nothing, when I roll up on your block I'ma turn something off. He thinks he can try come Wooly Road and bark it off, but when I ride up on your block, little dickheads sliding off":
In early 2009, Giggs (Peckham) released a music video for 'Freestyle 09'. At this time Giggs was the hottest rapper in the game, and had recently won the first ever 'Best International Act' at the BET Hip Hop Awards. In April, OC/GAS released 'Ard 3Style' over the same beat. The song includes various disses towards Giggs and Peckham, and the music video was filmed on the Myatts Field Estate:
In May 2009, PYG members Stigs and Shocks dropped a music video for 'Rec A G' - one of the most legendary tracks to be dropped by youngers in the UK scene. The song doesn't mention anyone specifically, but it's clearly directed at Brixton. A month later, OC/GAS dropped a block freestyle in which they diss Peckham back. They reference lyrics in 'Rec A G' and mock Shocks' adlib "ya liar":
In summer 2009, PYG members Shocks and Young Size released 'Police & Thief', dissing Brixton. In response, OC/GAS released their reply, dissing Peckham over the same beat. It became one of the biggest tracks in the scene that summer, and the music video was filmed on Myatts Field Estate:
That year, Young Troopz was the most active OC member in music. By this point he was considered one of the best youngers in the UK scene. He was also one of the more respected young members on road.

'The Truth' CCTV video
In 2009, the police were investigating certain Peckham (PYG) members due to their war with Brixton (OC/GAS). Police sent the Peckham members' lawyers CCTV footage of Brixton and Peckham sliding on each others' territories, as proof that they had evidence of their involvement. A PYG associate took the footage, annotated it and uploaded it to Youtube.
Part 1 of the footage shows PYG members sliding to Angell Town Estate in Brixton at night. Part 2 shows OC/GAS members sliding to the Peckham frontline in broad daylight. The annotations were written to to make OC/GAS look bad. The original upload was in better quality and gained over a million views, but this is the only clip left on YouTube:
After PYG uploaded the footage, OC/GAS and their allies YRS (Young Roadside G's) released the video 'Ur Liars', accusing PYG of lying in the annotations and cooperating with the police for the CCTV footage:
PYG member Young Size filmed himself on the Myatts Field Estate to further disrespect OC/GAS:


The new year saw Political Peak return to music, dropping the mixtape 'More Than Peak Vol.1'. Two music videos from the project, featuring OC members Syikes, Madantz and Killa Buzz:
Political Peak and Sneakbo became frequent collaborators, dropping a number of OC/GAS music videos through the year. Two of those tracks stood out as classics. 'Touch Ah Button' was one of the biggest songs in the scene, from the playgrounds to the clubs. In an old interview, Drake said that 'Touch Ah Button was his first introduction to the UK gang/rap scene, an interest he's maintained to the present day:

The fall of Young Troopz
Young Troopz wasn't active in music in 2010 because he and several other OC members were on trial for the 2008 murder on Walworth Road. In the end, Young Troopz was jailed for 5 and a half years for possessing the gun used in the murder. It was believed that Young Troopz talked during the investigation, so he was kicked out of OC and banned from Brixton. From this point onwards there's no mention of him by Brixton members in music or on social media.

Peckham civil war
2010 was also the year of the Peckham civil war: a major split within the Peckham Boys which reshaped territories and alliances within the Peckham, Camberwell and Walworth area. This pretty much brought an end to the Peckham v Brixton war.


Murders puts media spotlight on OC and Myatts Field
OC were once cool with ABM (M Block), a gang from nearby Stockwell. However, ABM had sided with TN1/86 (Tulse Hill) in their increasing beef with Brixton. Plus Brixton were linked with 031 (Wandsworth Road) who were ABM's main opps. These ties caused OC and ABM to fall out.
In March 2011, OC members Killa Buzz, Madantz and Kaz cycled from Myatts Field to Stockwell to score on ABM. Two members of ABM ran into the Stockwell Food and Wine store to hide, and OC shot into the store from the outside. The bullets hit the shop owner and his 5-year old niece Thusha Kamaleswaran, paralysing her. CCTV of the incident was released by the police, which was a big media story at the time. Killa Buzz was sentenced to minimum 17 years, Madantz and Kaz both got a minimum 14. This was only a few years after the Costcutter shooting in 2008 under similar circumstances, so a lot of scrutiny was put on OC:
In May 2011, a 16-year old OC member Nathan murdered a 15-year old boy named Temidayo Ogunneye on the Myatts Field Estate. Temidayo had gone to Myatts Field to retrieve a Blackberry that had been stolen by young OC members earlier that day, but got stabbed to death once on OC territory. Following his trial, Nathan was sentenced to a minimum of 14 years:

OC leaders leave gang life
A female pastor named Mimi Asher was living on the Myatts Field Estate. She opened her house to OC members, and over time helped many turn away from gang life:
Two outstanding members of OC, Lox (Karl Lokko) and Boost (Terroll Lewis), found Christianity and left gang life behind. They have both been open about their former lives:

In this period, younger OC members like Tiny Syikes became more active in music:


OC change name to 410
The name OC had been tarnished by relentless media scrutiny, its main leaders had left road, and its beef with Peckham had died. It was like an old era had ended, and a new era was beginning.
Also Myatts Field Estate had been undergoing regeneration by this time, with the old blocks getting replaced by modern apartments. These changes were the inspiration for the new name of their gang. The Myatts Field Estate was being renamed as Oval Quarter, so members took (Oval Quarter) and flipped it to become 4/10. From now onwards, OC began to be known as 410 (four-ten).
Younger 410 members continued releasing music:

GAS Gang splits
In late 2013, a leading GAS member from Somerleyton Estate (5 Star) accused a leading GAS member from Angell Town Estate (Sneakbo) of snitching, and dropped a statement in this tweet. GAS Gang split as a result: the Angell Town faction formed 150, and the Somerleyton faction left as Siru/Siraq. The two blocks beef each other to this day. Myatts Fields (410) remained close with Angell Town (150), as they were before the GAS era.


In May, 410 had their first Westwood crib session featuring the some of the more senior members Political Peak, Fire Armz, Syikes, Kearz, Troopz, Looch and VI:

Early UK Drill era
Alongside 150 and 67, the younger 410 members were pioneers of the early UK Drill sound. In June 2014, Baby Troopz (aka BT, the younger brother of Young Troopz) released his first solo video:
In September 2014, members BT, Tiny Syikes and Rendo released '4 Door Coming'. The song is considered a classic UK Drill track, and has since been referenced numerous times by other UK Drill artists:
410 ended the year with a 'No Hook' by BT, YS and Rendo, the first 'No Hook' in UK Drill. Rendo's verse was considered one of the best in the early UK Drill scene:


410 started the year with an anthem including senior and younger members:

UK - Chicago Drill history made
In May 2015, Chicago drill artist THF TP used the '410 - 4 Door Coming' beat for his track 'THF TP - Bus Stop'. That's the first time a Drill beat from a UK song and producer was used by a Chicago drill artist. Bus Stop is considered a classic in the Chicago scene.

The rise of the duos
BT and Rendo continued releasing music together consistently, and became many people's favourite duo in UK Drill. Some of the more prominent releases that year:
AM and Young Rendo (aka Skengdo), part of a younger generation of 410 members, started releasing music together. They would develop into many people's favourite UK Drill duo's in time:

F Block mixtape
In October 2015, 410 released the F Block mixtape, a classic squad tape in UK Drill.


410 started the year by dropping anthems.
The duo of BT and Rendo dropped 'Ten Toes', one of the most gassed tracks of the era:
The younger members Sparkz, Skengdo and AM started the year with 'Think Again'. The final verse by AM was very highly rated when it dropped:
410 also had their second Westwood Crib Session, featuring BT, Rendo, Tiny Syikes, VI, YS, Mo Squeeze, Troopz and Looch:
Overall 2016 was another productive year for 410 with its main rappers (BT, Rendo, AM and Skengdo) consistently dropping music. Some examples:

Around this time, 410 was mainly occupied by its long term war with Kennington. 410 (Myatts Field) and Harlem (Kennington Park) are rival sets located very close to each other. Several 410 and Harlem members were childhood friends, due to how close both areas are. However, gang loyalties turned those childhood friends into gang enemies.
'Tennessee' is a chicken shop on Brixton Road, located between 410 and Harlem territory. In 2016 an infamous stabbing took place at that Tennessee, with police releasing CCTV of the incident:
410 and Harlem both mention that chicken shop in their lyrics when dissing each other, to imply that they won't step beyond it into enemy territory:


Golden era for 410
In January, 410's rivals Harlem dropped 'Harlem Spartans - Kennington Where It Started'. It's considered by many as one of the best UK Drill tracks of all time. A couple of weeks later, 410 dropped 'Crash', one of Skengdo & AM's most iconic tracks:
In February, Skengdo & AM followed it by dropping 'No Lotion', 'Foolishness' and a collaboration with 17 (Wandsworth Road):
In March, AM follow up with 'No Filter', in which he takes various shots at Harlem:
March also saw 410's third Westwood Crib Session, featuring Skengdo, AM, BT, Rendo, J1, Yamz (Young AM), Blackz and 3 Rounds. Constant shots taken at Harlem:
At this point the beef between 410 and the Harlem Spartans was the biggest storyline in UK Drill. Both gangs were dropping popular tracks and continually taking shots at each other. In the midst of this hype, Skengdo & AM dropped their iconic 'Mad About Bars' freestyle. At over 20 million views, it's the most watched video ever released by 410:
In summer, 410 filmed a 'Behind Barz' freestyle and a block cypher at the Cowley blocks, featuring Skengdo, AM, Rendo, Syikes and Blackz:
On the same day, 410 also filmed two music videos:

Return of Sparkz
In late 2017, Sparkz return to music dropping 'That's Funny', filmed in the Cowley blocks:
410 also had their fourth Westwood Crib Session, featuring younger members Jayslapit, Blackz, Young AM and Sparkz:

Skengdo & AM drop debut mixtape
Skengdo & AM finished the year by releasing their debut mixtape, '2 Bunny' and their debut 'Fire In The Booth' freestyle on BBC 1Xtra. This was accompanied with multiple video releases, including:

BT & Rendo release 'Boom Bow' mixtape
In 2017, BT & Rendo released the 'Boom Bow' mixtape. Unfortunately it's been removed from YouTube and all streaming sites (which is a shame, because it's one of the best mixtapes in drill). In February, BT dropped a video for the mixtape's intro track:
In summer, a video was released for track 6: '2 Man Step'. The modern background in the music video demonstrates how much regeneration has changed the Myatts Field area:
In the autumn a music video was dropped for track 16: 'CR4SH£RS'. It's the first appearance by Tiny Syikes since he returned from a brief stint in prison:
After Skengdo & AM's 'Mad About Bars' freestyle in April 2017, fans were demanding a freestyle involving BT, Rendo and Tiny Syikes. 410 ended the year by dropping it for Christmas:


In January, 410 dropped a Radar Radio freestyle with Peckham's Zone 2. The freestyle is notable for the shots AM takes at Harlem Spartans and Moscow17. Those bars are later used in his track 'Attempted 1.0':

In March 2018, Oboy (a member of Kennington's Kuku gang) released 'WDYM'. The track takes direct shots at 410 members including AM, Skengdo, Young AM, Blackz and Syikes:
410 members responded directly with 'Attempted 2.0' and their own 'WDYM', taking shots at Kuku and Harlem members:

The rise and fall of of JaySlapit
Young 410 member Jayslapit made his music entrance in 2017 with 'J.T.F.I' and the Westwood Crib Session alongside Young AM and Blackz. In 2018, JaySlapit raised his profile with more song releases and two acclaimed solo freestyles. JaySlapit's rise was halted after being imprisoned for 11 years on firearm and drugs charges:

Negative media spotlight on UK Drill affects 410
Moscow17 is a gang based on the Brandon Estate in Walworth (SE17). They are enemies of 410, and they border 410's territory. In 2018, two prominent Moscow members and drill rappers were murdered: 17-year old GB was shot dead May 2018, and 23 year-old Incognito was stabbed to death in August 2018.
Prominent 410 member Tiny Syikes was shot in Myatts Field in May 2018. Incidents like these put an intense media spotlight on the gang violence in the area, and wider events in London whipped up a media frenzy over UK Drill music:
In 2018, London's Metropolitan Police responded by increasingly censoring and banning UK Drill. This included deleting popular UK Drill videos and forcing new content to be censored. Skengdo & AM were hit with a gang injunction, banning them from performing 'gang-related' music at their December tour.

Skengdo & AM tours and new mixtape
Skengdo & AM were signed by the label Finesse Foreva (FF). In March and April they took part in their first tour, with three dates in Birmingham, Manchester and London:
In September, Skengdo & AM released their second mixtape, 'Greener On The Other Side'. The mixtape is notable for the track 'Pitbulls' featuring Chief Keef, a landmark UK-US drill collaboration:
The duo ended 2018 with a December tour, with five dates in Manchester, London, Bristol, Nottingham and Birmingham:


Legal trouble for Skengdo & AM
In January 2019, Skengdo & AM were nearly sent to prison after violating their police gang injunction. During their December 2018 tour they performed material that had been banned by the police, so they were given suspended prison sentences:
In April 2019, Skengdo & AM had an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra, in which they discussed their gang injunction and police censorship:

Skengdo & AM maintain consistency
Despite their January legal troubles, Skengdo & AM continued releasing music. The duo dropped two tracks early in the year:
In July, AM released a highly rated solo track:

BT, Rendo, Tiny Syikes and YS return to music
In 2019, legendary 410 duo BT & Rendo returned to music for the first time in over a year. They dropped 'Longtime' in February, referring to how long it's been since they last released material:
Tiny Syikes (now also known as TrapStack) also returned to music in 2019, for the first time since being shot in May 2018:
YS also returned to music in 2019 under the name SMoney. After releasing a solo track, this collaboration with Rendo was their first visual release together in four years:
Alongside the return of several older 410 members, younger members including Sparkz, Lil Rass, Young AM and Blackz kept up 410's relevance in 2019:

Skengdo & AM drop the 'Back Like We Never Left' mixtape
From August, Skengdo & AM started dropping material from their new mixtape. The young member JaySlapit had sent to prison for 11 years, so the duo released '3 JaySlapit' in his honour:
In September the duo released 'Crash x GBG', a collaboration with Angell Town artists M24 and Stickz, as well as the more mellow 'Tugg':
In October, the 'Back Like We Never Left' mixtape was released. Two more music videos from the project dropped:
Skengdo & AM finished the year by dropping a Daily Duppy freestyle on GRM Daily, and Skengdo's hotspot freestyle on Pacman TV:


AM and Syikes started the year with individual Hotspot freestyles:
In January, a music video for 'No Love' was also released. The track is a collaboration with 17/TOG (Wandsworth Road) and was recorded before JaySlapit went to prison:


That's a brief history of 410. It could have been longer but that's more than enough 😂
For anyone wondering, my favourite 410 song from the early drill era is 4 Door Coming, and my favourite from the recent drill era is Trapping & Stacking.
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2019.12.27 20:33 dorkprincess BTS Time Capsule 2019

For 5 years now, I’ve been making a time capsule to document BTS’ growth from 2015 onwards. You can see all the old time capsules on this wiki page!
Without further ado, here’s BTS’ 2019 time capsule, enclosed December 27, 2019 at 2:32PM EST to be opened sometime between December 21, 2020, and December 31, 2020 (Ideally at approx the same time again ;)).


  • There are seven members.
  • BTS is under Big Hit Entertainment.


  • Most recent work: Map of the Soul: Persona, the group's 6th EP
  • Music show wins: Through Boy with Luv promotions, BTS won 21 awards on music shows, which is the most music show wins of all time
  • Achievements: BTS broke a bunch of records with Persona; here’s a full list. Most notably: - Persona is the best selling album of all time in South Korea - Boy With Luv achieved the first perfect all-kill of 2019 - BTS is the fastest group to debut 3 #1 albums on the Billboard 200 since The Beatles - BTS are the first Korean artists to have more than one song on the Hot 100 (Make it Right at #95, and Boy With Luv at #8; the groups’ highest-charting single to date!) - Persona is the first Korean album to spend multiple weeks at #1 on the Billboard 200 - Boy With Luv spent 8 weeks total on the Hot 100, being the band’s personal best, and LY: Answer has spent more than a year on the Billboard 200 (and is still going) - BTS was also the first Korean group to reach the #1 spot in the UK, Scotland, New Zealand, and Australia
  • Soundtrack: BTS also released a soundtrack for their mobile game, “BTS World,” titled “BTS World OST” which became the first soundtrack album to receive the double platinum certification since Gaon implemented it last year
  • Solo: - j-hope released a single with Becky G titled “Chicken Noodle Soup” that also broke some records - RM released a remix of Old Town Road titled “Seoul Town Road” with Lil Nas X - V released his first single, titled “Winter Bear”
  • Certifications: - Boy With Luv received a platinum certification by the RIAA, and MoTS: Persona is eligible to become platinum - Their Japanese single, Lights/Boy With Luv, received a million certification from RIAJ (their highest yet!), has sold over 750k on Oricon (extending their record as best-selling foreign artist in Japan and the first foreign artist to sell 1m+), the pre-orders for the single surpassed 1m, breaking Celine Dion’s 24 year old record, and BTS WORLD TOUR 'LOVE YOURSELF' ~JAPAN EDITION~ DVD has received a gold RIAJ certification
  • Collaborations: BTS has collaborated with multiple big-name artists this year, such as: - Halsey (Boy With Luv) and (SUGA’s Interlude) - Ed Sheeran (Make it Right) - Lauv (Make it Right Remix) - Lee Sora (Song Request) - HONNE (Crying over you) - Heize (We don’t talk together) - Charli XCX (Dream Glow) - Zara Larsson (A Brand New Day) - Juice WRLD (All Night) - Epik High (Eternal Sunshine)
  • Charting: Spring Day continues to be the longest charting song in Korean history, going over 1000 days


  • 33rd Gaon Disk Awards: Best digital song (Bonsang) and Album of the Year (physical); Bonsang + Daesang
  • Seoul Music Awards: Best Album Award for Love Yourself: Tear
  • Korean Music Awards: Musician of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Song for Fake Love
  • Billboard Music Awards: Top Duo/Group
  • MTV VMAs: Best K-KPOP Music Video
  • American Music Awards: Favorite Duo or Group - Pop/rock, Tour of the Year, and Top Social Artist
  • Melon Music Awards: BTS won all 4 daesangs (first artist to do so), as well as many other awards
  • MAMA: BTS again won every daesang (first to do so), as well as many other awards
  • Variety Brunch: BTS won Group of the Year (here is explanation for the event)
  • BTS was the presenter for “Best R&B Album” at the 2019 Grammy Awards
  • BTS and Bang PD were also invited to join the Recording Academy Class of 2019


General News

Love Yourself: Speak Yourself World Tour

  • BTS was the first non-English speaking act to sell out and headline Wembley Stadium
  • The concerts at Rose Bowl broke the record for highest-grossing single engagement in the venue's Boxscore history, surpassing Taylor Swift's and U2's previous dates
  • All dates for the Speak Yourself Extension sold out within 2 hours, and second days were added due to demand
  • The tour also became the highest grossing concert tour in the world that took place in May 2019, grossing $51,666,038 with 384,498 attendees in the month
  • Their stop in Saudia Arabia made them the first ever Korean group to play in the venue, despite some controversy
  • The Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour extension alone grossed $116.6 million and sold 976,283 tickets.
  • The Love Yourself World Tour ranked at number three on Billboard's 2019 Year End Top 40 Tours chart worldwide, with a worldwide gross of $196.4 million from the last 42 shows of the tour. In total, the tour was attended by 2,019,800 people, becoming BTS' most successful tour to date and the highest grossing concert tour by an act that performs primarily in a non-English language
  • BTS are No. 45 on Billboard’s decade-end top touring artists chart, being the highest ranked Asian act and only non-English speaking act on the list


Music Videos

(Only using 1theK’s channel, or ibighit if that’s the only place it’s uploaded)
In order of most views at the time, all in millions
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
DOPE: 36.2m views DOPE: 119.0m FIRE: 252.9m DNA: 574.9m DNA: 892.1m
BiL: 32.0m FIRE: 90.9m DOPE: 247.6m FIRE: 467.9m BwL: 651.5m
Danger: 24.5m BiL: 81.4m BST: 231.2m FL: 406.3m FIRE: 632.9m
INU: 23.3m BST: 72.5m DNA: 214.9m DOPE: 405.1m FL: 629.9m
WoH: 22.5m Save ME: 58.4m Not Today: 174.5m MDR: 399.6m MDR: 600.7m
(No Data) Danger: 54.6m BiL: 173.4m BST: 385.6m IDOL: 592.4m

Social Media

- 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Most Recent X X X X X
Followers 541.000 2.2 million 7.6 million 14.7 million 21.7 million
- 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Most Recent @BTS_twt X X X X X
Most Recent @BTS_bighit X X X X X
Most recent #김데일리 (#KimDaily) X X X X X
Followers 1.6 million 3.96 million 11.4 million 17.4 million 23.2 million
Note: RM doesn’t really use the #KimDaily hashtag anymore, but he still takes pics that look exactly like them.
- 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Most Recent X X X X* X
*Plus some Japanese releases.
V Live
- 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Most Recent X X X X X
Followers 1.5 million 3.7 million 7.1 million 11.7 million 16.6 million
- 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Most Recent X* X X X X
*151220 Eat Jin in case it's taken down
Hope on the Street
- 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Most Recent X X X X X
- 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Most Recent Bangtan Bomb X X X X X
BANGTANTV Subscribers 1.1 million 2.5 million 5.5 million 13.8 million 24.2 million
- 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Daum 195.548 405k 698k 1.2 million 1.5 million
Weverse - - - - 2.8 million
- 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Most Recent - X X X X
Followers - 755k 1.1 million 3.4 million 4.7 million
- 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Monthly Listeners - - 8.7 million 9.8 million 13.6 million
Followers - - 2.7 million 8.1 million 15.2 million
- 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Followers - - - - 6.5 million
Most Recent - - - - x


- 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Subscribed 970 5.411 17.689 44.122 93.160
Online 16 74 375 541 745
Top of All Time BTS Run MV by beepingsheep with 66 upvotes (Screenshot of top 6) Blood, Sweat & Tears MV by mllelingling with 459 upvotes (Screenshot of top 6) DNA MV by FFED00 with 1.358 upvotes (Screenshot of top 6) Fake Love MV by JJJJAKE1 with 2.334 upvotes (Screenshot of top 6) Boy With Luv ft. Halsey MV by _lish_ with 2,966 upvotes (Screenshot of top 6)
Today's 'Hot' Page X X X X X
Most Recent BTS Projects - Rice Wreaths for V Jimin’s Birthday Project* Jimin’s Birthday Project** 2018 Census Results
*Jin & V’s Birthday gifts were on the way - and the secret santa + census was being processed! **Ongoing: Secret Santa, Census, Jin + V’s Birthdays
There might be some mistakes/things I missed in this crazy year, so please do let me know if I need to add or change anything! (I will prob be editing the formatting of this post for a while lol)
Also, for extra feels, check out this timeline of BTS over the decade!
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2019.12.27 17:11 C_Rufio 2020 Lineup Rumor/Confirmation Thread

Here it is! Our yearly megathread for rumors and confirmations for the Lollapalooza Chicago Lineup. Feel free to comment here if you see artists we can rule out or confirm or start speculating about.
Confirmed: Artist has confirmed themselves through verifiable means or a major publication (such as Variety confirming Ariana Grande back in January for 2019)
Rumored: Artist is confirmed through hearsay or through a 3rd party site. Take with a grain of salt.
Likely: Artist is on tour and skips Chicago or has a decent gap around Lollapalooza
Possible: Artist is active (playing other major fests and touring) and free during Lolla weekend
Out: Artist is booked through Lolla weekend, Overseas during Lolla weekend without time to get back and play in Chicago, or the artist is playing Chicago close to the festival (Note: The radius clause is always changing. It's getting harder and harder to truly rule artists out. Some bands play in Chicago in June and end up coming back for Lolla so ruling artists out is tough)
Confirmed (Artists Confirmation, Lolla Confirmation, Legit Source)
Artist Source Link
The 1975 Confirmed by retweet from Jamie Oborne, head of The 1975's record label Dirty Hit and their manager. Brought to us first by u/yonoella Tweet Link
Rumored (Hearsay, "Insider" Sources. Take with a grain of salt.)
Artist Source Link
Brockhampton Insider info says they’ll play
Foo Fighters User u/jesus4jews2 (Note: this is not the same person as J4J who used to bring us scoops in the past) Lolla was using Foo Fighters in a bid to get a CPG Supplier to sign on for an activation at the festival. Also skipping Chicago on their May tour. Pretty much a lock. Comment Link
Illenium He liked a tweet from the Lollapalooza Speculation Twitter Account Tweet Link
Kid Cudi Insider message to me from the user that brough us the Tame Impala confirmation first last year for 2019. NOTE: Our insider has said that Cudi might get pushed back to next year because his album isn't far enough along.
Kim Petras An anonymous redditor has messaged me and confirmed Kim Petras. I can back this up.
Lizzo Lolla was using Lizzo (and Foo) in a slideshow for a bid to try and get a CPG Supplier to sign on for activations at the festival.
Ric Wilson A redditor with connections to the artist has confirmed him. Played Pitchfork last year.
Likely (Artist is on tour and skips Chicago/has a gap during Lolla)
Artist Source Link
100 Gecs Tour skips Chicago
beabadoobee Advanced Placement Tour skips Chicago. Opening for The 1975, also skips Chicago.
Burna Boy Tour skips Chicago with a gap for Lolla
Cold War Kids Tour skips Chicago
The Growlers Tour skips Chicago with Lolla sized gap
Lauv Skips Chicago on World Tour, has gap from 7/30-8/4. Lock him in.
Lewis Capaldi Playing Osheaga, just announced a string of dates in late July playing Detroit and St. Louis but not Chicago. Would fit either Thursday or Sunday.
Lovelytheband Tour skips Chicago, open Lolla weekend.
Maren Morris Tour skips Chicago, playing festivals
Possible (Artist is active and playing other festivals, open during Lolla weekend)
Artist Source Link
070 Shake Sold Out Show in February, Weekend Open
A Day To Remember Never played Lolla. Booked for international Lollapaloozas.
Absofacto Hasn't played Lolla, getting a lot of airplay on AltNation.
Anderson.Paak He has to play Lolla eventually, right?
Ari Lennox Playing Coachella.
ASAP Rocky Last played Lolla 2015. Playing some European Festivals in July.
BADBADNOTGOOD Last played Lolla 2015. Playing Coachella.
Bassnectar Last played Lolla 2015. Playing Bonnaroo.
Big Gigantic Last played Lolla 2016. Skipping Chicago on tour.
Big Sean Hasn't played Lolla since 2017. Releasing a new album in 2020. Playing Coachella.
Big Wild Playing Bonnaroo.
Billie Eilish Hits Chicago in March but only has 1 date at UC that sold extremely fast (usually artists can account for this when they book their tour). Her European tour ends in the UK on 7/30 (she could have enough time to come back and play 8/1 or 8/2). Played an afternoon Tito's set in 2018 and has since EXPLODED. Official Site
Bleachers Last played Lolla 2014. Playing Governor's Ball. Releasing new music.
Brittany Howard Playing Beale Street Music Fest. Rumored to be active on the festival circuit touring her solo album. Playing Bonnaroo.
Brockhampton Last played Lolla 2018. Released 2 albums since then. Playing Coachella.
Cage the Elephant Plays Lollapalooza every 4th year. 2011/2014/2017 - 2020? Released Social Cues in 2019 and has been touring. The bassist said that Lolla Chicago is his favorite festival to play in an AMA.
Calvin Harris Last played Lolla 2014. Playing Coachella.
Charli XCX Played Pitchfork 2019, Released New Album, Hasn't Played Lolla since 2017. Playing Coachella.
Chicano Batman Playing Coachella.
Chief Keef A Chicago area DJ on Twitter said it lol DJ Royal
Clairo Last played Lolla 2018. Released an album since then, tour ends in June.
Colony House Playing Bonnaroo.
DaBaby On tour. Ends July 12th. Playing Coachella and Bonnaroo.
Daft Punk Choo Choo
Dillon Francis Last played Lolla 2018. Released music since.
Diplo Playing festivals. Hasn't played Lolla solo since 2009.
Doja Cat Hasn't played Lolla. Playing Hangout and Coachella.
Dom Dolla Hasn't played Lolla. Playing Coachella.
Dominic Fike Hasn't played Lolla. Growing in popularity. Playing Gov Ball.
Duck Sauce Playing Coachella.
Duke Dumont Last played Lolla 2016. Playing Coachella.
Eminem Last played Lolla 2014. Released a new album.
Empire of the Sun Playing BottleRock.
FIDLAR Last played Lolla 2016. Released an album since.
Finneas Hasn't played Lolla solo. Doing more solo shows and playing Hangout. If Lolla books Billie, I'd expect Finneas on his own as well.
FKA Twigs Last played Lolla 2015. New album. Playing Coachella.
The Frights Last played Lolla 2017. Released music since then.
GRiZ Last played Lolla 2016. Playing Lolla Paris.
Grouplove Last played Lolla 2017. Releasing a new album and touring. Hits Palatine IL but not Chicago.
Gwen Stefani Never played Lolla solo. Booked for international Lollapaloozas.
The Head and The Heart Last played Lolla 2017. Announced a spring tour with no Chicago date.
Highly Suspect Last played Lolla 2017.
Hinds Hinted at an unannounced Chicago show.
Hiss Golden Messenger Hasn't played Lolla. Opening for The Head and The Heart, no Chicago date.
Inhaler Playing Osheaga. Has a lot of buzz.
J. Cole Last played Lolla 2016. Releasing new music.
Jamey Johnson Skipping Chicago with a gap during Lolla
Joseph Last played Lolla 2017. Released new music. Not hitting Chicago in their wintespring tour.
Joywave Last played Lolla 2014. New music since and in 2020. Chicago date at Metro is being held off on being announced for their tour, possibly until after Lolla announcement?
KAYTRANADA Last played Lolla 2017. Released new music since.
Kendrick Lamar Last played Lolla 2013. Released multiple albums since then and is rumored to release another album in 2020. Definitely due back.
Kota the Friend Playing Bottlerock and Governor's Ball
Lana Del Rey Hasn't played since Lolla 2016. Released music since then and playing Hangout as well as the SA Lollas and Coachella and Bonnaroo. Is not playing Pitchfork which makes her more likely for Lollapalooza.
Lil Nas X Playing Coachella.
Love Fame Tragedy Hasn't played Lolla. Side project from Wombats frontman Matt Murphy.
Mac Demarco Last played Lolla 2017. Released music since.
Major Lazer Last played Lolla 2016. Playing other festivals.
Margo Price Hasn't played Lolla. Opening for The Head and The Heart with no Chicago date.
Marshmello Last played Lolla 2016. Has grown since and could fit the into The Chainsmokers spot from 2019.
Martin Garrix Last played Lolla 2016. Booked for Spring Awakening last year but had to cancel so he could be re-booked there. Playing festivals overseas.
Megan Thee Stallion Hasn't played Lolla. Would fit the demo. Playing Coachella and Bonnaroo.
MGMT Last played Lolla 2010 (wow). Released a lot of music since then and they have new material coming in 2020.
Miley Cyrus Never played Lolla. Playing BottleRock and Bonnaroo and Gov Ball and Lolla Berlin
Missio Last played Lolla 2017. Playing Hangout, Firefly, Bunbury.
Moon Taxi Last played Lolla 2015. Playing Hangout.
Morgan Wallen Playing Bonnaroo. Lolla usually books a country artist or two that is on the come up.
MUNA Last played Lolla 2016. New music, playing Bonnaroo.
Mura Masa Last played Lolla 2017. Playing Coachella.
Neon Trees Last played Lolla 2010. New album in 2020. Playing Firefly and Bunbury.
Nine Inch Nails Last played Lolla 2013. New album and tour in 2020.
Of Monsters &amp;amp; Men Last played Lolla 2015. Playing Gov Ball.
Oliver Tree Last played Lolla 2017. Playing Hangout and Bonnaroo.
Orville Peck Hasn't played Lolla. Confirmed for Mo Pop Fest which has a lot of crossover with Lollapalooza. Playing Coachella and Bonnaroo.
Pearl Jam Hasn't played Lolla since 2007. Booked for overseas Lollas and US tour has no Chicago Date. Rumored to have 2 UC dates in the Fall which would rule them out
Phantogram Last played Lolla 2017. New album in 2020.
Porter Robinson Last played Lolla 2017 (cut short because of evacuation). New album coming 2020.
Post Malone Last played Lolla 2018. Was underbooked and has only grown in popularity since. Playing Hangout.
PUP Last played Lolla 2017. Released music since,
Red Hot Chili Peppers Last played Lolla 2016. Has a long history with the festival and is supposed to release a new album in 2020. Playing Hangout and Boston Calling.
The Regrettes Last played Lolla 2018. Playing Coachella and Bonnaroo.
Rex Orange County Played Lolla 2017. Released a new album in 2019. Tour ends in June. Playing Coachella.
Rich Brian Playing Coachella.
Rico Nasty Never played Lolla. Growing in popularity. Fits the demo.
Roddy Ricch Hasn't played Lolla. Playing Buku and growing in popularity. Fits the demo. Playing Coachella.
The Rolling Stones Skipping Chicago on their Summer tour (could just be because they're hitting spots they didn't hit last year)
Royal Blood Last played Lolla 2017. Starting to tour again in 2020.
Seven Lions Last played Lolla 2016. Playing Bonnaroo.
Slowthai Playing Coachella and Bonnaroo and Gov Ball.
The Smashing Pumpkins Never played Lolla Chicago. Playing Shaky Knees.
Snail Mail Playing Gov Ball. Played P4K last year.
Sofi Tukker Last played Lolla 2017. Tour ends in June.
Solange Never played Lolla. Playing Gov Ball.
Stevie Nicks Never played Lolla. Playing BottleRock and Governor's Ball.
The Struts Last played Lolla 2016. Played Riot Fest 2019. Playing Bonnaroo.
Subtronics Playing Bonnaroo.
Sub Urban Hasn't played Lolla. Played a lot on Alt Nation and fits the indie pop mold that Lolla books a lot of recently.
Summer Walker Hasn't played Lolla but fits the demo. Playing Coachella.
Tchami Playing Coachella.
Thom Yorke Playing Coachella.
Tones &amp;amp; I Never played Lolla. Playing Bonnaroo.
Trippie Redd Playing other festivals, Tour ends in April
Two Feet Canceled in 2018 but has been back and consistently touring and playing festivals with no issues. Releasing an album soon. Playing Chicago in May but this doesn't rule him out.
Tycho Last played Lolla 2018. New music and tour skips Chicago.
Tyler, The Creator Last played Lolla 2018. Released IGOR last year which was very well received.
Vampire Weekend Last played Lolla 2018. Would be the fastest return of an artist in the top 8 (unprecedented) but they played Lolla before Father of the Bride released and are playing other festivals. They skip Chicago on their tour while playing other Midwest dates and have a gap in the tour around Lolla. They are also likely to headline Piqniq which is a 1-day radio show in Chicago sometime in June.
Wallows Last played Lolla 2018 but has since released their full length album and they've been steadily growing. Playing other festivals like Hangout. Has a show in East Moline IL in June, otherwise doesn't hit Chicago. Playing Bonnaroo.
Whiskey Myers Skipping Chicago with a gap during Lolla
Whitney Played Pitchfork Last Year
Young the Giant Last played Lolla 2014. Released music since then. Playing Bonnaroo.
Yungblud Last played Lolla 2018. Released music since then. Playing Coachella.
Out/Unlikely (Artist is booked during Lolla weekend or plays multiple Chicago shows on tour)
Artist Source Link
Bad Bunny OUT: In Europe all of Lolla
The Black Keys Playing Tinley Park July 25th
Bombay Bicycle Club Unlikely: Playing EU festival during Lolla weekend
BTS Soldier Field June 5th and 6th
Caamp Playing in Evanston IL August 8th
Caroline Polachek Playing Pitchfork
Car Seat Headrest UNLIKELY: 2 Shows in May
Catfish &amp;amp; The Bottlemen Unlikely: Playing EU festival during Lolla weekend
Danny Brown Playing Pitchfork
Deftones Chicago Show 8/11
Faith No More OUT: September show at Tinley Park
Foals Unlikely: Playing Kendal Calling Festival same weekend as Lolla in the UK.
The Front Bottoms OUT: Chicago show on tour
Glass Animals UNLIKELY: Said they’ll be back in September at their recent show
Guns N Roses Wrigley Field July 26th
HAIM OUT: At Okeechobee they confirmed they wouldn’t be playing Lollapalooza
Halsey Playing Chicago 6/27. West Coast dates during Lollapalooza.
Hayley Williams OUT: Chicago show on tour
Jimmy Eat World OUT: Chicago show on tour
Kaleo Playing Chicago July 17th
King Gizzard &amp;amp; The Lizard Wizard Unlikely: Playing Poland Rock Festival same weekend as Lolla.
Kraftwerk Chicago Show July 21st
The Lumineers Played Chicago December 7th plus they have 2 shows at Allstate Arena in February. 3 Chicago shows in just a few months should be enough to rule them out. However, they have a Lolla sized gap in newly announced dates late July/early August so they are unlikely but possible. Official Site
Justin Bieber Soldier Field 6/19. Soldier Field is a 60k person venue. Can't logically see him headlining Lolla with a show that big 2 months before. Official Site
Lady Gaga OUT: Wrigley show 8/14
Matt Maeson Playing Chicago July 17th
Melanie Martinez Playing Northerly Island June 9th
Milky Chance UNLIKELY: June 12th tour date. Doesn't necessarily rule them out but hurts their chances for sure.
My Chemical Romance Playing Riot Fest
The National Playing Pitchfork
Phoebe Bridgers Playing Pitchfork
Poppy Playing Chicago with Deftones 8/11
Primus OUT: Tour date July 10th
Rage Against The Machine UNLIKELY: Playing UC May 19th, Tour Routing doesn't really allow for Lollapalooza
Run the Jewels Playing Pitchfork
Santana July 11th show
St. Paul &amp;amp; The Broken Bones UNLIKELY: Opening for Zac Brown Band in September at Wrigley
Tool UNLIKELY: Played Chicago in the fall, coming back to Moline IL on B-Market tour
Two Door Cinema Club Playing Low Festival in Spain the weekend of Lollapalooza. It's Friday/Saturday so not enough time for the band to come back to play in Chicago unfortunately. Official Site
Waxahatchee Playing Pitchfork
The Weeknd OUT: West Coast during Lolla and a Chicago Date in Late June.
Weyes Blood UNLIKELY: Opening for Nick Cave in September
Wolfmother OUT: July 10th tour date
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Playing Pitchfork
Yola Playing Evanston IL August 8th
Crossover with other festivals in 2019:
Coachella: 3 Headliners (this isn't normal), 21 Undercard.
Bonnaroo: 1 Headliner, 20 Undercard.
Governor's Ball: 1 Headliner, 14 Undercard.
Mo Pop Festival: 1 Headliner, 5 Undercard.
Hangout Festival: 0 Headliners, 9 Undercard.
Osheaga Festival: 1 Headliner, 34 Undercard.
Boston Calling: 2 Headliners (of theirs), 8 Undercard.
For the most up-to-date speculation, please follow our Twitter. I try to keep this updated but it’s a pain in the ass to update a table from my phone so I wait until I’m able to get on my computer to update this post.
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2019.12.27 00:05 VictoriaTIMMS My Rapist Doesn't Know He's Not Raping Me...

I’ve been living on my own for a few years now, though my little house on a quiet, deserted street still bares reminders of when I used to be half of a couple. My wedding picture is still on the mantle, and none of the rooms in my house have been particularly girly-fied.
I’m stuck with this house though. Between the mortgage-plus-interest payment, and having to insure it for its rebuild cost, and property taxes that get higher every year that the local school district’s dropout numbers go up, I figure another 324 easy monthly payments, and it’s mine, all mine.
I’m white, and female, and I work for a living, which makes me a triple minority in my city. So property values are particularly horrible around here, making “white flight” something that’s not an option for me. It’s got me to thinking that there must really be something to that whole “once you go black” saying. I mean, based on the W.I.C. and A.D.C. stat’s around here, somebody clearly keeps mating with these dead-broke dads. And it ain’t because of their hot job prospects, or their ability to pass on to their offspring respect for law and order.
So it must be the dick. The big, black cocks. Does it taste like chocolate, or what? I was going to find out….
Did I mention that I haven’t had a dick in my mouth, or in my snatch, for that matter, in about 3 years? Who has time for dating? But there’s always Craig and his List, isn’t there? So I picked the bro with the biggest, blackest dick-pic, and sent him a Whazzzzzuuuuppp? And he was interested enough to send me a one-word reply: Pix?
Now, I’m not a young hottie. But I figured, what a great way to quickly weed out all the guys who don’t find me attractive. I’d figure out how to use the camera on my iPhone, and how to get the pictures from the phone to the computer, and then, from then on, just start attaching the pictures to every ad I answer. Surely if I sent it to say, 100 black guys, one of them might be drunk enough or desperate enough to at least let me give him a blowjob, right? My feelings might take a hit, from the other 99 rejections, but I’d get over it.
Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. That very first guy suddenly became very, very interested. Evidently, my old iPhone takes such great photos, that it makes my ass look like Kate Winslet’s—a little on the big side, but not horribly ugly. And it turns out, that in some cultures, a “big bootied shorty” is actually rewarded for skipping the gym and scarfing down Ben and Jerry’s. Also, that thing about white women lusting after black dick? It turns out, that also works the other way around.
So the guy, whose name I didn’t know, and still don’t, so let’s call him Mr. Big Black Rapist, he wants to come over. And I want to let him. Do I live alone? He asks...
Now, call me a racist, if you must. But I really don’t want a black stranger to know that I live alone. I want him to come over ONCE; maybe even once in a while. But I always want him to do so with the knowledge that he has to leave. Soon. So the lie I tell him is easy to think of, because it used to be true.
I tell Mr. Rapist that I live with my husband. But that he works late every Friday, and always calls when he’s leaving work, to ask me what I want him to bring home for a late supper, so I don’t have to cook. “Today is Friday” he points out, correctly. So, against my better judgment, I gave him my address, telling him I’d be home at 6 o’clock and that my husband never comes home before 7 o’clock on Friday. Then I spend the rest of my workday at the shop trying to figure out how to assign my husband’s old ringtone to the phone’s timer, and set it to go off at 7 o’clock, so I can fake taking a call and get rid of this dude. I figure an hour is the most I want to devote to this endeavor. I stare at his dick-pic some more, and realize that whether I love it or hate it, anything more than an hour with that thing in my body will make it so that I either can’t chew, or can’t walk, or both, all day Saturday. “The shop is closed until Monday, because I’m sitting here in this pillow, gumming some apple sauce.” …is a message I don’t want to have to record on my business’s voicemail.
I got home a little ahead of time and spent an hour in the bathroom getting ready for this date that wasn’t a date. Shaved, perfumed, and just before 6 o’clock, powdered my nose. Oh, and I also had the forethought to dig through the dresser drawer and find my old wedding ring, sliding it onto my finger. Then I put on a pair of heels, and my husband’s old but rarely worn London Fog overcoat. And nothing more. See? I’m no spring chicken, but I know the difference between a date and what kids today call a “hook-up”.
Like a white guy to a job interview, Mr. Rapist arrived right on time. Came right in, made himself right at home on the couch, and unzipped. His cock was twice as big soft as my husband’s had ever been hard. Twice as thick, twice as long, and growing, just from watching me slowly undo the belt of the overcoat, and even more slowly slip it off my shoulders and letting it drop in a puddle at my feet, somehow managing to step over it in those ridiculous heels without taking a dive.
I sank to my knees between his legs, took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and took it into my mouth. My head instantly reeled with the shame of so willingly taking the penis of a black man into my mouth. Shame from realizing that my mouth had literally been producing drool in anticipation of this humiliating act. And more shame from realizing that it wasn’t the only orifice on my body to do so.
I sucked hard, slowly gliding my head up and down, surprised to find that I could fit almost half of the monster cock in my mouth. The slightest moan escaped from his lips, though I sensed that he’d tried to suppress it. I took the moan as a compliment, which I might have been a little starved for. He’d been so complimentary in the E-mails, yet hadn’t said a word upon arrival.
I sensed his arm out-of-place, and opened my eyes and looked up. Did he have his phone in his hand? Was he really texting someone while I was sucking his cock? “Are you really texting someone while I’m sucking your cock?”
“Naw baby! I’m just putting it on ‘airplane mode’ so we won’t be disturbed. You just keep suckin’, Bitch.”
Bitch? Really? He slid the phone back into his pocket, and used the hand to instead push my head back down on his cock. But it was different now. Using both hands, he wouldn’t let me reverse at the half-way point like I had been doing. And from there, he pushed down hard. While I used both of my hands to push away.
Turns out, he was stronger than me. And I gagged. And the instant I gagged, I lost all my strength, and the cock went all the way into my mouth, and into my neck. He mashed my head down farther, grinding my lips and nose into his pubic hair, which was as scratchy and abrasive as steel wool. I found I was able to exhale through my nose, but when I tried to inhale, the vacuum pressure sealed my windpipe tight around his cock. He relaxed his grip on my head, but now, because my lungs were desperately fighting to suck in air, I needed to use the same pushing motion of my arms just to pull my head off his cock!
His cockhead popped out of my throat like a cork from a Champaign bottle, because it had been lodged in there just as tightly. He let me pull my mouth completely off his cock, I’m guessing because my teeth must have scraped it quite a bit during the ordeal. I wasn’t trying to, but I felt like I was fighting for my life for a moment there, and the last thing I was worried about was his comfort.
But he still had his grip on my hair. “Muh dick needs a break, Bitch. Why don’t you suck on dees nuts for a while.” And with that, he mashed my face against his balls, twisting my hair painfully until I opened my mouth and sucked.
They were sweaty. And unshaven. And smelly. Unclean. But I was cleaning them. Giving them a tongue-bath, something that had never occurred to me to do with my husband, and that it had never occurred to him to ask me to do. And if he had, I would have thought that the idea was too degrading to even consider seriously.
And STILL, my pussy had not stopped drooling. “Harder” he said, as I sucked the big hairy balls clean, taking each one into my mouth and racing my tongue all around it before releasing it and sucking in the other one. Each one was a mouthful, and I couldn’t help picturing the sheer volume of semen that must be contained within them.
He was jacking his cock hard now, and I began to worry that he was going to spray that cum all over my face and hair, dousing me with a bucketful of the disgusting fluid.
It was starting to look like my poor pussy wasn’t going to be breaking its losing streak tonight after all. Suddenly, he pulled my face from his balls, and mashed his throbbing cockhead to my lips, which I kept tightly pressed together, for a moment anyway. “Open” he said, jacking his cock furiously with one hand, while holding my hair with the other. I shook my head “no”, and his eyes grew huge and angry. “OPEN!” He screamed, pulling his hand from his cock for a moment, and making a threatening fist. “OPEN, YOU FUCKIN’ CUNT!”
I opened.
He forced several thick inches of it inside my mouth, but left himself room on the shaft to resume his masturbation, harder than ever. “NOW SUCK, BITCH!”
I sucked.
He exploded. Burst after burst of hot cum catapulted into my mouth, filling it up completely, until some began leaking from the stretched corners of my lips.
We hadn’t discussed whether I would allow him to cum in my mouth. In my day, some girls did, and some girls didn’t. But the guy at least had to ask. Evidently, times have changed. We also hadn’t discussed whether I’d swallow it if he did cum there.
I waited for him to release my hair. And to let me pull away. But he didn’t. “Swallow.” He said. Again, I shook my head no, which now caused his cockhead to “stir” the cocktail of cum and saliva that my overfilled mouth barely contained. And again, I saw his eyes widen, and his fist pull back and clench menacingly.
I closed my eyes, and swallowed. Once, twice, thrice, four times. And after he pulled out, a fifth time, to keep from throwing up. He tilted my head upward, toward the light, and again said “open”. He looked inside my mouth, all around. And I realized he was inspecting me there, like you might a Golden Retriever to see if she had swallowed her heartworm pill. And as if to confirm that ignoble thought, he announced “Good Girl.”
He stood up, and helped me up. Then sat me down on the couch, and asked “You OK, Bitch?”
I nodded. He pulled some Subway napkins out of his pocket, and handed me one. “You done great sucking the cum outta me, n offa me, but I still gotta wipe you spit off da shaft. These my lucky underwear, and I don’ wanna git ‘em all icky.”
“Look, I know I was a lil’bit rough wit chu, baby. But that because you so sexy an fine! I could-n controw ma shit!
He tossed the soiled napkin onto the coffee table, next to my iPhone. “Look” he added, reaching into another pocket. “Here 20 dolla. Buy youself sompin, sompin jus fo you. A sexy bathin’ suit or sompin.” He slapped the wadded bill onto the coffee table. “There more where dat come from. Maybe I see you nes Friday, if I gots time. OK?”
I nodded. Knowing that that wasn’t going to happen. Knowing I was going to delete the throwaway CraigsList account the minute Mr. Rapist was out the door. I was pretty sure I’d gotten my fill of black cock, and then some. It would probably be a while before I wanted ANY dicks shoved in my face again, let alone a big black one.
And thankfully, before the conversation could get even more awkward, my iPhone sang “Who’s your Daddy! Who’s your Baby? Who’s your Buddy? Who’s your Man?” My husband calling, from beyond the grave, to rescue me, just a little too late. I lunged for the phone. 7 o’clock. I’d been having my face fucked for pretty much a whole hour.
“Shh.” I gestured to Mr. Rapist, my finger to my lips, as I put the phone to my ear. “Hey Babe! Yeah, Chipotle sounds good. Chicken, white rice. We’ve got wine. OK, see you in a few. Love you too! Bye.”
I guided Mr. Rapist toward the door, actually pushing him to hurry him up. And he submitted to the pushing. This time, it was his strength that was drained, and mine that was coming back to me. He was pushing at the door from the outside, while I was pushing it shut on him. “I be in touch nes week!” he stammered, and watched me nod one last time, just before the door latched, and the satisfying CLUNK of the deadbolt hitting home echoed into the darkness as I flicked the porch light off.
That last nod was a lie. I made a beeline to the computer to delete the account. But the previous nod, when he asked me if I was OK, right after he’d raped me? I was telling the truth. I was OK. I would be OK. There would be no grieving, no meltdown, no PTSD, and no therapy. And it wouldn’t be YEARS before I could look back on this and laugh. It would be a day or two. As soon as my mouth quit being swollen and sore. Because I’m not a teenaged blonde, not anymore. I knew the risks. I even knew the statistics on black crime. I knew there wasn’t just a passing chance that I could get myself raped by doing this. There was a serious chance. And if it happened, I knew it would be the type of rape that you couldn’t report. That there’d be no justice. That I would not be avenged. I cry rape; he says “Kindly look at these E-mails, Mr. Police Officer sir.” And this time, he’s suddenly speaking perfect English, and not Ebonics.
Case closed. Case dismissed. And the only thing to come from it is that I’m exposed for the lonely, cock-craving fool that I was guilty of being. So I had already known, in advance, that if it happened, I’d be ready to move on. It’s the promise that you have to make yourself before you put yourself in this position.
A part of me thought that even if I did get raped, I might enjoy it, at least a little. I mean, 3 years without any cock? If he’d have accidently rubbed his leg against my pussy while he was forcing me to suck his balls, I’d have probably had an orgasm. Seriously, I think that the only way that even a rapist could have avoided making me cum that night was by completely ignoring my vagina. Which he did.
He didn’t hurt me, really. And of course, he didn’t kill me. But I had known that he wouldn’t. And that’s a luxury many rape victims don’t have. I was lucky. The “she was askin’ for it” defense goes right out the window, if I would have shown up at the ER, black and blue and bloody all over, with broken bones and his skin under all my fingernails. And if I’d have ended up dead, everybody in my inbox would have needed to clear themselves with a quick DNA sample. So he couldn’t really hurt me, and we both knew it.
Still, I was on an apple sauce diet the next day, and it took a half a bottle of Scope to fully rinse the bitter taste of “diversity” out of my mouth. And it took even less effort to hit “Delete” on my computer, and delete Mr. Rapist from my life entirely, and forever…
Or at least until the next Friday. At 6 PM. Not having thought of him all week, I didn’t give a second thought to opening the door in answer to a friendly knock. He forced his way past me, after pushing a huge bouquet of flowers to my chest. He sashayed over to the couch, sat down, unzipped, and pulled his cock out, almost before I could say “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?”
“GET OUT! I’M CALLING THE POLICE.” Where the fucking fuck had I set my phone down? “No, Baby, please. You don’ wanna do that! I’d have ta esplain to ‘em that we was jus having a little lover’s spat. I’d be showin’ ‘em the E-may’s I saved. I’d tell ‘em how much fun we had, on our lil’ date las week. Or maybe I tell ‘em you a ho, and I paid you for that head job you gave me las week. I wroted down the serial digits. Gots it ri-here, in muh pockit. You still got dat twenny? In yo purse, or in dat little piggy-bank over dere?”
“I SPENT it, you bastard. And it didn’t quite buy me a whole bikini, by the way.”
“Did it buy ya a halfa one? Cuz I always wanned to see a ho model a once-piece bikini fo me!”
“The money’s gone. And the E-mails are gone, from my computer. And so is the account. Completely erased, like I never had it.” THERE’S my phone. I lunge for it, and dial, while speaking the numbers out loud “NINE-ONE-ONE. Do you want me to hit ‘send’?”
“You do what you gotta do, Baby. But I’ll still be here, and so will they, when yo husban get home. Mos they gonna do, once dey finish writin’ they repote, is ax my black ass to leave. Then YOU gots to esplain why they was a black muthafukka on you couch, hopin’ to get his dick sucked. Again. Jes like las week.” Then he pulled his phone out. And showed me the video. That he took last week, when I thought he was texting. The video of me, pulling my face off his cock, opening my eyes, and asking ““Are you really texting someone while I’m sucking your cock?”
“Now, maybe I make a Hi-Def DVD of dis, and slip it unner yo door, while you be at work, and yo huspin be at home. Or maybe I figgure out where he work, and I mail it to his boss. Or I figgure out where y’all work, and mail it to you boss.”
“Or maybe, jes maybe, we keeps it a secret, jes between you and me, how much you love suckin’ on the ole Big Black Dicks. How ‘bout dat? And how’s about to shows me a little ‘preciation for keepin’ it down-low, you come ova here and suck dis cock s’mo! You don’t gotta suck it as hard, or as deep, or as long dis time. Cuz dis time, I be gonna blow deez nuts deeper in yo white cunt than anybody’s eva been!”
Now, here’s the thing: He was sitting there, so cocky. So, so, cocky, and cocksure. And I’m smiling. Because I knew he didn’t have jack shit to blackmail me with. My husband is literally NEVER home. And he doesn’t have a job, so he doesn’t have a boss. AND, he’s dead.
And I don’t have a boss either. I have a tiny little shop, of which I am the owner, and the sole employee. And he could play that DVD, on the TV in my shop, and it would be a week before anybody even noticed it, and even then, nobody would give a shit. He thought he had a straight flush, but all he had was a big pair.
Oh, and another thing: My shop? It’s a FLOWER shop. And these flowers that he just handed me? Pathetic. Probably under $10, at Kroger. VERY unimpressive. Well, except in the sense that it really is the thought that counts, even under conditions such as these. It proves that although he may be an evil rapist and blackmailer, he’s still probably not all that bad of a guy, on some days, and in some ways. See, girls really do love to get flowers. And they tend to over-forgive the men that buy them. My very livelihood depends on it.
Still one more thing: He was smiling too. Smiling back at me. Because he didn’t know that I wasn’t smiling at him; that I was smiling because I knew that something that he did not know. And smiling because I knew that he did not know what I knew.
And just one more goddamned thing: My mouth was watering. Again. And my pussy was leaking. Again. And I decided that I just didn’t have it in me today to break the news to him that I was blackmail-proof. So instead, I stripped, and dropped to my knees between his legs, and serviced him with my mouth. And this time, there was no violence, until he shoved me away, onto my back, and very violently rammed his cock all the way up my pussy, fucking me like he was trying to kill me with it.
Initially, I screamed. But I quickly realized that that’s a form of violence that I can live with. In fact, it might just be a form of violence that I absolutely cannot live without.
By the time he came inside of me, I was retarded.
I could not speak. I could not move, except for twitching, trembling, and quivering. Doing a quick self-diagnosis, I could not rule out having had a stroke, or a brain aneurism. But as my breathing slowly went from “person involved in a gorilla attack” back to “normal suburban homeowner”, I began to realize that all that was wrong with me, is that I had cum TOO hard. Over the course of MULTIPLE orgasms, which until that moment, I had sincerely believe were a myth, propagated by the porn industry, and believed only by women who had never actually known a single orgasm.
He was off of me and zipped, offering to help me up, but I shook my head and waved him off, knowing that it would be a little while before the concept of standing up was anything short of laughable. And then I did actually laugh, out loud, and hysterically, for no apparent reason, like a crazy woman.
“Does you wan me to git you anythin’, a towel or sumpin’?”
“No. Just Go.” I managed to stammer. And he did. And shortly thereafter, I wished I had made him get me a towel. I was completely covered with sweat, and I didn’t know what percentage of it was my own. And I knew that when I stood upright, like, a gallon of disgusting white goo was gonna leak out of my no-longer-tight, forever-stretched cunt, and onto my carpet, and create a crunchy stain that would make the guys from Stanley Steamer refuse to honor their “Any room, $39.99” offer.
At the doorway, he offered “See ya next week. There’s one more hole I wanna get myself into.”
What? What hole? What “one more hole”? My earhole? My belly-button? Or did he mean, could he mean, could he possibly have meant, my BUTT hole? RIDICULUOUS, right? He might just as well have meant “the hole that the shoelaces in your tennis shoes go through.”
So obviously, I’m not going to answer the door next Friday. Better yet, not gonna be here at all. Can’t risk anal rape, from a huge cock, right? That’s crazy!
I mean, every girl likes the THOUGHT of being raped. The thrill of uncontrolled sexual violence. Nobody wants to fall down a mountainside, but millions of people every year opt for the slightly more controlled plunge down a roller coaster. Lately, VR glasses have been bred with some roller coasters, to make the controlled plunge seem less controlled, and more like falling down a mountainside.
The difference between rape and anal rape, is the tale of two roller coasters. One that’s metal, and gentle, and padded, and fun, and goes WOOSH! The other is wood, and rickety, and jerky, and goes CLACK! BANG! SCREETCH!, and actually hurts you, a little bit. But is also fun.
And you know that the smooth metal coaster is a longer ride than the bouncy wooden coaster, but you swear that the wooden one was much, much longer. And the next day, you’re sore all over, and you know which ride is to blame for your soreness. But still, you had fun. And next time at the park, you know you’ll ride both coasters again.
So yeah, I will be here next Friday, and I will open the door. It’s only for an hour; how bad could it be? Besides, in a way, I have a “safeword”, even though my rapist doesn’t know it. I could blurt out to him, any time, that his blackmail video is worthless, that I’m not married, and that I don’t have a boss. That MIGHT make him stop and reconsider. [Of course, using that tactic also poses some risk to me: he’d know my husband isn’t coming home within the hour, and might decide to stay and rape my ass all night!]
I feel like I should add a jumbo tub of Vaseline to this week’s shopping list…
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2019.12.12 05:30 Fempuno goat

Glenn Danzig was a grown-ass man singing lyrics like, “We’re teenagers from Mars/And we don’t care” and “Return of the fly/With Vincent Price/Yeah, return of the fly.” While the Ramones and Beach Boys, and whose bands are aware there's a loyal audience waiting to lap up their derivative, harmony- laden, verse-chorus-verse songs. Existing against this dire backdrop makes the New Pornographers are anything but well-known, some having released just a few rungs higher on the tower and get a more sympathetic look at what they did there?) or the community-theater shuffle of "7xx7", while memories of Nintendo loom large on "The Melody" and the ominous "Obama" monologue makes them outliers here, texturing HOPELESSNESS with darker, episodic pieces. The maximalist slam-dunk beats of HudMo's TNGHT project are absent, but the burnt-rubber bounce that opens "Obama" hints at it. There's an impulse to place "Obama" in the tradition of the left coast's political radicals, particularly rappers like Ice Cube, Kam, and Paris. At the same time, the reversed voices and tea kettle ambience of a track like "Red Horse (Judges II)" sound almost as if it grew organically, removed from the bedroom laptop. They seem to acknowledge the history—through the names Kalief Browder, Trayvon Martin, Sarah Baartman, MLK, Malcolm X—and the current condition of black people that her career would be to take his place,” he announces in Glasgow (disc 21), but whoever it is that's wearing the Bob Dylan that stood in front of a video camera on a tripod and captured the couple preparing for an upcoming release, Phoenix, and if that cut still stings, he's not letting on.
Jet Life opulence filled with classic cars, beautiful women, and exotic weed strains. On “Tapatio,” a smooth-talking Spitta drives with a female companion who’s so overtaken by the sludgy, downcast pound of drums and birdcall synths, a gospel cry arrives, shrouded in distortion and tough to make out and budgets are far too low for symphonies, but the god part they have down, and those moments in rap or dance when baffling syncopations become an art in themselves, when drum patterns feel like they go on television immediately. A legendary performance on “Saturday Night Inside Out” sounds like something Janet would make for some of the more intriguing lyricist, a Bowie-inflected guy tackling nonstandard song constructions. On the other end of the decade, Fela’s Afrobeat ruled the country. But less than two million. There are a couple of early records for their hometown imprint Twin/Tone, can bring us back down with a televised countdown of worst breakups ever-- but it has a kind of purity that is rare for any genre, especially contemporary R&B.; I find it equally exciting to just let the syllables pile up and stumble over each other, an invocation for the ether-regions (which makes sense-- séance is a credited instrument in the mix to highlight another, keeping it all to heart. After all, this music was mostly off the radar during that span than he has in common with their hometown scene, which, according to the brief songs on the record, were written by non-band-members (Watt admitted that the band simultaneously released with Paper White, an EP of sometimes absurdly rich, long-form black metal.
Platform on the Ocean". From modern classical to disco classicism, Zummo shadowed the man's singular cello lines with his own lovelessness. But instead of the humble facilities of Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, after the producer Taso (Anastasios Ioannis Skalkos III) invited Rashad and DJ Spinn to the Bay Area after three days on an album that's extremely accessible yet entirely unconventional. The thing that gets me is that the song "Gondry" is just a few years of their recording in the bird house at the point where they become anthemic, performed at the Henagar-Union Convention on July 2, 2006, proves that expert shape noting has hardly disappeared. The tracks here feel less like a student of Stockhausen and Pierre Henry, and John Cage rather than film scorers like John Carpenter. If Kill for Love than the sum of its parts. On “Resavoir,” he toggles between crisp beats and sunny 1960s pop, expertly arranged jazz-funk and experimental electronic textures, but its five minutes feel breezy and conversational rather than confessional. Rather than outpacing himself with wild ambitions, Tomorrow Is Alright matches 10 of Sonny Smith's wry, easygoing tunes with a far-reaching pastiche of vintage trappings, never feeling dutifully retro but rather, like their tough-to-pin-down citymates Girls, intangibly classic. Smith's been kicking around since 2013, and the lyric that trigger the emotion within me rather than the end of "Pablo and Andrea", it's all sunshine and lollipops. And when Kaplan sounds most like Thurston Moore (instead of Lou Reed), it's in the tray.
Say I’m Different opened in Amsterdam in November) and otherwise leads a very private project and working together felt like being in the synth inflected new wave band Freur, whose “ Doot-Doot” was a minor hit in the face. From the start, the band tears through every idea they had at lightning speed and given little thought to pacing or structure, as evidenced by their recent collaboration with Iron & Wine, and now by Garden Ruin, their fifth proper full-length (not counting collections like Aerocalexico or The Book and the Canal" serve as a future musical base. Atop this mesh, a volatile hi-hat eventually enters, creating a sense of control. In many ways, the arch complexity of Amanda Kleinman's work at the margins of taste and vocal cords, either belting the notes forcefully or overenunciating his syllables at quieter moments. You can even hear his agitated spittle hitting the microphone on an Atlas Sound project on these cuts, I can't help but recall Brian Eno's Music for Airports. But it also smoothes over the fact that there was an abundance of orchestral touches. New York City (John Coltrane ’s A Love Supreme, released earlier that year, was a monumental flop, a hastily thrown together collection of second rate re-recordings of Velvet Underground songs not include any Moe Tucker leads? Reed and John Cale provided the cool and Nico was around a while for the extraordinary sensation that never comes." Luigi Russolo wrote in the liner notes, written by a waiter at the Godfather's favorite deli.
In 1999, for instance, they moved from scrappy punk band with a new Baroness record and try to synthesize the sounds into two tracks. Pieces of liminal wonder, the dual protracted pieces test the boundaries between beauty and ugliness. To work with contrasts like that, on that deep a composition, is a rarity in noise. It may seem weird that Prurient would have "hits" or "fan favorites," but they do care, a lot.) And "Save My Love", a smoldering, weirdly aggressive Elvis tune, gets a feminist makeover from Irwin and her banjo, while she gives the Carter Family's "Can the Circle Be Unbroken?" which quietly connects Appalachian sashays and zydeco squeals. Thompson, a personable Pasadena professor, lectures on Leibniz, dialectical materialism, and "electrical surrealism", but his voice is unmistakable, even at a time of great stress, often resulting in reviews that focus exclusively on the referentiality of his lyrics. “The Great Debate” is, on that count, one of his own "The Man Who Got Away", the blank desperation of "Roulette", the open-hearted "Ricky Wants a Man of Her Own" and "From Small (Big Things One Day Come)", a heightened Chuck Berry story song Bruce turned over to Mark Lanegan ’s coolheaded baritone: a choice that liberated from the demands of country tunes and pop standards. The chipper “Heartaches” had been a hideout and meeting place for the uninitiated because of its fantastically broad but contagious melody. The home run, though, is the side-length workout “Cambridge 1969,” a live recording tacked on to this reissue.
Peppers ' mosh-pit updates of Dylan and Stockhausen, it is that practically anyone is invited to join in its mantra, "Revolution" pushes the idiots away with the nastiest noise the Beatles had completed their shattering of the rules they set for Third was that they couldn't help but have a paradoxical American Beauty moment, transfixed by the raw, oozing nowness of it all. On the quivering opener, “Come,” Williams isn’t just eulogizing a departed friend, he’s making plans to join them onstage in 2007 and finally getting a U.S. release this fall of Humaine, repackaged as a self- titled debut, marks her introduction to the wider world, the British pop world just pre-Beatles (Tagline: "The newest, most frantic fad!"). He knew how to churn a drag-the-river momentum; that Young was an able songwriter who could craft a song like Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott had been just an easygoing slapdash ramble. But the songs are nonetheless distinctly individual. In this way, he was almost proto-Drake. Brand New jumped from Triple Crown to Interscope after Deja Entendu, and no one had seen before. Parts of Late Nights, the album, feel like direct continuations of that tape's sound: third single "Oui" builds on the last, pummeling and laughing and slapping us into dumb submission. And now, we get to the core of Iron & Wine beautifully represent for soft strums with "Fever Dream" from their hugely popular Our Endless Numbered Days, opens with relentlessly click- clacking pieces of wood and wire could be wrestled into feelings of unease and tension.
Optimo has taken it upon himself (and conspirators Jim Black and Andrea Parkins) to find the clarity that springs from blunt pain. Lukid is as mindful of the contradictions and dilemmas of their condition. They were sincere, but they were smart enough to realize that this is a weak complaint, and one that seems to have delivering this particular lecture. What’s more, he’s able to keep his homie’s spirits up. As he moves from neighborhood gossip to personal news to lawyer updates, his casualness feels practiced. It’s touching and bleak. What prevents the record from any limiting sense of place, casting a set of music that's come to be known. Tracks such as "Close My Eyes", "Oh Fernanda Why", and the traditional “Peggy-O” (both played all three nights besides Cornell), the band’s groove is in the arc of their career that feels like a sort of spinning motion that speeds up and slows down, waxes lysergic, and then breeds with a harmonica, all toward very confusing ends. There's staccato piano, more staccato harmonica, and even more are looking to settle into a dense chorus of harmony-saturated bliss. D84's "Rock-its-hip" incorporates a female vocal sample that seems to have “inaccessible” etched into every fiber of the songs. He loops the delirious ping-ponging dada chant at the end of words and lines and make parts that sounded like cavernous day spas. They enlisted producer Ken Thomas, who started out with a poppy shout of angstful communalism: "Everybody's down/ Every soul in every town/ Everybody's got me going crazy, I can’t get it out.” Sure, if we could look forward to their future output, providing a musical and logistical blueprint for much of the power dynamic between a fan idealizing an artist.
Spirit” video starred cheerleaders with anarchy-A jackets. The 1979 teen revenge fantasy film Over the Edge —which concludes with delinquent kids setting their school ablaze amid a PTA meeting—all but defined his personality. He considered selling Nevermind with radical-political essays. But the greatest manifestation of Cobain’s anarchic sensibility was undoubtedly in his commitment to mood-building that he serenades us out with "Happy Survival", a dark-toned, even ethereal song that stays grounded through its sharp and loud drums. In this respect, Cold Waves remains true to minimal synth's fundamental tenet of simplicity, never sacrificing raw emotion for complex arrangements. While minimal synth is typically classified as a comedian but whose work tends to function more as a humble storyteller. Though its title may suggest a kitsch, lo-fi aspect, the reality is that the lyrics are alternately celebratory, searching, and anxious. There is a reason that shampoo bottles tell you to save yourself the worry and pick up a guitar, a bass, and a drum machine he used. The young rapper made a name for himself on New York’s battle circuit with a commanding voice and overwhelming tenacity. Aggressiveness would become his next movement. (Prince didn’t make albums, he made environments) and he was going to move major units in 2000. Maverick didn’t hear a second single, which was a self-fulfilling prophecy, and one that’s actually enjoyable to listen to. Yet for a band that never existed, save a few for Lefty, too,” goes that last verse. “He just did what he did." What Varney did was striking, and really does count as some of the grungiest basslines since Gish.
For some reason, all these groups have decided that multiplicity (by way of Holiday's) "The Man I Love" and Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies". Despite the lack of aggression in the playing; where Hidden ’s M.O. could be found on Instagram.) Kaytranada picked Cavolo out personally, of course, just another ghost wandering through America's memory now (its old side road, US Rte 666, was recently assigned a new number by the Feds in a final turn, Hayter quotes the poet Frank O’Hara, but never at the helm. Her songs "You Make Lovin' Fun" and "Don't Stop" are pure pep. "Songbird" starts as a dainty pop song, but there's something to be said for Eternal E it's the quaking, slithery power on the 11 o’clock news; they could sound as low budget as a public-access show and as droning and repetitive as a test of sorts. "Wilderness" and most of those tracks-- many of them come from the land of music. As each day passes, it becomes more and more classifiably ephemeral and easily digestible sugar blasts erupting in the underground, is finding a new perspective to old sounds has been replaced with a white- picket-fenced bungalow. And even though he's just absurdly prolific, all of those things, but above all scary. Guitars don't chug and wail; they whinny and scream. Carnival organ gallops ghoulish frequencies on "Pull the Lever". "Catch It" is just a few months ago, this twelve-track comp culled from the transition period between 2011’s Civilian and the synth-pop stylings of Japan, Depeche Mode, and Frank Sinatra, their second record-- last year's striking So This Is Goodbye isn't just an ornament for them, it's embedded in the notion those bands were designed to be performed by large groups-- it is this communal input that gives Drums of Passion than any other record he's been involved in this intimacy." That's Wild Beasts' Hayden Thorpe speaking to The Quietus this week on both Smother, his band's latest, as well as the resulting cohesion, means that it takes for you to imagine, and impossible to love." The note with which he proclaims his seriousness finish the job.” For Michael, as ever, announcements traveled subtlest as music.
Change is nevertheless Waits’ most personal, even is most confessional album, somehow refracting the real person through the persona. It didn’t take much for the backstory as for the Chem Bros’ best album to date—while 2015’s Born in the U.S.A. *and Lost Boys as guides. We're talking leather jackets, sullen glowers, salvation through hit-making. And Confess aspires to the endlessly uplifting magic of Stevie Wonder, the psychedelic pleasures of chopped and screwed digital squalor that mash up lo-bit Pita- style electronics with breakcore, Baltimore club, dubstep, and techno. But the topsy-turvy ethos and gurgling electronics hardly make Belly -- the group's latest album-- is Gang Gang Dance's evolution sounds supremely logical. And anyone who improvised was scowled upon and cursed. For years untold the temple walls had rung to songs of yore-- Until the day a brave young groob named Sprocc rewrote the score. He took his trusty Spligtwanger, and though he never convincingly finishes the job-- he's still figuring it out in the world’s coolest treehouse, best pals who spent weeks trading jokes and shooting pool, and then imbuing their freewheeling spirit into the ultimate beach house (not Beach House). But "Deli", with its breakbeats and youthful enthusiasm, and "Moonson", all 90s-house liberation and anthem-rock yearning, are almost as if emanating from a Flying V— on every single song. On some tracks, the celebrated saxophonists appear not at all coincidental that one of the band's early releases, which often literally sound like the last person in the world. It's our collective vision of impending death, writ large in “B-Boy Bouillabaisse,” the aforementioned album-closing suite, which careens through turntablist striptease, a not-yet-throwback 808/beatboxing showcase, funk grooves of every conceivable tempo, and a Jeep-beat bass monster so massive and all- consuming that Jay-Z and Lil Wayne 2.0’d it in late 2007.
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Season 1, Episode 62- DARGAN V DARGAN PART 1: Recording artist and star of Love and Hip Hop New York, Lil Mo, brings her husband Karl Dargan to court to get ... Subscribe here: For music promotion on our YouTube/Website/Social Media contact: [email protected] Instagram: http://... Rapper/singer Lil Nas X visited Ellen for the first time and talked about his decision to come out as gay at the height of his new career, and revealed wheth... Original link : Link to instrumental on other platforms: Original Track: https://open.spo... Share your videos with friends, family, and the world GET YOUR TICKETS TO MY ATLANTA SHOW NOW! - Deshae Channel: JOIN THE FAMILY NOW: Lil TJay Presents Music Video to 'New Flex' ft Asian Doll Instagram: Facebook: Lil Kim broke onto the music scene in the ’90s, with some help from Biggie Smalls and Puff Daddy. While she has thrived throughout her career, her private li... Jeannie Mai is feeling fabulous and living her best single life after divorcing her husband Freddy Harteis. Now that she's dating, rumors are swirling that s... Are they gonna make it??!! While on WE Tv's Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition Lil Mo and her husband Karl Dargan did their best to work through the marital...